Sule - Entis Sutisna - Comedian Indonesia

Sule - Entis Sutisna - Comedian Indonesia

The World Biography, still presents a collection of biographies figures figures worldwide. Biography of this time: Sule-Entis Sutisna comedian Indonesia the famous style of his funny and amusing

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Entis Sutisna (born in the city of Cimahi, West Java, 15 November 1976; age 35 years) or better known as Sule is a comedian Indonesia. He is known for his ability to make spontaneous jokes that are responsive and creative.

Sule became known after winning the API 1 (with Ogi Suwarna and Obin Wahyudin the comedy group SOS) in 2005 and Superstar Show. Increasing his career after his role in events in Trans7 Opera Van Java and soap opera Beware There Sule on Global TV.

TV soap operas

"Awas Ada Sule" "Awas Ada Sule 2" "Untung Ada Sule"

Reality TV program

"Saung SOS" di TPI "Komedi Putar" di TPI "Opera Van Java" di Trans 7 "PAS Mantab" di Trans 7 "Opera Anak" di Trans 7


"Susis" (Suami Sieun Istri) - 2010 "Bola salju" - 2010 "Bibirmu Dower (With SM # SH)" - 2011 "Andeca Andeci (with 7 Ikans)" - 2011 "Cicilalang" - 2011 "Dadang Dudung (Variasi Cicilalang)" - 2011 "Mimin Aku mencintaimu" - 2012 "U Senyum tidak Cry (Andre Taulany with)" - 2011


Arwah Kuntilanak Duyung (2011) Sule, Ay Need You (2012)


Panasonic Gobel Awards 2011 Award in the category of Favorite Comedian Indonesia Kids Choice Awards 2011 for Favorite Comedian category Cold Heat Awards 2012 for Favorite Comedian category recently ordained as a comedian Sule most expensive in Indonesia. Sule activity density in the entertainment world seems directly proportional to income. Sunda bloody man is said to make Rp1 million per month. Purse money was obtained Sule through singing, comedy, playing a movie to star in the ad. With these revenues,Sule should balance it with good financial management. The goal is that the income it generates can be a long term investment for the parents to their children later.

Success in the world do not make Sule keartisan dependent only through acting. The 36-year-old comedian also has a number of investments, one area of ​​the property. Since winning a comedy competition in the TPI (now MNC TV) a few years ago, Sule's career began to shine. A number of bids ranging from television programming was coming up to sing smoothly.

Rupiah for rupiah to fill bags of clever comedian who sang this song Sunda. Apparently, the owner's full name Sule Sutisna entis is aware that his profession as a celebrity would not be on top forever. Therefore, Sule also has a number of investment. Sule has recorded seven houses in Jakarta and Bandung. The father of three children also have 2,800 square meters of land located in Subang, West Java. In addition, Sule also finance the business and bridal salon developed Lina, his wife.

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