Axl Rose Biography

William Bruce Bailey (born in Lafayette, Indiana, February 6, 1962, age 50 years) is the "lead vocals" Guns N 'Roses band from Los Angeles, California United States. Musician who is better known as Axl Rose is known as a leader and founder of Guns N 'Roses (with Tracii Guns in 1985). GNR Axl in the body of the figure so dominant, he is controlling all the story line every GNR "start his adventures".

Axl Rose has the nature of the authoritarian, selfish, and the emotional outburst. Not infrequently exposed sebandnya friends spray "cruelty" Axl. That is why Guns N 'Roses broke up, because your friends can not stand it anymore sebandnya the perilakuan Axl is selfish. Some are resigned, others fired, and there is also coming out with Axl because of differences of opinion about where the next direction of music GNR.

In Guns N 'Roses, Axl is the creator and writer of songs. Axl blessed with the ability to change his voice to three times while singing and also sang as he ran to and fro, a hallmark of the GNR was Axl that any singer can not be replaced if he quit the band. But, that does not mean he is just the most important in the body of Guns N 'Roses. Another one of the most important figure in the GNR is the GNR guitarist, Slash. According to his fans: "Guns N 'Roses with Slash. Without Slash, GNR same as losing" his Guns. "He was the color of the actual GNR super rebound and the way he plays the guitar".

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