Biography Soe Hok Gie (1942-1969)

Soe Hok Gie is a person of Chinese descent who was born on December 17, 1942. A son of the couple Soe Lie Pit-a novelist-with Nio Hoe An. Soe Hok Gie is the fourth of five children of the family Soe Lie Piet aka Salam Sutrawan, Soe Hok Gie is the younger sister of Soe Hok Djie which is also known as Arief Budiman. Since still in school, and Soe Hok Gie Soe Hok Djin is frequently visited public libraries and some libraries on sidewalks in Jakarta.

Since still in school, and Soe Hok Gie Soe Hok Djin is frequently visited public libraries and some libraries on sidewalks in Jakarta. According to one researcher, since I was elementary school (SD), Soe Hok Gie even read the works of serious literature, such as works of Pramoedya Ananta Toer. Perhaps because his father was also a writer, so do not be surprised if he was so close to the literature.

After graduating from elementary school, the brothers chose different schools, Hok Djin (Arief Budiman) chose to go Canisius, while Soe Hok Gie choose a school in Junior High School (SMP) Strada Gambir area. That said, while sitting on the bench, he was a copy of a collection of short stories Pramoedya: "The story of Blora"-not stories Pram including rare at that time?

At the time of the second grade at the school this menangah, Soe Hok Gie bad achievement. In fact he was required to repeat. But what Soe Hok Gie reaction? He did not want to repeat, he was treated unfairly. Finally, he chose to move the school from having to sit longer in school. A Protestant Christian schools allow him to enter the third grade without repeating.

Following from junior high school, she managed to get into Menengan School (SMA) Canisius literature majors. While his brother, Hok Djin, also went to the same school, but other majors, the natural sciences.

While in high school Soe Hok Gie is an interest in literature more deeply, and at the same time he became interested in the history of science. In addition, awareness berpolitiknya began to rise. From here, the beginning of an exciting journey of recording it; writing is sharp and full of criticism.

There are good things measured during studying in high school, Soe Hok Gie and his brother managed to graduate with high marks. Kemuidan sisters went to the University of Indonesia. Soe Hok Gie choose the faculty of arts majoring in history, while Hok Djin into the psychology faculty.

In the Gie is an activist college student. Many believe the movement Gie major effect on the fall of Sukarno and among the first to criticize sharply the New Order regime.

Gie very disappointed with the attitude of my friends are in the era contemporaries demonstrations in 66 criticize and condemn the government officials then after they pass pro to it and forget the vision and mission of the armed struggle 66. Gie indeed be difficult to oposisif and to compromise with the opposition.

It also co-founded Mapala Gie UI. One important activity is hiking. At 3.442m Slamet led mountain climbing, he cites Walt Whitman in his diary, "Now I see the secret of the making of the best persons. It is to grow in the open air and to eat and sleep with the earth ".

Thoughts and football terjangnya recorded in his diary. His thoughts about humanity, about life, love and death. Gie in 1968 had been to America and Australia, and his favorite LPs Joan Baez seized at Sydney airport for being anti-war and communist. Gie graduated in 1969 and continued to be a lecturer at his alma mater.

Together Mapala UI Gie planning to conquer Mount Semeru in height 3.676m. When Mapala seeking funding, many are asking why climb a mountain and Gie said to his friends:

"We explain what exactly our goal. We say that we are human beings who do not believe in the slogan. Patriotism is not likely to grow out of hypocrisy and slogans. A person can only love something healthy if he knew the object. And love my homeland Indonesia Indonesia can be grown along with familiar people up close. The growth of a healthy soul of the youth should also mean a healthy physical growth. That's why we go up the mountain. "

December 8 before leaving Gie could write a note: "I do not know what happened to me. Once I heard of the death of Kian Fong Arief last Sunday. I also had the feeling to always remember death. I want to chat-chat before saying goodbye to semeru. With Maria, Rina, and also wanted to make an intimate event with Sunarti. I guess this is the effect of the death of Kian Fong is so strange and so fast. "Hok Gie died on Mount Semeru in 1969 just a day before the birthday-27 from inhaling toxic fumes in the mountain. He died along with his partner, Idhan Dhanvantari Lubis. Further notes during the Mount Semeru disappeared along with the death of Gie on top of the mountain.

Tomb soe Hok Gie

December 24, 1969 GIE buried in Menteng Pulo, but two days later was transferred to Kober cemetery, Tanah Abang. In 1975 Ali Sadikin unload Kober cemetery that had to be moved again, but the family refused and his friends had remembered that when he died his body should be burned and the ashes spread in the mountain. With these considerations ultimately Gie bones cremated and the ashes scattered on the top of Mount Pangrango.

Some of the quotes are taken from his diary Gie:

"A Greek philosopher once wrote ... best of luck is not born, second born but died young, and the tersial is old age. The feeling is so. Bahagialah their dead

young. "

"Life now is really boring me. I feel like an old monkey confined to a zoo and not have to work anymore. I want to feel rough and tough life ... rubbed by a cold wind like a knife, cutting woods or walking and bathing in a small river ... people like us did not deserve to die in bed. "

"The most valuable and essential in life is to be loving, be compassionate heart, grief can be tasted ..."

In addition to records of a Demonstrator, another book written Soe Hok Gie is Transition Period, Under the Red Lantern (which I do not have) and the People Left at the Crossroads Road DR and scientific research. John Maxwell Soe Hok Gie: Intellectual Struggle Against Tyranny Young.

Next year Mira Lesmana and Riri Reza with Miles Productions will launch a movie called "GIE" which will be played by Nicholas Saputra, Sita Nursanti, Wulan Guritno, Lukman Sardi and Thomas Nawilis. Now in its post production stage.

Note a Demonstrator

John Maxwell commented, "Gie just a student with a background that is not too great. But he had the will involved in the movement. He always wanted to know what happened to his people. Though died young, he left many writings. Among the kinds of diaries and articles published in national newspapers "he said. "I interviewed Mira Lesmana (producer GIE) and Riri Reza (director). He came after reading my book. I hope the film will be a success. Because, if that happens, people will be more familiar with Soe Hok Gie, "he said.

Words Soe Hok Gie
The first question we have to answer is: Who am I? I have replied that I was an intellectual who did not pursue power but one who wants to declare the truth. And I am willing to face non-populeran, because there is something bigger: the truth.
As for me politics is the dirtiest item. Mud-dirty mud. But one day where we can not avoid myself again, then plunge.
Teachers who can not stand criticism allowed in the waste basket. Lord and Master is not always right, and the student is not buffalo.
Best of luck is not born, second born but died young, and that is the age old tersial. The feeling is so. Bahagialah those who died young.
I decided that I would stick with my principles. Exiled better than succumb to hypocrisy.
My greatest dream, I want to implement is, for Indonesian students develop into "ordinary human beings". Being young men and women and women who acted as a normal human being, as a man who did not deny the existence of life as a student, as a young man and as a human being.
I want to see students, when if he had a decision that has political meaning, no matter how small, is always based on the principles of the adult. Those who dare to express true as truth, and one as an error. And it does not apply the truth on the basis of religion, community organizations, or any group.
There are still too many students who minded snobs power. Whimpering when pressed, but the oppressive when in power. Concerned groups, organizations, friends and others seideologi. Every year my brothers came out of high school. They will become new victims to be deceived by such a student figures earlier.
World history is the history of extortion. Is without a history of extortion does not exist? Is no sadness, no betrayal, history will not be born?
For me the struggle must remain. Attempt removal of the blindness, to betrayal, to all the non-gala humanist ...
We seem to celebrate democracy, but cut the tongue of people who dare to express their opinion adverse government.
For me TRUTH despite how painful it better than hypocrisy. And we do not have to feel ashamed of their shortcomings.
Cut the legs and insert one's hand in a 2 x 3 feet and give him freedom. This is the freedom of the press in Indonesia.
To be a human is to be destroyed.
I do not want to be a bamboo tree, I want to be a bold oak tree against the wind.
I decided that I would be a demonstration. Because silence is a crime errors.
I'm not an idealist anymore, I'm a bitter realist.
I suppose I could no longer cry the blues. Just anger that makes me tears.
For me there is something that is most precious and essential in life: to love, be compassionate heart, grief can be tasted.
I do not know why, I feel a little melancholy tonight. I see the lights and traffic cones jakarta with new colors. As if everything is translated into a combination of a human face. Everything feels intimate but empty. It's as if I feel myself loose and the shadows are there to be poetic one in the streets. Very strong affection to overwhelm me. I would like to give something in human love, the dogs in the street, on the all-everything.
No more hate on anyone. Any religion, any race and any nation. And forget about the war and hatred. And just busy with the construction of a better world.

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