Biography of Linus Torvalds: Linux Creator

Linus Torvalds was born in Helsinki, Finland, on December 28, 1969. when he was only 10 years he has started dabbling in the affairs of the manufacture of computer programming through computer Commoore VIC-20 belongs to his grandfather.

In 1988, Linus lecture at the University of Helsinki, Finland. There he began to recognize the C programming To further deepen his knowledge, Linus then membelil a computer at that time was running MS-DOS as the operating system made by microsoft. But, at that time Linus was more interested in university-owned computers that use UNIX operating system. He also tried to develop an adequate operating system for PC UNIX. A few months later Linus managed to create a rough version of Linux named. Linux may be a name akronimdari Linus and UNIX.

To introduce its new operating system, Linus posted a message over the Internet to PC users around the world. Even Linus to make its software can be downloaded for free. And, as usually done by a fellow software developer at the time, he released the source code, which means that all people who have knowledge of computer programming could modify Linux to suit their own purposes.

Operate Linux does require considerable intelligence techniques, because the operation is not as easy as using the more popular operating systems, such as Windows, Apple's Mac computers, or OS / 2 owned by IBM. However, because of the volunteer developers themselves will praise its quality, Linux became quite known for its excellence as a system of efficient and rarely crashes or like most people refer to it hangs the system (sudden stops).

At the end of 1990, Linux started to get pretty big applause from the user's PC. Even Microsoft's competitors are very interested and started to develop Linux. Company sperti Nestcafe Communication, Corel, Oracle, Intel, and other companies announced that they plan to support Linux as a cheap alternative operating systems at once reliably.

Linux in developing countries are progressing very rapidly. Software prices could reach 100 dollars or more. In a country where the average income per year between 200-300 U.S. dollars, 100 dollars cash is enormous. With the Linux, everything changed. Because Linux can be used on computers that are quite long, he became the most suitable alternative for small-budget computer. In the countries of Asia, Africa and Latin America, Linux is the way out for computer enthusiasts.

Because of the openness in the system source code, many groups participating developers fix all its features, as well as moving the various applications that run on Linux. One result of the change of the Linux operating system that was likely to be less alien to be user friendly. All this is possible thanks to the KDE and GNOME. Thanks to these two operating systems, Linux desktop look more attractive and capable of changing perceptions about the world of Linux.

Utilization of the Linux operating system is now also applied to the supercomputing world, such as The Tetragrid, a megakomputer of Americans who can count more than 13 trillion calculations per second (13.6 TeraFLOPS - Floating Operations Per Second). Tetragrid can be used to seek the solution of complex mathematical problems and simulations, from cancer research to astronomy and the weather forecast.

Others, namely Evolocity. Also from America, a computer that can run at a maximum speed of 9.2 teraflops, making it one of the five fastest supercomputers in the world. Even in the same time, Linus took a position at Transmeta corp., Who owned one of its founders, Paul Allen. In it, Linus worked in a highly confidential project, which is assumed by many high-tech community will develop into sebuajh force that could be the source of attacks in the future for Microsoft's empire.

When it was introduced, the operating system Linux has no logo. The developers were asking questions, and suggested that given the Linux logo as its identity. Then elected penguin Tux (Torvalds Unix) as its logo. The logo was designed by artist Larry Ewing.

The election is based on the experience of Linus penguin logo on vacation time, he went to the south. There he met a penguin that bit short fingers. This funny incident was the beginning of the election of penguins as the operating system logo creations. Until now, the Linux logo is famous across the world. Easier for people to know everything that smells of Linux products just by looking at the unique logo of this cute .

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