Biography ~ Founder Michael Dell Dell, Inc.

Michael Dell is the founder of computer giant Dell, Inc.. Dell was born February 23, 1965, Houston, Texas, USA. One American businessman successful businessman, he's also a writer, known as the founder and CEO of Dell, Inc.. Michael Dell is the son of a orthodentist (physician specialists teeth straightening). He first started his computer project at age 15. At that time, out of curiosity she dismantle the new Apple II computer to see the components and tried to assemble again.

Michael Dell Biography

As a student of the University of Texas at Austin, Michael Dell started his computer business (originally called PC's Limited) in 1984 with initial capital of $ 1,000, part-time job dijalankanya. In the second half of his freshman year, Dell has been selling computers worth $ 80,000. He got out of college at age 19 to run the company full-time, finally went public in 1988. PC's Limited then changed its name to Dell Computer Corporation and eventually became Dell, Inc..

Dell products also has diversified from its core business. Currently, he not only sells personal computers (PCs), portable computer (laptop) or server computer, but also the storage medium (storage), printers, handheld computers, aka PDA, MP3 music players, televisions plus a variety of computer services. Dell said, "We established this business in student dormitories, my capital only 1000 U.S. dollars. Now Dell has turned into the biggest online computer retailer in the world. Dell's online sales via the Internet at an average of 30 million dollars per day. "

The main key of Dell's success is a unique innovations of the founder. He made the breakthrough that much different from what the computer companies at the time. Prospective buyers can order Dell computers directly to their liking via the telephone or the internet. They could put computer specs are willing to buy online. As a result, Dell does not need to store inventory or make investments that are too large. Actually by doing sales strategy, Dell has transformed his weakness into strength. Due to limited capital, he can not have its own office and can not have a lot of stock. So it does business from his dorm. He does not expect customers to come and see the "office" her. He asked prospective customers to order over the phone or the Internet as they wish, without needing to bother coming. Apparently the strategy worked.

Dell's business philosophy is to gain PC market share through a combination of cutting costs, reduce delivery time, and provide excellent customer service. To do so, he hired an experienced executive, whether to fill jobs in the company and to act as a personal mentor, and he emphasized direct sales outside the ordinary retail outlets. In 1992 Dell became the youngest CEO in history to have a big company and enter the Fortune magazine list of top 500 companies. In his book Direct from Dell: Strategies That was an industrial revolution (1999), Dell explained the story and given the company's development strategy that applies to all businesses.

In 2004 Dell resigned as CEO of the company, but he remains the chairman of the board of directors. He served in World Economic Forum Foundation Board and the executive committee of the International Business Council. He also became the U.S. Presidential Advisory Council on Science and Technology and sits on the board the Indian School of Business in Hyderabad.

In 1999, Dell and his wife, Susan, forming the Michael & Susan Dell Foundation to manage the investments and philanthropic efforts Dell family. Through the foundation, Dell used part of his personal fortune to help children around the world by focusing on health, education, safety, youth development and early childhood care, which in 2005 contributed more than $ 1 billion, giving millions dollars to help the victims of the 2004 tsunami in south Asia. In 2006 he also contributed $ 50 million to the University of Texas at Austin.

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