Biography of Otto Cornelis Kaligis-Lawyers Famous in Indonesia

Otto Cornelis Kaligis is a lawyer who was born on June 19, 1942 in Ujung Pandang (Makassar). Experience handling cases in Indonesia has been very much. Especially for the artists, celebrities, dignitaries, and the case which attracted many people.

Otto Cornelis Kaligis is an icon for the world of lawyers in Indonesia. He deserves a title was given his work in such a world full of conflict and controversy: the rule of law and justice. Since pursue a career in the world of lawyers, has handled thousands of cases OC Kaligis. Man who defended the background is very diverse. He accompanied the workers and construction workers, PPD driver, factory workers and other poor people. A convict who was shot by police, Sudarto, once he defended all-out without pay. But he also accompanied the artist Ida Iasha, Lidya Kandou, Ongky Alexander, Nike Ardilla, and Zarima.

Or conglomerate classmates Samadikun Hartono. Even lawsuit involving two former presidents even, HM Soeharto and Habibie, OC Present there as a defender. In the eyes of O.C. Kaligis, all the human figures who were deal with lawsuit has the same rights: must get justice.

Sense of justice O.C. Kaligis very easily disturbed. It seemed when he defended the 35 people who demanded the driver PPD pension payments. When they lose in the Supreme Court, O.C. Kaligis protest by paying his own way 'pensions' to-35 clients until they died. O.C. Kaligis indeed hated injustice. Even after becoming a famous lawyer, he frequently protested various forms of injustice going on around him. One of them by writing letters, both in newspapers and magazines.

Success was achieved O.C. Kaligis does not just fall out of the sky. Before reaching the summit he had to pass through periods of concern. After obtained his law degree at the University of Parahyangan Bandung, he immediately became an assistant notary Tumbunan internship based in Pegangsaan Road, from apprentice status, he then became an assistant notary.

Major cases handled by OC Kaligis

Scandal porn video artists like Ariel Peterpan, Luna Maya, and Cut Tari
Defamation Omni Tangerang with the defendant Prita Mulyasari
Athletes homestead bribery case Nazaruddin Muhammad, a member of Parliament from the Democratic Party


Junior and senior high schools in St. Peter Claver, Napier (1955-1961).
Faculty of Law, University of Parahyangan Bandung (1961-1966).
Kenokatariatan Skills Education University of Indonesia (1968).
Faculty of Philosophy University of Rheinish Westfalische Technische Hochschule (RWTH), Germany (1972-1975)

Career outside the Attorney

Golkar functionaries member (1986-present).
Members of the Association of Indonesian Advocates (1988-present).
Members Mondiale de la Presse Diplomatique (1988-present).
Officials at the Legal Aid Society Kosgoro (1999-present).
Guest lecturer at the Faculty of Law University of Indonesia and the Indonesian Legal Aid Institute.


Bearer paper at the Asia Foundation in Kuala Lumpur "Judiciary System and Settlement Procedures of Civil Law Suits in Indonesia (1984).
Bearer paper in front of the Alumni Student Germany in Jakarta "How To Invest Your Capital In Indonesia" (1988).
Writing a book "in Pretrial Practice" and "Pre-Trial in Reality", "Practices of the State Administrative Court (I-III)", "Terminal OC Kaligis Law", "David vs. Goliath battle," "Cross-Examination (The case of Hendra Rahardja) "," Pre-indictment autopsy Case of Bank Bali "

Home Address

No. 18-20 Jalan Majapahit Majapahit Permai Complex Block B-123, C-101, Central Jakarta 10160, Phone 62-21-3853250 (hunting), 3453992, 3453994, 3812545

Office Address

Complex Wijaya Grand Center Block F-41 Floor 3, Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta, Phone (021) 720 2930, 7206763 \

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