David Filo Biography- Founder of Yahoo

David filo
David Filo born 20 April 1966 in Wisconsin, USA. He is one of the founders of yahoo website. At age 6 he moved to Moss Bluff, Louisiana. He graduated from Sam Houston High School and a graduate degree in Computer Engineering from Tulane University, then earned his MS from Stanford University. At the end of 1993, david filo continuing education Ph.D. program Electrical Engineering at Stanford University. There, david filo sekampusnya Yang acquainted with Jerry Yang. Through friendship with Jerry Yang, filo Yang started to like surfing on the internet, up to long hours spent at the computer. As a result, they neglected the learning activities.

At the time surfing activities, they often struggled to find something they need in this virtual world. Then in February 1994, they began diligently to collect the links to create an index of favorite web sites. These activities they do in the trailer on the campus of Stanford University. In a short time, they have more time to make the links of your favorite sites to create a doctoral dissertation that was their take.

Finally, the list of links from sites that they had discovered that they made have become too long and too much, so they split it up into these categories. When the categories that did not meet, also made sub-subcategories. That was the beginning of the birth of the concept of making Yahoo!. When first created, they gave the name of the site Jerry `s Guide to the World Wide Web, but the name was too long to name a site. Then after looking for a name that is considered good in the directory that they make, they decided to use the name Yahoo, which stands for Yet Another Hierarchical Oficious Oracle. Filo and Yang chose the word tersbeut because they liked the general definition of these words, which comes from Gulliver's Travels by Jonathan Swift: "rude, strong-, unsophisticated

-Simple-, and uncouth, rough-). The initial goal of making the site as a tool to search for something on the internet or search engine.

At first, they use it for personal gain. However, it turns out they then realize that they are stacking the site index can be used by others as a starting point along the first web site. Visitors to the site is even more numerous and extraordinary acclaim on the Internet. Knowing many people accessing the Yahoo!, then so be they make it a regular database and developed a kind of search engine software to run it.

Because there is no capital, they use computers owned by universities for this activity. Data is stored on a computer that has the nickname Jerry Yang "Akebono". Was placed in a computer search engine air-David Filo nickname "Konishiki". Both nickname was taken from the names of famous Hawaiian wrestler their idol.

In the fall of 1994, they began to get the site hit a record 1 million visitors per day. That's what makes the university computer network infrastructure in a huge traffic burden. No wonder if university officials asking them to rent a server (hosting) out to run the "business" they were, in order to more freely again.

Now, Yahoo! has become the world's companies are engaged in the communications, commercial, and internet-based media. Every month there are 232 million Internet users worldwide who use Yahoo! services, ranging from search engines, portals, e-mail free, online business, to manufacture and rental accommodation sites. Yahoo! Network is headquartered in Sunnyvale, California, USA has been established in 25 locations across continental Europe, Asia, Latin America, Australia, Canada, and of course the United States. In 2011, Filo wealth estimated at $ 1.4 billion, ranked 879 richest people in the world as a philanthropist, in 2005 he donated $ 30 million to his alma mater, Tulane University, for use in the School of Engineering. Filo is married to photographer and teacher Angela Buenning.

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