Shimon Peres Biography

Shimon Peres born in Poland, August 2, 1923, age 88 years with the name Szymon Perske) was the President Israel to-9 that is now being served. He was an originator of a peace agreement with Palestine in the 1990s. He migrated with his family in a place now known as the state of Israel in 1934) is the Israeli politician, former prime minister and deputy prime minister.

Peres was a member and then leading the Labour Party from 1950 until December 2005. After that, he turned and support the new party called Kadima Party. He was elected in the Parliament (Knesset) in March 2006 as a member of the Kadima Party. Since May 4, 2006, he served as Minister of Development for the Negev, Galilee and Regional Economy and Deputy Premier.

Peres appeared as the eighth Prime Minister of Israel (1984-1986 and 1995-1996), Israeli Foreign Minister (2001-2002), and Deputy Prime Minister in a coalition under the leadership of Ariel Sharon in early 2005. In 1994, Peres won the Nobel Peace Prize together with Yitzhak Rabin and Yasser Arafat in the Oslo Accords. Peres then won the national elections, thus making its position in the Labour Party grew stronger and tougher for an indefinite period.

In 2007, Peres and Kadima Party nominated ensure on June 30, 2007 to get ahead in the presidential election. He was elected by the Knesset for the presidency on June 13, 2007 to replace Moshe Katsav after his inauguration on July 15, 2007 for a term of seven years.

Earlier, Peres was also a candidate running for president in 2000. At that time, he was defeated from Moshe. In addition to Peres, the other presidential candidates are Reuven Rivlin of the right-wing opposition Likud Party and Colette Avital of the Labor Party. According to opinion polls, the people of Israel want Peres as president. In the first round, Peres won 58 of 120 votes. Being, Reuven won 37 votes and Colette gained 21 votes. In the second half, getting 86 votes Peres. He was appointed as president by the Knesset on June 13, 2007 and sworn in on the stairs; July 15, 2007 for a term of seven years.

Life years

Shimon Peres was born in Wieniawa, Poland (now in Belarus Vishneva). He was born with the name of the original end Persky. In 1934, during his childhood, he moved to Tel Aviv (Israel) with his family. He attended the Geula School in Tel Aviv and the agricultural school at Ben shemen.
In 1947, he followed the military service in the Haganah (predecessor of the Israel Defense Forces) and David Ben-Gurion appointed to be responsible for personnel and weapons procurement. In 1952, he was appointed Deputy Director General of the Ministry of Defense and the Director General of the Ministry of Defence in 1953. He was involved in the purchase of arms for the state of Israel. Peres went well for the business managed to obtain a jet fighter of the French Dassault Mirage III and a nuclear reactor and to the Suez Crisis in 1956.

Political career

In 1959, he was elected to the Knesset as a member of the Mapai Party (Israel Labour Party). Period 1959-1965, he acted as Deputy Secretary of Defense to engage in joint events Moshe Dayan Lavon. Peres and Dayan left Mapai with David Ben Gurion to form the Rafi Party is reconciled with Mapai in 1968.

Even without Ben Gurion could result in the formation of the Labor Board. In 1969, he was appointed Minister of Absorption. In 1970, he served as Minister of Transport and Communications. After serving as Minister of Information, he was appointed defense minister in 1974 in the government of Yitzhak Rabin. Despite never winning a general election, he was twice as Prime Minister; the period 1984-1986 as part of the rotation agreement with Likud Party members (Yitzhak Shamir), and after the assassination of Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin in the period 1995-1996.

Peres remained a steadfast supporter of the Oslo Accords and the Palestinian Authority since inception despite the first Intifada al-Aqsa and Infitadhah. Shimon Peres is interested in the field of military policy nanoelektrik supports Prime Minister Ariel Sharon to withdraw Israeli troops from the Gaza Strip and emphasized peace. He founded the Peres Center for Peace in 1997. He was appointed Prime Minister Ariel Sharon in the period 2001-2002 as Minister of Foreign Affairs and Deputy Prime Minister in 2005.

Following his defeat in the race for Chairman of the Labour Party on 30 November 2005, he resigned from the party and the state backed the Prime Minister Ariel Sharon.

Family life

Shimon Peres is married to Sonya (maiden name: Gelman) and had a daughter, Tzvia (Tziki) Walden-Peres, a linguist, and two sons, Yoni (born 1952) and Chemi, leader of Pitango Venture Capital, one of the capital funds Israel's largest business.


Peres authored several books, namely:
The Next Step (1965)
David's Sling (1970) (ISBN 0-297-00083-7)
And Now Tomorrow (1978)
From These Men: seven founders of the State of Israel (1979) (ISBN 0-671-61016-3)
Entebbe Diary (1991)
Yoman Entebeh (1991) (ISBN 0-8050-3323-8)
The New Middle East (1993) (ISBN 0-8050-3323-8)
Battling for Peace: a memoir (1995) (ISBN 0-679-43617-0)
For the Future of Israel (1998) (ISBN 0-8018-5928-X)
The Imaginary Voyage: With Theodor Herzl in Israel (1999) (ISBN 1-55970-468-3)

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