10 Most Influential IT World 2012

Do you know the figures - the most influential figures in the IT world this year 2012? Here are 10 most influential figures in the world of information technology in 2012 according to TomsHardware. ^ ^

1. Jeffrey Jaffe, W3C CEOAs people number one on the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), Jeffrey Jaffe, worked equal with Tim-Berners Lee, who unearthed the standards World Wide Web (WWW).The new standards will be set W3C in 2013, HTML5, will become an increasingly used technology and compete with Adobe Flash.

2. Virginia Rometty, the IBM CEOVirginia "Ginni" Rometty was elected to occupy the top position in the iconic IT company that employs up to 427 000 people around the world, IBM. Virginia "Ginni" Rometty able to make IBM a more flexible, dynamic and beat his rival, HP.IBM is spearheading innovation super computers faster than its competitors. IBM also led the high-end computing market that can be relied upon.

3. Burt Rutan, Founder of Scaled CompositesBurt Rutan's name is less well known in Indonesia, but is worthy of the founder of Scaled Composities top 10 most influential figures in the world of information technology.Burt Rutan began his career in aircraft design and succeeded in realizing his dream by SpaceShipOne, the first private spacecraft in 2004. Burt Rutan is now being developed Stratolaunch, the launch of the spacecraft in the world.

4. Jeff Bezos, Amazon CEOWhen many companies fail to follow the lead of Apple to seek new markets peluaang, Jeff Bezos with his Kindle product is received in the market quite successfully.Apple tablet may be a market share of top class, but Jeff Bezos has a market share class with a $ 200 Amazon Kindle product. Jeff Bezos has a unique style and management of the unexpected, perhaps this is what makes it successful.

5. Marc Pincus, Zynga CEOFacebook users certainly will not forget with games like Zynga Poker, CityVille and other games that contributed to the popularity of social networking facebook.Zynga has 222 million active users on Facebook, the number is four times the number of users of EA Games and Microsoft. Zynga has about 3000 employees and the market value of 15 to 20 million dollars.

6. Sundar Pichai, Senior Vice President, Chrome, GoogleSundar Pichai is the master of Google's browser, Chrome. Google is rumored to give 50 million dollars earlier this year as the company remains an incentive for his achievements.According to StatCounter, Chrome is able to beat the market share of Firefox and Internet Explorer predicted defeat in mid-2012.

7. Mark Zuckerberg, CEO FacebookWho does not know Mark Zuckerberg? A youngest billionaire who has founded the most popular social network, Facebook. Facebook is estimated to have 800 million users, 1.4 billion pages and revenue of up to 4 billion dollars.Facebook has an estimated market value of between 70 to 80 billion dollars. Facebook is also expected to increasingly strong challenge Google in the advertising world.

8. Steve Jobs You lovers of Apple products? If so, maybe Steve Jobs so that you idolize characters. Former CEO of Apple, who died last October, a figure full of creative and innovative dengaan.The iPhone and the iPad is a product of creative ideas and innovations that Steve Jobs has hit the market and became a phenomenal product.

9. Steven Sinofsky, President of Windows Division, MicrosoftSteven Sinofsky took the burden and responsibility of Microsoft to introduce Windows operating system with the most aggressive change in the past 18 years, Windows 8, which will be released in 2012.If Steven Sinofsky successfully with Windows 8, maybe he will occupy a unique position at Microsoft, following in the footsteps of Steve Ballmer is now CEO of Microsoft.But also Windows 8 fails, then the impact for companies will be greater than the impact caused by the failed Microsoft product, Windows Vista.

10. Warren East, CEO of ARMARM may sound familiar among users, but did you know that most of the PDA, Tablet PC and Smart Phone using this ARM-based processor architecture.IPhone and iPad are now being popular also use this ARM-based processor.ARM is not a large company only employs 1700 employees. However, the presence of ARM constitutes a threat to producer x86 processor the biggest, Intel.In fact, the presence of ARM is more threatening if dibandingakan other processor manufacturers such as AMD and Samsung.Windows 8 to be launched this year, rumored to be run on ARM chips and provide competition for the processor giant, Intel.

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