Nelly Furtado Biography

Nelly Furtado

Nelly Furtado (born in Victoria, Canada, December 2, 1978, age 33 years) is a Canadian singer of Portuguese descent. Both parents are from there. He has two brothers.

At age nine, he learned to play, trombone and ukulele. Then two years later he learned to play the keyboard. At age 13 he began writing the songs. After that he took to play in a group called Nelstar and has appeared eight times on the "Lilith Fair", a tour for a female artist, the late 1990'an.

He can speak English, Portuguese and Hindi, and never sang in three languages​​.
At a gig he met with Gerald Eaton, a co-production of her debut album Whoa, Nelly! the company Dreamworks.

His style, once referred to as salingan between Macy Gray and Ivana Santilli, including pop music, triphop, bossa nova, soul, R & B, hip-hop and folk. This style is the result rather than a willingness to penetrate more deeply than ever the music-influenced music. According to Beck CORNERSHOP and a lot of influence.

For the contract, the songs were somewhat depressed and sad. But then he said, he realized that music was sad and even tidakperlu too poppy and fun.
Nelly Furtado in 2002 won a Grammy Award as best female singer with the song I'm like a bird.
On 20 September 2003, Nelly Furtado gave birth to her first child a girl, named Nevis.

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