Micaela Schaefer - Top Model American

Micaela Schaefer
Micaela Schäfer (born November 1, 1983) is the "Miss East Germany 2004" and "The face of Campari 2005" and has participated in a photo shoot for the magazine SuperILLU. Until 2004 did an education as Micaela PTA and modeled only in passing. Women 29 years of Berlin is now a full time model and has worked on shoots for the ESPRIT and glamor. Micaela Schäfer continues to work on television and singing career. Micaela Schaefer was graduated from America's Next Top Model. Tall girl is very popular in his home country. With 1.75 m height and dimensions of 85-60-90 Micaela Schäfer has good conditions for a modeling career.

n her artist Micaela even plastic surgery to try to further beautify the body. In the meantime, said the call "Miss Venus," but that he loved all things for himself. Micaela 29-year-old former America's Next Top Model contestant is a red carpet appearance at an event, often makes the Adam's wild imagination about it. He never appeared in public fashion collection, but with a sexy outfit that always accentuate the beauty of her, including the most precious treasure for women. As in the previous costume, she performed with the tight black suit that is open at the chest. There is an exclamation of MEN IN BLACK premiere 3.

Not because the movie, but the appearance of a model from Germany Schaefer was named Micaela. Former Top Model American is attending an event with a costume almost naked. German-born bikini model, appearing in costume is open at the premiere of FLM MIB in Berlin recently. The visitors were present were astonished at the appearance created the model in a sexy black fringed dress that just covers the front of his body. As quoted Dailymail, a model from Germany who became Germany's Next Top Model Contestants America's present at the premiere of the movie Men In Black 3 in Berlin Germany. In the event present a number of movie stars such as Men In Black 3 Will Smith, Nicole Scherzinger and Josh Brolin. But the fact that the presence of Micaela Schaefer uproar. MEN IN BLACK 3 itself is a fantasy fiction film starring Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones. The film, directed by Barry Sonnenfeld will be aired simultaneously in the U.S. starting May 25, 2012. It is typical when the celebrities dressed up on the red carpet event. But what do the model Micaela Schaefer bit much. He almost appeared naked on the red carpet. The red carpet, 27-year-old model with a bold look almost naked.

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