Peter Lim-Billionaire From Singapore

Peter Lim-Billionaire From Singapore
Peter Lim Eng Hock (born 1953) is a Singapore billionaire. In July 2010, Forbes magazine rated eighth among Singapore's 40 richest people with an estimated net worth of $ 1.6 billion. In March 2010, it ranks # 655 among the world's billionaires, with an estimated net worth of $ 1.5 billion.

Son of a fishmonger, Peter Lim was educated at Raffles Institution and obtained a degree in accounting at the University of Western Australia. Lim became a stockbroker to a client, especially the Indonesian language. Again managed to make it earned the nickname "Remisier King" (Singapore term for stockbroker).

In 1996, he became a fulltime investor, investing $ 10 million in palm oil producer Wilmar International, is now worth $ 700 million. Lim is also the second largest investor in distributor FJ Benjamin fashion. He then invested in logistics and agricultural businesses.

Lim has a set of Manchester United FC themed bars and clubs in Asia, which led to him offering to take ownership of Liverpool FC in 2010, to expand the brand in Asia.

In October 2010, he purchased the entire shareholding of Dr Cheng Wei Chen and family, founder of Thomson Medical Centre Limited, at a price of S $ 1.75 per share.
Lim, an avid sports fan, has established a S $ 10 million scholarship under the Singapore Olympic Foundation (SOF) to develop local sporting talent in 2010 He is known as a supporter of Singapore football.  Singapore's Sunday Times described as "publicity shy" and supports education without seeking the spotlight, having worked as a taxi driver, a cook and waitress during college days.

Peter Lim is also reportedly interested in buying Rangers FC in Scotland. Scottish giant is currently in financial turmoil and Lim may see this as a way to expand its investment.

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