Gioachino Antonio Rossini Biography

Gioachino Antonio Rossini was born in Pesaro, February 29 is a well-known composers of Italian nationality. He was born in the midst of a family that loves music. Giuseppe, his father, was a trumpet player musical instrument. His mother, Anna, was a singer. In 1805, when Rossini ewean thirteen, she performed at the theater `s Paër Commune in Camilla. This is her first appearance in public to sing. At the age of fourteen, Rossini studied cello to Cavedagni Conservatorio, Bologna. He then explore the ability to play the cello under the guidance of Padre PS Mattei in 1807. Rossini was also a skilled trumpet player, he followed his father's footsteps.

His first opera, La cambiale in matrimonio (marriage contract) is produced at Venice when he was eighteen years old. Two years earlier, he had received the award at the Conservatorio of Bologna for the work of choir singing, "Il Armonia pianto sulla morte d` d `Orfeo '. Between 1810 and 1813, Rossini created many operas with varying success. All the memories of these works seemed to be drowned by the huge success of his work, "Tancredi". "Tancredi" is an opera in two acts by composer and author of poems by Rossini, Luigi Lechi. Opera is based on the `show` Tancrède by Voltaire, in 1759. Composed by Rossini's first opera was performed at the Teatro La Fenice on February 6, 1813. The first opera composed by Rossini was supposed to end with a cover story a happy ending, but he changed it to the end of a tragic story.

In 1815, Rossini was asked by the impresario Domenico Barbaja to to be a musical and artistic leadership of Teatro San Carlo and the Teatro Del Fondo at Naples. At that time he composed the song "Elisabetta, Regina d'Inghilterra" (Elizabeth, the Queen of England) for a soprano, Isabella Colbran, who later became his wife. Between 1815 and 1823, making twenty-Rossini opera. In between all this, "Otello" is the height of his operas are serious reforms. At the time of Rossini, the stories end tragically is not favored by

Roman society, it was created end of the story "Otello" is happy.

In 1823, on the advice of the manager `s King Theatre, London, Rossini came to England and stayed there for some time. In England, he received the award, including a meeting with King George IV. In 1824, he became music director at the Théâtre Italien in Paris. The results of his work, "Guillaume Tell", in 1829 took him to the peak of his career as an opera writer. The opera song written by Étienne Jouy and Hippolyte Bis, but revised by Armand Marrast. The music is remarkable because it is free from the rules that are formulated and adhered to by Rossini in his works so far. It marks the transition period in the history of opera. Although it is a good opera, this opera is rarely played as a whole and more often cut into pieces for the duration of the original version of this opera could reach four hours.

Renowned opera "Il Barbiere Siviglia on" Opera is the most famous works of Rossini opera which was shown on February 20, 1816 at the Teatro Valle in Rome. Author of poems by Cesare Sterbini. "Il barbiere in Siviglia" was the opera works of Rossini's famous and very popular in Europe more than a quarter century. Many opinions about how quickly Rossini wrote this opera. The experts generally acknowledge that Rossini wrote this opera for more than two weeks, a miracle with a few standards. Rossini admitted that he wrote the opera for 12 days.

The success of the works of Rossini opera is a success in the world. At the age of 37 years, he stopped writing operas because of illness. He and Isabella left Paris in 1837 to live in Italy where he was suffering from "neurasthenia" (mental illness with psychosomatic symptoms). When you feel healthy again, in 1855 he returned to Paris and became active again composed the tone for piano and choir. In 1868, Rossini died and was buried in Père Lachaise Cemetery, Paris.

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