Ferruccio Lamborghini Biography,Company founder Lamborghini Car

Ferruccio Lamborghini was born on 28 April 1916. He is the founder of the Italian car company Lamborghini, he is a son of Antonio and Evelina Lamborghini viticulturists, the house numbered 22 in Renazzo in Cento, in the region of Emilia-Romagna in northern Italy. According to his baptismal certificate, he was baptized four days later, on May 2 young Lamborghini is not interested in a lifestyle of agricultural machinery farm itself, and he studied engineering in the Fratelli Taddia. an educational institution near Bologna. in 1940, he recruited the Royal Air Force Italy, where he served as a mechanic on the island of Rhodes the kingdom of Italy since 1911, after the Italian-Turkish war, he became Head of the vehicle maintenance unit. Lamborghini was imprisoned when the island fell into British hands at the end of the war in 1945, and will not be home until 1946.

He was married, but his wife died in 1947 while giving birth to her first child, a boy named Antonio. After the war, Lamborghini opened the shop in the town of Pieve di Cento. In his spare time, to modify a Fiat Topolino Lamborghini has long been bought. The myth says, Ferrucio Lamborghini desperate to make a car out of irritation with the founder of Ferrari, Enzo Ferrari. Not upset at not being able to compete with Ferrari. Precisely Ferrucio originally collector cars Ferrucio Ferrari.Suatu when the car was found a problem in Ferrarinya.Dia immediately report the matter directly to the Enzo.

Unfortunately, even Enzo refused to meet with Ferrucio. The father of Dino Ferrari was even told Ferrucio walk alone if you do not like the car makes. Disappointed with the arrogant response, Ferrucio was moved to make the car. In his mind, he wanted to know Enzo here's how to make a true super car. Sometime in 1958, Ferruccio purchased a Ferrari 250 GT. Unfortunately he thought Ferrari 250 GTO engine was too noisy, especially in girboksnya. Shortly thereafter he met with Enzo Ferrari. Complaints submitted but dicuekin ama Enzo. That is good does not convey the Enzo input but instead told him to go. I do not know what it says Enzo told Ferruccio at the time. Such expelled course biqin Ferruccio hurt Enzo ama. He finally decided to make his own car and ambition to beat Ferrari.

Unlike the mandatory follow F1 Ferrari, Lamborghini itself is only a supplier of engines in the 1989 season sd 1993 by Team Lotus, Minardi, Ligier, Modena & Larrousse. Lamborghini several times had almost gone out of business. Finally in 1998 the fate of Lamborghini saved after being purchased by Audi (Volkswagen Group). Once purchased by Audi, Lamborghini value2 retaining a work of art. Manufacture of cars ranging from painting, body manufacturing, assembly machines, cable installation, interior, etc. are still relying on skilled employees hand in hand.

Almost all of the Lamborghini car namanama taken from the names of the bull. Known, Ferrucio Lamborghini was born in the shadow of the zodiac Taurus. So, not coincidentally, the cars from Lamborghini is always using namanama bull. For example, the first production of Miura.Model Lamborghini Lamborghini bull takes its name from the wealthy businessman's complaint Sevilla, Eduardo Eduardo Miura Miura.Kebetulan have good relations with Feruccio. During a visit to Sevilla, Ferrucio often amazed by Eduardo Miura's bull.

Currently no longer Ferrucio Lamborghini brand owners and also have died, the tradition of using the names of the bull will be retained. Some of the names given car Lamborghini Gallardo Lamborghini sepeninggalan Ferrucio (read Gayardo) and most new Lamborghini Aventador. Gallardo is the name of one of the most powerful bull complaint in mid-2000-an.Ketangguhan Spanish bull is very famous because of this bull found a family who all have excellent strength. The same thing happened on the Lamborghini Aventador is touted as a replacement of the Lamborghini Murcielago.

Aventador name refers to a bull that received the Trofeo de la Pena La Arena Madronera in Saragossa, Spain, in 1993. Other names that are very typical of the bull was Murcielago Murcielago.Nama taken from the true story of legendary bull fight who ever lived in 1879.

Bull named Murcielago is still alive despite having been stabbed 28 times in the event matador.Sang matador, Lagartijo, ultimately decided not to finish off the Murcielago for help being amazed by the strength of different sakit.Cerita on Lamborghini Reventon. The name is taken from a bull who actually managed to finish the life of a Mexican matador Felix Guzman. Embedding the names of the typical bull's hard to break so saja.Jadi, although this time Lamborghini surprised the world because it does not want to use a manual transmission, giving the name of the typical bull that carried pioneers will never be abandoned.

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