Walter Hunt, Inventor of Pin

Walter Hunt, Inventor of Pin

Pin is identical to the female because it has a function as a hook or latch on kebaya dress and kamben (fabric) is usually worn by women. But has it ever occurred to us to find out who were the people who contributed to the discovery of this small?

Thanks to an inventor Walter Hunt from Winchester, United States. invention that was created around the year 1849, against the background by the pressure to pay a 15 dollar debt to his friend.

Walter Hunt was born July 29, 1796, in Martinsburg, New York. He is the youngest of the couple Sherman and Rachel Hunt. Since small, Hunt lived in the city of his birth. He got his early education in a small school with one classroom. In 1817, Hunt graduated from college in Masonry. After graduation he married Polly Loucks and has 4 children.

Hunt developed the intellectual career in the textile business when it became the main livelihood of the town of Lowville, a small town in Lewis County, New York. He and his family build the business of woolen cloth and cotton textiles.

Together with his brother Hiram Hunt, he pioneered the service in spinning wool. However, business did not last due to substantial losses.Although busy with his work, Hunt is also smart in the field of mechanics is still time to create some useful items for the public interest, among which is a yarn spinner, knife grinder, the bell for street cars, coal-burning stove, artificial stone, street cleaning machines , ice scraper and a letter making machine. But these findings do not help to improve the family economy.

Even Hunt who prefer to marry this young, have struggled to pay off debts to his friends as much as 15 dollars. Of stress and anxiety, he was thinking of creating something that would help him pay off his debt.At one point, Walter Hunt was twisting pieces of wire to the creation of a pin. At that time the pin is used as a tool for pinning fabric without buttons. In fact, this pin is usually used to link the pants with tops that are used as representations of young working clothes at the time.

In order not to be imitated by others, Hunt patented the safety pin creations On 10 April 1849. Later in life, he sold the patent rights at a price of 400 dollars. Without realizing that he could get billions of dollars from his invention was.Before it was invented by Walter Hunt, the actual pin has been known since the 14th century BC in Micenae. Traditional pin whose function is called fibulae similar to a pin that we use today.

But the end was closed so often injure the wearer and does not have a that he could not hold him tightly. But the usefulness of the new pin can enjoy its benefits after Walter Hunt managed to find a pin that is simpler and simpler and safer to use.In the development of life-style pin used by the punk subculture or community. This community uses a pin as one of the popular style since the mid-1970s in the United Kingdom.Stated that the style first appeared thanks to the creation of Richard Hell and the increasingly popular because of his picture published in the magazine punk community. Pin design has also been developed and a variety of colorful and often ditambahin trinkets to decorate clothes. In fact, safety is also used as a gift with a gold award.

Walter Hunt died on June 8, 1859 due to illness Pneumia. His body was buried in Green-Wood cemetery in Brooklyn, New York. Until now the country uncle sam remember him as a man of many new innovations in the field of the invention.Despite having created many inventions, Hunt until his death have never enjoyed the benefits of his creation.Undo edits

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