Biography of George Soros - The Destroying Pound Men

Complete born with the name György Schwartz or more of the world knew him by George Soros. George Soros (Shorosh) was born on August 12, 1930 in Budapest, Hungary. It is also known as György Schwartz, a financial speculator, stock investor, philanthropist and a political activist in America. He was a radical capitalist, business finance and economics, stock investors, and political activist American States. George Soros is a Jew and was imprisoned during World War I.

Birth of Hungarian nationality Jewish men, many experiencing the bitter bitter cruelty of the Nazis, the Soviet occupation and the Ramanujan-luntanya living in London, which form a personality like this now. In 1947 left Hungary for London. Here he was educated at the London School of Economics. It was then that he met directly with the philosopher Karl Popper, who wrote a book titled "The Open Society and Its Enemies." At the age of nearly 50 years George Soros fortune approaching U.S. $ 100 million, one third are private property. An amount that is more than enough for Soros family life. From here start to think, what will be done. Finally it was decided to form the Open Society Institute with the goal of advancing a closed society; make open societies are better able to survive; promote critical thinking mode.

With the Soros foundation helps countries (former) Soviet satellites in Eastern Europe stood up and other countries in Asia and Latin America Some succeed but others fail. Last is when he is campaigning for re-election against President George W. Bush in 2004. As he acknowledges, his role is like a statesman without a state is because there are three things about him. The first has the capability in terms of developing a conceptual framework, the second founder of ethical beliefs and unwavering political and thirdly because it has a lot of money.

Apart from being the founder of Soros Fund Management and Open Society Institute and also served as Director of the agency Council on Foreign Relations, he also gave donations to the Labour Party of Solidarity in Poland, Institute of Humanitarian Charter 77 in Czechoslovakia (now the Rep. Czech), and active contribution to a political party in the Soviet Union are very influential. Funding and organization of Georgia's Rose Revolution institution (the institution is touted as the largest institution of the institution ever established), which he founded is also going well. In the United States he is also known as the largest contributor since the era of President George W. Bush's failed and re-elected U.S. President.

Firms in Indonesia among others, in Asia, George Soros is famous for his actions that destabilize and cause the economic crisis in Asia, some of the most affected countries are South Korea, Indonesia, and Thailand, which cause the currency to these countries is low even until now we feel the effect (the U.S. dollar against the Indonesian rupiah was around 2000-2400, now 9000-9500). Hong Kong, Malaysia and the Philippines were also affected but not as much as three previous state. China, Taiwan, and Singapore are virtually unaffected. Japan is not affected much but the long-term economic difficulties. Generally, in countries such as Thailand and Indonesia, Soros is considered more negative as the criminal economy that makes the Asian economic instability, due to the large amount of deposit money that shook the value of Asian currencies.

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