John Grisham- Famous Lawyers in the United States

John Ray Grisham (born in Jonesboro, Arkansas, February 8, 1955, age 56 years) is a novelist and former politician and a retired United States attorney. He is known as the author of the legal-themed novels. Until 2008, he wrote a book has sold more than 235 million copies worldwide.


John Grisham was born in Jonesboro, Arkansas as the second son of five children. Both parents are adherents of the Southern Baptist Church. His father worked as construction workers and cotton farmers, while his mother is a homemaker living tangga.Setelah often sedentary, his family settled in the city of Southaven, DeSoto County, Mississippi in 1967. While attending High School Southaven, Grisham became a member of the American football team, and play at the quarterback position. When young, he enjoyed reading as it gets encouragement from his mother, and greatly influenced the work of John Steinbeck.


Grisham graduated from Mississippi State University in 1977, and received a Bachelor of Science degree in accounting. He tried to join the Delta State University baseball team, but was rejected by the former coach Dave Ferriss thrower Boston Red Sox. Juris Doctor degree earned after graduating from the University of Mississippi Law School in 1981. During law school, his interest changed from tax law to criminal and civil cases. After graduating, he practiced as a civil and criminal law attorney for almost ten years in Southaven. As a young attorney, Grisham often appear in court.

Political Career

In 1983, he was elected as a member of the Mississippi House of Representatives representing the Democratic Party. The post he held until 1990. During a board member, he is still practicing as a lawyer in Southaven. In September 2007, Grisham appears to support Hillary Rodham Clinton as a candidate for President of the United States from the Democratic Party. Former Virginia Governor Mark Warner is also supported to become a member of the Senate as a substitute for the Republican John Warner.

The first novel inspiration
In 1984, Grisham is present in the courtroom DeSoto County, Hernando when the testimony given by 12-year-old girls who are victims of rape.

According to Grisham's official website, her first novel written in his spare time while "imagining what would happen if the girl's father killed the rapist." "Spent three years writing When To Kill a completion in 1987. The novel was initially rejected by several publishers, but eventually bought Wynwood Press. Her first novel some five thousand copies were printed and published in June 1988.
After To Kill When finished, another began writing novels. This time about a young attorney "lured to join a law firm that cursory look perfect." [2] second novel, Bureau of Law is ranked the seventh best-selling novels in the United States in 1991.
Publishers Weekly declared Grisham as a "best-selling novelist of the 1990s" with total sales of 60,742,289 copies. Grisham is one of the few authors who can be the first printed book sold two million copies, his name can align it with Tom Clancy and JK Rowling.


Legal fiction

When To Kill (A Time To Kill, 1989)
Bureau of Law (The Firm, 1991)
The Pelican Brief (The Pelican Brief, 1992)
Client (The Client, 1993)
Gas Chamber (The Chamber, 1994)
The Bearer Miracles (The Rainmaker, 1995)
Jury Choice (The Runaway Jury, 1996)
The Partner (The Partner, 1997)
The street lawyer (The Street Lawyer, 1998)
Testament (The Testament, 1999)
Assembly (The Brethern, 2000)
Call (The Summons, 2002)
Indemnity (The King of Torts, 2003)
Members Last Juror (The Last Juror, 2004)
The Broker (The Broker, 2005)
The Appeal (2008), ISBN 0-385-51504-7
The Associate (January 27, 2009), ISBN 0-7393-2823-9

Fiction nonhukum

Houses Painted White (A Painted House, 2001)
Absence of Christmas (Skipping Christmas, 2002)
The Coach (Bleachers, 2003)
Playing for Pizza (2007), ISBN 0-385-52500-1

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