Profiles and Biography Ashanty Anang Hermansyah

Profiles and Biography Ashanty Anang Hermansyah

Ashanty (born 4 November 1984), whose full name Ashanty Hasnoputro Siddik, is an Indonesian singer. He became famous when singing the main song used to be called. The songs on this album brings to the radio and TV stations in Indonesia such as Strikes, Inbox, Play List, Take Him Out, Gebyar BCA, Kiss Vaganza, etc.. His first album is Ashanty, released in 2009. Ashanty name skyrocketed when he began to groom Anang Hermansyah for a duet. They sang a song called Jodohku. Anang and Ashanty now engaged.

Ashanty is the sister-in-law Liza Natalia pedangdut. He is the youngest of five brothers who bled Javanese-Arabic-French.

Profiles and Bios Ashanty Birth name: Ashanty Siddik Hasnoputro

Date of Birth: 4 November 1984

Genre: Pop

Occupation: Singer, Actress Years active: 2009 - present

Record companies: Sony Music Entertainment Indonesia Spouse: Anang Story (May 12, 2012)

Parents: Prof. Soejahjo Hasnoputro and Farida Siddik

Anang Hermansyah finally officially married after his consent Ashanty masid Al Bina qabul in Senayan, Central Jakarta. Dowry in the form of a set of tools couple prayers, jewelry and symbols of today's date in the form of Rp 12 512. Minister for the Economy, Hatta Rajasa and East Kutai Regent, Isran Nur witness of their marriage.

Solemn ceremony was held. Anang looks smooth in utter qabul consent. Finally, the first night the newlywed couple, Sam and Ashanty Hermansyah, passed at the Century Hotel, Senayan Jakarta. Rona was apparent happiness radiates from their faces. The plan, the couple will hold a wedding reception on May 20, 2012 at Hotel Shangri-La. Ashanty was busy in the virtual world but now is not because of her love story with Anang Hermansyah, but due to the hollow body image Ashanty busy flirting now be discussed. Photos are now busy in a well-known sites.

The photo was taken in the event RCTI Powerful music Sunday (8/1) last. Ashanty when it became the performers with his girlfriend, Sam Hermansyah. In the event, Ashanty wearing a long blue dress with the sleeves loose. Although the dress covering the body Ashanty up to the foot, but the dress is pretty tight. Because of the dress, the sensitive parts of the body Ashanty stand out. The picture was now busy on a website. While Ashanty not commented on the photo.

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