Westlife Biography

Westlife started in 1996 in Sligo, a small town in northern ireland. 3 teenagers, Shane Filan, egan and mark feehtfy more often active in theater in college ummerhiii. Third teenager gets a lead role in a drama grease and their appearance was a big stepping stone. One night after the show. when they jokingly vocal exercises. mary McDonagh suddenly approached him and said. "I want you guys to form a band". After that they began to bring the songs "take that" a mega popular band in the mid 90's.

As will be named. mary gives a very strange name which is 6 as l (kian. shane. mark, the crane. michael. and graham). Beginning in 1997, six of them began to appear in theaters in Sligo and a lot of people who direct fans jamming with this new boy band. their fans in Sligo continues to grow. In August 1997, "6 as ​​a" show with a rendition of songs from Boyzone and the Backstreet Boys (bsb) in the presence of more than 500 people. But. they have a complaint yartu not like the name of his boy band. So they decided to change the name of the boy band they are "IOUs".

"IOUs" and then record a single entitled "to get a girl forever". A local TV news show broadcast the event and it attracted the attention of their appearance louish Walsh. manager and the group's most successful pop band in europe. opportunity to be the opening band concert bsb is a big surprise for the IOUs. Bsb fans as many as 9,500 people were satisfied with the appearance of IOUs. Unfortunately there is a problem. although the IOUs have shane sounds good but, increasingly, and the mark does not fit with the three other personnel. Therefore, some changes had to be done.

Once the decision to break up the IOUs. shane then, increasingly, and the marks appear as a trio. But there are still voices that are less than three of them. They feel there should be additional vocals so they sound really harmonious. Then held auditions in dublin, ireland to look for four personnel. Hundreds of enthusiastic young singers who took part in the audition. including Nicky Byrne and Bryan McFadden. Nicky and bryan was actually old friends. They both often dreamed of becoming a member of the group and have since childhood. They hope they can terpiiih. but you are looking for just one person. But good luck to them poorer sides. Nicky and bryan eventually became personnel IOUs. To start a new step. they changed the name of the boy band for the third time. Name of the boy band they are the Westside (which is a tribute to Sligo. Shane hometown, growing, and his mark on the Westside Irish).

shane life, so, mark, nicky bryan and the Westside did not last long. Because the name of the Westside has become the name of the old bands. Therefore, the fifth guy this cool boy band were forced to change his name for the fourth time. This time they chose the name Westlife. In July 1998. Westlife started performing with Boyzone UK tour and in October. they receive awards and smash hits magazine award for "best new tour

On 19 April 1999, their single titled "Swear It Again" became a best seller. With the release of second single "if i let you go", westiife boy band managed to become the first of his two singles topped the UK charts. But they are not satisfied there. Single third, fourth, and fifth also managed to sit in first British charts and was a huge success that never felt any bands in the UK.

After about 7 years together, finally Bryan McFadden decided to come out and westiife. This decision is unfortunate oJeh many parties. Especially westiife colleagues. Bryan chose to spend most of his time with his family by a former member of Atomic Kitten, Kerry Katona, although they later split up and he changed the spelling of his first name to 'Brian'. He also opted for a career as a solo singer. Although it feels so heavy. but shane, nicky, mark growing and can take it if it's the best. Since the date of August 19, 2005, leaving the official bryan Westlife and is no longer a westiife personnel.

Westlife are also four times in a row won the "Record of the Year" ITV with their single "Flying Without Wings", "My Love", "Mandy", and "You Raise Me Up". Westlife has not managed to penetrate the musical industry in the United States, although their debut single, "Swear It Again", at that time was quite popular on the radio and MTV. TRL on MTV, video clips "Swear It Again" had requested several times, and get in on the chart "hot 100" in one of the magazines in the U.S. (Billboard Magazine) summer edition at number 20.

Until now they have not managed to achieve similar success in the U.S.. Their debut album failed after it was released in 2000 and was the only album they released there. That does not mean no development Westlife fans there. The band is also very famous in Asia, Europe, Australia, and several countries in the Americas except the U.S.. Like the other boy band, their albums aimed at teenage girls, although there is also a fan of their men (approximately 20% of Westlife's fans are men). Westlife has appeared several times in several places the gay community. On August 19, 2005 one of their band members, Mark Feehily, said he was gay to the public as well as its presence in a relationship with a former member of music group named Kevin McDaid V.


1999 "Westlife"
2000 "Coast to Coast"
2001 "World of Our Own"
2002 "Unbreakable"
2003 "Turnaround"
2004 "Allow Us To Be Frank"
2006 "The Love Album"
2007 "Back Home"
2009 "Where We Are"
2010 "Gravity"

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