Warren Gamaliel Harding (president of the United States to 29)

Warren Gamaliel Harding (born in the Near Blooming Grove, Ohio, November 2, 1865 - died in San Francisco, California, August 2, 1923 at age 57 years) was an American politician and the President of the United States-29 (1921-1923) He was the president who died on the sixth time in office. He died on August 2, 1923. in San Francisco, California as a Republican member of the United States to the Ohio, he was accompanied by Vice President Calvin Coolidge.

When he was ten, his family moved to a small Ohio village of Caledonia where he grew up. Both his parents are medical doctors who were given permission by his experience as a midwife and in helping her husband, George Harding. At age fourteen, he entered Ohio Central College, he graduated with a BS degree in 1882. After college, Harding taught at a school abroad Marion, Ohio and at the age of 25 years of marriage with the widow Florence "Flossie" Mabel Kling DeWolf, five years older than him. Warren Gamaliel Harding, the high stature of the chest area, a bright contrast with the dark hair pekatnya, his eyes sharp as a hawk, authoritative voice boomed. in short, let alone humans, chickens and goats can be made lovelorn. at least that's the impression I get from some books that explore biographies of Warren Harding, president of the American republican party in 1921-1923. in contrast with his physical appearance, Warren Harding was a doubter, wishy washy decision, and several of its own policy annulled. unfortunately, at that time America was experiencing an acute economic depression. All the manly impression that is created and prepared from a young Warren Harding, editor of a small newspaper in Ohio was "discovered" Harry Dougherty, ohio politics that Machiavelli's famous. He successfully designed a great impression in every stage of Harding's political campaign. since becoming a senator to be the number one in America.

Harding won attracted more than 7 million votes more than Cox. Socialist Party candidate won 3 percent of voters, collect ninety thousand votes. In the electoral college, Harding won thirty-seven states and 404 votes; Cox won only eleven southern states, with 127 electoral college votes, the traditional "Solid South" Democratic base. Kegantengannya make American voters ignore the franklin d. Roosevelt, competitors of the democrat when itu.namun Harding's presidency did not last long, only two years at the helm, he died of a stroke. in memory of the handsome American history as the worst president of all time.

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