History of Adam-The father of Man

Adam (Hebrew: אָדָם; Arabic: آدم, means the land, people, or light brown) (about 5872-4942 BC) is believed by the Heavenly religions as human beings first, along with his wife named Eve. According to Religion Samawi all, they're the parents of all the people in the world. Details the story of Adam and Eve were different between Islam, Judaism, Christianity, and other religions that developed from these three Abrahamic religions.

Adam according to Islam

Adam lived for 930 years after creation (about 3760-2830 BC), while Eve was born when Adam was 130 years old. Al-Quran describing the story of Adam in several letters, among them Al-Baqarah :30-38 and Al-A'raaf :11-25.
According to the Abrahamic religions, the children of Adam and Eve were born twins, that is, every baby boy born with a baby girl together. Adam married his son to the daughter who does not sekembar him.

According to Ibn Humayd, Ibn Ishaq, and Salamah are Adam's children: and Iqlima Cain, Abel and Labuda, Sith and Azura, Ashut and her sister, Ayad and his sister, and her sister Balagh, Athati and her sister, and brother Tawbah daughter, Darabi and her sister, and her sister Hadaz, Yahus and her sister, Sandals and her sister, and Baraq and sister. The total number of 40 children of Adam.

Being Adam

According to Muhammad's hadith narrated by Imam Bukhari, Adam has the posture of the body with a height of 60 cubits (approximately 27.432 meters). This hadith is also found in the history of Imam Muslim and Imam Ahmad, but differ in the sanad.

Adam is a perfect human being, walking upright on two feet, dressed close the genitals, and speaks fluent with the vocabulary of millions. He was a prophet and apostles who receive revelation from Allah and Shari'a law for humans at that time.

The figure of Adam is described very civilized at all, have a high science and he is not the ancient creatures. He came from heaven a civilized progress. Down to earth as a human can of a civilization far more advanced and far more intelligent than human civilization until whenever, because that God appointed him as the 'Caliph' (leader) of the earth.

In the picture she is very intelligent creatures, is glorified by God, has the advantage of perfect than other creatures were created in the previous and the best form. In accordance with the Surah Al Israa '70, which reads:
"And We have indeed honored the children of Adam, We carried them on land and at sea, We give them sustenance of the good things and We favored them with an excess of the most perfect creature that We have created (Al Israa '17: 70) "

In The Fig Sura 4 verse which reads:
"Verily We created man in his best form. (At Fig 95:4) "
Based on the story in the Quran, when Prophet Adam as created by God just finished, all the angels prostrated to him the command of God, because it's glory and brilliance, making it a creature that has a very high degree in the midst of beings that ever existed. Far from completely different picture of early man by Charles Darwin, who described walking on four legs and became creatures of ancient dress sober.

Creatures before Adam

Regarding the creation of Adam as the Caliph on earth revealed in the Qur'an:
"" And (remember) when thy Lord said to the angel: "Behold I will make a vicegerent on earth". They asked (about the wisdom of God's provision, saying): "Are you (our Lord) wanted to make on the earth's people will make a disastrous and bloody (berbunuh-killing), but we always praises and sanctify thy- you? "The Lord said:" Behold, I will know what you do not know. "(Al-Baqarah 30)"

According to Islamic law, men are not created on Earth, but down in the earth as a man and appointed / designated God as the Caliph (leader / replacement / successor) on earth or as a creature which is certainly no substitute for the other creatures in the dressing, in other words is Adam 'is not the first intelligent beings' who led the Earth.
In Al-Quran is mentioned three kinds of intelligent beings created by Allah the man, jinn, and angels. Humans and Jin have the same goal of creation is therefore both have a sense of dynamic and lust but living in different dimensions. While angels have only a static sense and has no appetite for goals as a messenger of God penciptaanya. There is a possibility that there are other intelligent beings besides the three creatures.
Of Al-Baqarah verse 30, many inviting questions, do damage to a creature who is the angel in the paragraph above. In Archaeology, based on fossils found, there was another before human beings. They're almost like humans, but have characteristics that are primitive and uncultured.

They are smaller brain volume than men, therefore, their ability to speak is very limited because not many vowel sounds that they could ring.
For example, Pithecanthropus Erectus has a brain volume of about 900 cc, while Homo sapiens has a brain volume above 1000 cc (monkey brains maximum of 600 cc). Thus it can be concluded that since 20,000 years ago, there has been a creature that has the ability to sense an approaching human thinking skills in the days before the arrival of Adam.

Verse 27 of Surah Al Hijr contain:
"And We have created the jinn before (Adam) from a very hot fire. (Al Hijr 15:27) "
. From this verse, some scholars argue that other intelligent beings in question is none other than Jin as the book of tafsir Ibn Kathir said: "The meaning of beings created before Adam was Jin who likes to do violence."

According to one hadith narrators named Thawus al-Yamani, one of the occupants as well as rulers / leaders in the face of the earth is from the class of jinn.
However this argument is questionable because of human and jinn live on a different dimension. So that man might not be a substitute for Jin.

Creation of Adam

The main article for this section are: Creation of Adam
After Allah SWT. created the earth, sky, and angels, God willed to create another being that will be believed to inhabit, fill, and maintain the earth's place of residence. When the angel of God announced His will to create man, they are worried the creature would eventually rebel against His provision and make mischief in the land. The angels said to God:
"Why do you want to make (the caliph) on earth was the person who will make mischief and shed blood to him, but we always praises thee and sanctify You?" (Surah Al-Baqarah [2]: 30) "
God then said to dispel doubts his angels:
"Verily I know what ye know not." (Surah Al-Baqarah [2]: 30) "
Then Adam was created by God from a lump of dry clay and black mud which is formed in such a way. Once completed the form, then ditiupkanlah spirit into it so he can move and become a perfect human being.

Satan's pride

When all the creatures of the heavenly host bow saw God's glory, only the devil of the Jinn who defied Allah and reluctant to obey orders because they feel he is more noble, more mainstream, and more glorious than Adam. That's because Satan was created from the element of fire, while Adam is from earth and mud. Pride in the origins of making arrogant and reluctant to honor Adam prostrate like the other heavenly beings.

Caused by the arrogance that is, God punish Satan to throw him out of heaven and angels out of line with the curse and the curse that will be attached to him until the end of the world someday. In addition, he has secured the inhabitants of hell are eternal.

Satan proudly accept the punishment and he just ask God to be given eternal life to an end. God allowed that petition. Satan threatens to mislead Adam so that he expelled from heaven. He also vowed to persuade his descendants from all directions to leave the straight and took with him a false path. Allah then says that Satan will not be able to mislead His servants who believe with all my heart.

Adam Knowledge

God wanted to eliminate the stigma of the angels to Adam and convince them of the truth of His wisdom that states Adam as ruler of the earth, God commanded the angels to mention the names of things. The angels are not able to answer God's word to mention the names of objects that are in front of them and acknowledge their inability to say that they do not know nothing except what is taught.
Adam and commanded by God to tell the names of the object to the angels, and after being told by Adam, God said to them that only God who knows the secrets of heaven and earth, and knows all things visible and invisible.
This suggests that humans have a dynamic sense. While angels have only a static sense, so just know things are taught directly by God.

Adam inhabit heaven

Adam was given the opportunity by God to live in heaven before the earth is spoken. God created a partner to be with him. Adam gave her name, Eve. According to the story of the scholars, God created Eve from Adam's rib one left when he was asleep, so when he woke up, Eve was on her side. God said to Adam:
"Hi Adam, Dwell by you and your wife this Paradise, and eat his foods are much better anywhere else that you like, and do not approach this tree, or ye those who do wrong." (Surah Al- Baqarah: 35) "

Satan's deception

In accordance with the threats uttered when expelled by God from heaven due to its defiance, the devil began to plan to deceive Adam and Eve lived happily in a serene and peaceful haven with their tempting to approach the tree is forbidden by God to them.
Satan tricked them by saying that why God forbade them to eat the forbidden fruit because they will live eternally as God when eating it. Persuasion is constantly given to Adam and Eve so that eventually they were persuaded and eat the fruit of the forbidden tree. Be they violate the provisions of God that he dropped them to earth. He said:
"Get ye down! Sebahagian you an enemy to others, and to your dwelling place on earth, and joy of life till the allotted time. (Q.S. Al-Baqarah: 36) "

Hearing the word of God, Adam and Eve realized that they had been seduced by the lure of the devil that got sin because of it. They then repent to God and after their repentance be accepted, Allah says:
"Get thee down from Paradise it! Then if it comes my instructions to you, then whoever follows My guidance, there is surely no fear come upon them and not (also) they grieve. "
This event is just the scenario that was designed by God. The goal is to provide knowledge to Adam and Eve about what they should do and what not they do. Adam and Eve descended to Earth not as punishment but as before they were created, God made man as it would be the caliph on Earth. Therefore if they do not eat the forbidden fruit they were still going down to Earth.

Adam and Eve down to earth

Adam and Eve were then lowered into the earth and learn new ways of life different from the circumstances of life in heaven. They need to take temporarily living with a variety of ups and downs while continuing to produce offspring that diverse forms.
According to the story of Adam descended in (Sri Lanka) in Sri At the top of the hill and Eve descended in Arabia. They eventually reunited in the Jabal Rahmah near Mecca after 40 days apart. Once reunited, said Adam and Eve lived in Sri Lanka, because according to the story of Sri Lanka was almost similar to a state of paradise. In this place found the footprints of a giant Adam.
On earth the couple Adam and Eve were hard at work developing offspring. Their first offspring was Cain and Iqlima twin pairs, then the second pair of Abel and Labuda. After four adult children, Adam got a clue to marry off her four children to cross, with Labuda Cain, Abel with Iqlima.
But Cain refused because Iqlima much prettier than Labuda. Adam then submit this persolan to God and God commanded the two sons of Adam for the sacrifice. Who is the victim received, is entitled to choose a soul mate. For that sacrifice, Abel took a goat among the most beloved pets, Cain took a sack of wheat was the worst of it has. God accepts the sacrifice of Abel, Abel thus more entitled to make their choice.

Adam according to the Jewish and Christian

The story of Adam found in Genesis in the Torah and Bible chapters 2 and 3, and the little mentioned in chapters 4 and 5. Some other details about his life can be found in the apocryphal books, such as the Book of Jubilees, Life of Adam and Eve, and the Book of Enoch.
According to the story above, Adam was created in the image and likeness of God. Adam was placed in the Garden of Eden, which means the mainland, located in the upper reaches of the Pison, Gihon, Tigris, and Euphrates (in Iraq today). He was then ordered by him to name all the animals. God also created a helper beings, that is a woman who by Adam named Eve. Adam and Eve lived in the Garden of Eden and walk with God, but eventually they were driven out of the park because they violate God's command not to eat of the tree of knowledge of good and evil.

Once expelled from the garden, Adam had to work to support his family. Adam and Eve had three sons are mentioned in the Book of Genesis, Cain, Abel, Seth, and a number of sons and daughters are not mentioned in number. The Book of Jubilees mentions two daughters of Adam and Eve, who is married to the Azura Set and Cloud, who is married to Cain. Both the Book of Genesis and the Book of Jubilees states that Adam had other children, but their names are not mentioned.

According to the genealogy of Genesis, Adam died at the age of 930 years. With numbers like that, calculations such as those made by Archbishop Ussher, giving the impression that Adam died only about 127 years before the birth of Noah, nine generations after Adam. In other words, Adam was still living with Lamech (Noah's father) for at least 50 years. According to the Book of Joshua, the city of Adam is still known at the time the people of Israel crossed the Jordan to enter Canaan.

According to legend, after being expelled from the Garden of Eden, Adam first set foot on earth on a mountain known as Adam's Peak or Al-Rohun are now available in Sri Lanka.

Adam according to the Baha'i

According to the Baha'i view, Adam was the first manifestation of God in history. Baha'i adherents believe that Adam started Adamik cycle that lasts for 6,000 years and culminating in the Prophet Muhammad.

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