Travis Barker Life Story

Travis Barker Life Story
Travis Barker

Travis Landon Barker (born 14 November 1975) is an American drummer. His name is well known after becoming the drummer for pop-punk group Blink 182, but now he's playing to +44. Barker also played for several bands such as Box Car Racer, The Transplants, Expensive Taste, The Suicide Machines, and The Aquabats.


Travis on the entire body covered in tattoos. The first time Travis get a tattoo at the age of 17 years. The tattoo reads "Bones" is none other than his name as a child.


After the disbanding of his first band, Feeble, Barker began playing for The Aquabats in 1996 and known as The Baron Von Tito. He recorded one album with them, The Fury of the Aquabats!, In 1997. Then he resigned from the Aquabats, and he joined the pop punk band Blink-182 in 1998. Barker became known for his mohawk and his tendency hair shirtless at maen drum, and reveals a lot of tattoos. Barker has since established himself as a drummer who is very successful, producing and creating a "remix" the drums of various musical genres such as hip-hop, alternative rock, pop and country. He has gained significant acceptance within the hip-hop community in particular and often working with musicians to put together a "rock-remix" colored their songs.

His life was beginning

Travis Barker was born in family Randy and Gloria Barker in Fontana, California, located in San Bernardino County. Barker grown in high-crime areas, where his father worked as a mechanic and his mother as babysister. Barker began playing drums at age 4 even though he did not become serious about it until about age 12. Barker studied by Allen Carter, a jazz percussionist and well-established and respected director, writer / author and professor and famous for all kinds of different music.
His mother, who had been diagnosed with cancer three months earlier, died a day before he started high school. He told Travis to keep playing music and to follow his dream. Barker attended Fontana High School, where he played in jazz ensembles and marching bands. He gained much experience performing at regional competitions and festivals. During his senior year, he followed the drum corps tryouts for touring with a rock band. Barker gained much experience do with some rock band originally. After Barker graduated from high school in 1993 he became a member of The Aquabats. He was nicknamed the Baron Von Tito. Barker did not return to the drum corps for his age. He came out in 1986, he auditioned for the Blue Devils Drum and Bugle Corps, but ultimately did not go

Travis's first instrument was the trumpet, not the drum. As a teenager he played in the marching band and a swing, and jazz fans. He began playing drums in a local band named Riverside before 1998

Blink 182

Plane Crash

On 19 September 2008, Barker was injured when the Learjet 60 in which he is in it falls outside Columbia, South Carolina jet headed for Van Nuys, California. According to the Federal Aviation Administration, at the time the plane left the airport, air traffic controllers saw sparks coming from the plane. The plane came out of the runway, and crashed into the fence, past the nearby road, and hit an embankment and caught fire. Barker previously appeared at an event with Jane's Addiction singer Perry Farrell, Gavin DeGraw and DJ AM. Barker and DJ AM were taken to Joseph M. Still Burn Center in Augusta, Georgia, where they both were in critical condition. Four other people were killed in the crash, three males and one female. Then after the autopsy, there were two members crewnya died, and two passengers, including Chris Baker, Barker's personal assistant who often appeared on Meet The Barkers, and Charles Still, Barker's security guard.

On 21 September. Dr. Fred Mullins, of the Burn Center reported that Barker burns on his body is more severe and lower body. And is expected to fully recover within one year. Barker and stop being a vegetarian at that time also began to eat meat to increase protein intake to accelerate the healing of burns.
Selamatlah Barker incident, until he can return to the recording studio in November 2008. In the television interview since the accident, he told MTV, "I've been playing the drums again, and I was back in the studio". Reveals a figure of speech by stating that the return to the studio "was like riding a bike. It is interesting to know my flesh. Feel better ... I can still make a note in the drum. All were grateful to be able to play drums again.

Barker requires aircraft owners, Goodyear Tire and Rubber Co., and aircraft parts company on 21 November 2008. He asked for damages of more than $ 25,000 for pain, suffering, disability, lost income, medical expenses, and legal. The lawsuit claims the Learjet pilots who say 'not properly trained and if I am not supposed to die if we continue down the runway. " Head of Barker bodyguard Charles Monroe Still Jr., who died in the crash, go digugatkan. Barker sued the company for damages, funeral expenses, lost income and expenses. Court cases have selsai in December 2009, with attorney William L. Robinson, who represents several companies, and said this is the case the settlement are confidential.

On December 1, 2008, TV Guide reported that Barker will make his first appearance with DJ AM (Adam Goldstein) after surviving a plane crash. Her duet performed on New Year's Nation's, New Year's Eve Party at The Wiltern. They do streaming. Published on the Internet through the official New Year's Nation's, and was broadcast on New Year's Nation parties across the United States's. From the show, Barker told press, "I'm ready to get back on stage with AM and continue to entertain people. I am very excited to celebrate the New Year in my hometown LA. DJ AM died on August 28, 2009 due to drug overdoses in apartment in New York.


Travis has been married twice. Travis is married to Melissa Kenedy on 22 September 2001 but the couple only lasted for 11 months. The couple divorced on August 6, 2002. On October 30, 2004 Travis married again to Miss USA 1996 Shanna Moakler. Travis and Moakler have two children, namely Landon Asher and Alabama Luella, and Moakler first Atiana Cecilia de la Hoya child of her boyfriend with boxer Oscar De La Hoya. After almost 2 years with Travis also demanded a divorce.

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