Biography of Muhammad Ali Jinnah

Muhammad Ali Jinnah is a veteran politician and statesman of India. He was the leader of the Indian Muslim League expressed the aspirations of the Muslims of India to form a separate state after the attempted compromise was never reached. He finally succeeded in establishing the State of Pakistan and became the first governor general of that State. Muhammad Ali Jinnah in Pakistan Father recalled as funding. In his struggle, he was much opposed to Mahatma Gandhi and Jawaharlal Nehru.

Muhammad Ali Jinnah was born in Karachi, India December 25, 1876 and died in Karachi 7 September 1948. Madrasah education in Sind, then proceed to upper secondary school Christian missionaries Karachi. At age 17 he went to England and studied law at Lincoln's Inn London, and returned to India in 1896 opened the practice of law in the city of Bombay as the only lawyer in the city Muslims.
Turning to politics, Ali Jinnah joined the Indian National Congress in 1906. He became a member of a respected and elected as a Legislative Council of India in Delhi. Ali Jinnah then joined Muslim League of India in 1913 and occupied the leadership of the organization in 1916. Ali Jinnah later withdrew from the Congress in 1920 because of disappointment over all forms of violence and communal passions that occur in connection with the non-cooperation campaign in Mahatma Gandhi pioneered. The fact that he saw just the opposite dengna anti-violence principles championed by Gandhi himself. Ali Jinnah was still trying to piece together the differences of opinion between groups of Hindus and Muslims. But he failed when Nehru rejected 14 proposed constitutional compromise.

Frustration over all his efforts, Ali Jinnah then moved to London and set up practice as a Lawyer. He only returned to India in October 1935 when elected as President of the Muslim League. Muslim League suffered a major defeat in the 1937 provincial election. While the Congress led by Gandhi and Jawaharlal Nehru won a majority in the Province 7 of the 11 Provinces. Konres reluctance to form a coalition government with the Muslim League into the final round of Hindu-Muslim disunity.

In 1940 Ali Jinnah filed a lawsuit to establish a separate Muslim state of India. He staked the moral authority and legal capacity to mobilize all the constitutional negotiations that a lot with the British and the Congress. Kalim Ali Jinnah as sole spokesman for the Muslims of India in July 1945 Simla conference is to strengthen its claim against the State in Pakistan. Pakistan-India separation was finally approved on June 3, 1947. Pakistan became a country that has two separate areas which later split again into the State of Bangladesh. Ali Jinnah became Governor-General and President of the Constituent Assembly the new State. Ali Jinnah died in 1948, so the new State of Pakistan to lose a leader, diplomat, political activist and freedom fighter Pakistan.

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