Sam Bacile - Directors of The Innocence of Muslims

Sam Bacile - Directors of The Innocence of Muslims
Sam Bacile - Nakoula Basseley Nakoula behind anti-Islam film that has sparked a mass attack on the U.S. mission in Egypt, Libya and Yemen. A man who calls himself Sam Bacile said he made the film. The Associated Press (AP) has been linked with Bacile Nakoula. A consultant for the film, Steve Klein, previously revealed that Bacile is only a pseudonym. The man who calls himself the director of the film titled Innocence of Muslims was initially claimed Jewish background and Israel. The man claimed to have been backed by funding millions of dollars from about 100 Jewish donors. However, a number of people involved in the film said, his statement a lie because the real key figure behind the film was a Copt from southern California.

Nakoula (55) told the AP in an interview outside of Los Angeles on Wednesday that he set up the logistics for the company that produced the film. He denied having directed the film, but he admitted that he knew Sam Bacile, who calls himself the director of the film. However, the results of a search trace cell phone numbers contacted the AP on Tuesday to contact the director who identified himself as Bacile, the location of mobile users that are in the same address near Los Angeles, where Nakoula located. Nakoula told the AP that he was a Copt and support the concerns related to the Coptic community in Egypt a threat to them.

Nakoula denied that he was Bacile. A number of federal court documents filed in the criminal case against him in 2010 showed that Nakoula have used a false name in the past. Among the false names, according to the document, was Nicola Bacily and Erwin Salameh. During a conversation with AP reporters outside his home, Nakoula showed his driver's license to show his identity, but his thumb remained on his middle name, Basseley. Examination of records by the AP later found that middle name as well as other relationships to figure Bacile.

Bacile, who lived in California in her fifties who identified himself as an Israeli Jew, and says the film will help her homeland (Israel) by exposing the weakness of Islam to the world ", he said." Islam is a cancer, "he repeatedly said with a tone , which is very clear with Hebrew. Speaking by phone from Israel's director, in an undisclosed location director Sam Bacile remained defiant, saying Islam is a cancer, and that he intended the film as a political statement skap condemning the religion of Islam. Bacile not just insulting Islam and the Prophet Muhammad SAW, but it is a form of open war with Muslims around the world, where the most loved, prayed for, and always remembered by hundreds of millions of Muslims at any time with very humiliating humiliated by an Israeli director, Bacile. Bacile only apologize to the government of the United States, where the ambassador magnitude have been killed as a result of anger over the film, but did not apologize to Muslims around the world. "I feel the security system (at the embassy) is not good," said Bacile.

 "America should do something to change it." Directed by Sam Bacile through film attacking Islam and the Prophet Muhammad, which is very insulting to the dirty words. Sam Bacile wrote the story, at the request of pastor Terry Jones. The film sparked outrage Muslims in various parts of the earth, and the anger of the people of Egypt and Libya, it later resulted in the death of Ambassador Amarika States J.Christoper Stevens in Benghazi. Protesters angry over the shooting at Film Bacile with rockets and burned the American Consulate, in Benghazi, killing U.S. Ambassador, and three CIA agents

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