Tarja Kaarina Halonen-President Of Finland to-11

Tarja Kaarina Halonen-President Of Finland  to-11
Tarja Kaarina Halonen
Tarja Kaarina Halonen (born December 24, 1943, age 68 years) is the President of Finland for the 11th. He was the first woman president in the country. She held the position since March 1, 2000 and was re-elected on January 29, 2006 in the second round of presidential elections, beating rival Sauli Niinisto. Second presidential term period ends in 2012. Halonen graduated from the University of Helsinki in 1968 and has a master's degree in legal science. He is married with a spouse who has long lived with him, Dr. Pentti Arajärvi, after he was elected president in 2000.

Tarja Halonen was born on December 24, 1943 in Helsinki in the district of Kallio, who is traditionally a working class area. Her parents are Vieno Olavi Halonen and Elina Lyyli Loimola. He obtained a master's degree in law from the University of Helsinki in 1968. Halonen served as social secretary and secretary of the organization of the National Union of Students in Finland in 1969-1970 and this is partly because of his position he obtained a position as a Central Organization of Trade Unions lawyer Finland (GAAP) in the year 1970-1974. In 1971 he joined the Social Democratic Party.

In 1974 Prime Minister Kalevi Sorsa raised Halonen as a parliamentary secretary, and he began to recognize the political circles in the country in the world. After that, he held various important positions. In 1975 he was elected representative of Osuusliike Elanto, a position he retained until she was elected as President. At the same time, he sat in the Helsinki City Council until 1996. In 1979 he was elected to the Finnish parliament, which he held until 2000. In Parliament, his first important position was as Chairman of the Social Commission of the Parliament 1984-1987.

From this position Halonen continued to rise up to become Minister of Social Affairs and the Minister of Health in 1987, followed by his tenure as Minister of Cooperation of North European countries (1989-1991). In 1991 Halonen also elected as chairman of the government of the foundations of international solidarity. Halonen also left this position when she was elected president. From 1990-1991 he was Minister of Justice and from 1995 until the election as president, he served as Foreign Minister.

The path to presidency

Halonen announced his intention to fight for the presidency in 2000. After that, the Social Democratic Party decided to hold primaries to determine their future. In this election he is competing with Pertti Paasio, a member of the European Parliament, and Jacob Söderman, the EU Ombudsman. Martti Ahtisaari, who served as president then announced that he would not participate in such elections, and therefore he would not run for a second term.

Elisabeth Rehn in previous elections was about to win, and it is inspiring Halonen and her supporters this bahwakali a woman can win. Halonen, who was a secretary of state, far more popular than Paavo Lipponen, chairman of the party.

Halonen at first only in fourth place in the polls. This is partly due Halonen spent much time abroad as foreign minister. But this also means that it is a lot of the media spotlight. With the support of the campaign organization is eager and inexperienced, his popularity continues to climb. His success in carrying out his duties as president of the European Union represent Finland in the autumn of 1999 is still fresh in the minds of the people.

In the first round, Halonen gain votes, but failed to reach 50% of votes needed to win outright. In the second round, he beat a thin opponent, former Prime Minister Esko Aho of the Central Party. He became the first woman in Finland who became president. His term began on March 11, 2000.
Halonen announced his candidacy for a second term as president in May 2005. Before the campaign began, Halonen continues to gain support from the community high in the polls.

Political career

Member of the Finnish Social Democratic Party 1971-2000

Parliamentary secretary Prime Minister 1974-1975

Helsinki City Council Member 1977-1996

Member of Parliament 1979-2000

Minister of Social Affairs and Health 1987-1990

Cooperation Minister of Northern European countries 1989-1991

Minister of Justice 1990-1991 Secretary of State 1995-2000

President of Finland 2000-present

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