Steven Sinofsky - Founder and designer of Windows 8

Steven Sinofsky - Founder and designer of Windows 8
Jay Steven Sinofsky, commonly known as Steven Sinofsky is the inventor as well as the designer of artificial latest microsoft windows OS ie Windows 8 at this time.

 Steven Sinofsky was born in 1965 by a mother and a father named Marsha Sinofsky named Khalil. He received his bachelor's degree from Cornell University majoring in Arts and Sciences in 1987 and a master's degree in computer science from the University of Massachusetts Amherst in 1989. He also spent 3 years studying in Russia when he was in college. At that time, Sinofsky has just completed his master of education degree majoring in computer science at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. In 1994, when the Office Product Unit was formed, Sinofsky joined the team as director of program management, and create a design shared technologies in Microsoft Office 95 and Microsoft Office 97.

Steven Sinofsky spent 4 years as a software design engineer and project leads in the Development Tools group, in which Steven Sinofsky fostering the first version of Microsoft Foundation Classes C + + library for Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Visual C + +. Did not take long, lapse of three years, Steven Sinofsky promoted to become a technical assistant Bill Gates. It was a prestigious position for mud Microsoft employees. Until in 1999, Steven Sinofsky previously helped the development of Microsoft Office programs, servers and services, responsible for product development of Microsoft Office 2007 and the ribbon UI. Steven Sinofsky previously helped the development of Microsoft Office 2003, Microsoft Office XP, and Microsoft Office 2000.

Sinofsky also actively recruiting workers to Microsoft. Steven Sinofsky daily tasks is to prevent workers not to switch to Google. Steven Sinofsky also blogged about Steven Sinofsky's Microsoft TechTalk. Steven Sinofsky racing career with seats filling trusted Senior Vice President for the Office product. Until finally, new challenges arise in the presence of this man for the job pelontos Senior Vice President of Windows and Windows Live Group in 2006. Did not take long or just three years ago Sinofsky took over the presidency of the flashy Windows division.

His first assignment was in a strategic position dampen 'anxiety' on the performance of Windows Vista users. Well, then came Windows 7 is as a 'project' of the first executive office of the President of Windows. Windows 7 is quite successful in the market, by removing doubts left by Vista users. Until finally the question then arises,

what's next? The answer is Windows 8! This latest version of the OS was finally able to look good and brought the modern user interface displayed by style boxes. This view was first called 'Metro', but later abandoned due to tripping Microsoft patent case.

Steven Sinofsky - Founder and designer of Windows 8

Through Steven Sinofsky Windows 8 is considered a success given refresher on the Windows family of series that have been very popular. New hope arises for Microsoft to participate to compete in the realm of mobile OS through Windows Phone 8. Achievement Sinofsky even called him as CEO-in-waiting next aka Microsoft CEO candidates, when Steve Ballmer is no longer served.
"Steven (Sinofsky) has a rare talent that belongs to someone else," whispered one Microsoft executive told CNET.
Unfortunately, some parties hope to see Steven Sinofsky Microsoft CEO position seems to have been marginalized for a moment. This was after the veteran has decided to pull out of arms 'the Giant'. To fill the vacant seat left by Sinofsky, Microsoft itself has appointed Julie Larson-Green to lead Windows line of business software and hardware engineering. While Tami Reller will take over responsibility for the Windows business while still holding his position as Chief Financial Officer and Chief Marketing Officer of Microsoft. Both report to CEO Steve Ballmer.

Mashable (13/11) quoted one statement that Steven Sinofsky explained that he had long wanted to quit, but his wish was not yet done. Furthermore, Sinofsky also dismissed any negative rumors related to the announcement of his resignation.
"I decided to leave Microsoft for wanting to try new experiences. During the 23 years I get a lot of experience and knowledge at Microsoft and what have I got that I want to develop my own way," said Sinofsky.

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