Swiss Army Watch Company History

Swiss Army Watch Company history began with their parent company. Created in 1897 to design and sell the blades, the original founders are interested in making the best products while providing jobs for the workers as much as mungkin.Ketika he quickly succeeded in front of the blades, the company decided to branch out and start making other products. Their initial foray into other areas is an expansion to the clock-making industry

Since then, the brand has offered an extensive innovations in the way of making them comfortable and functional at the same time. The results of innovation that has lines at the hands of men who are active, classic and professional, in one way or another, serve to contribute something unique to the industry.

Special Watches U.S. Navy SEALS

apparently special forces American soldiers never pake regular hours. Their message of swiss with some criteria.

tau's lunge soldiers if another war, they must have a device that is waterproof, shockproof, and a variety of "resistant" other. One of the most important tools in the soldiers' mission is to carry out the clock. Why the clock? Because timeliness is a key in the start of the offensive battle, defense and many others.

Micro Gas Tritium is also called, in which tritium gas as the light source of beta decay, releasing electrons which cause these Tritium Gas Menyala.Kenapa be lit? During manufacture, the length of borosilicate glass tube with the inner surface is coated with a phosphorus-containing compound is filled with radioactive tritium. Tube and then fused with a CO2 laser at the desired length. Borosilicate is used for strength and resistance to breakage. In the tube, the tritium gives off a stream of electrons from beta decay, as a result of this Tritium Gas Burning, and can hold up to 25 years.

It's one of the uses and advantages SWISS ARMY watch. sorry not mean a promotion, just wanted to share information only.

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