Sammo Hung Biography

Sammo Hung

Sammo Hung (born in Hong Kong, January 7, 1952, age 60 years) is an actor, producer and director of Hong Kong action movies are pretty known for its work in the field of Chinese martial arts (kung-fu) and the film industry in Hong Kong . He had been a fight choreography for several famous people, like, Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, King Hu, Stephen Chow and John Woo.

Hung is a very important figure who brings a new wave of change in Hong Kong in the 1980s, helping the development of the martial arts genre and started Jiang Shi (blood-sucking corpse).

Tengggara in Asia, is common to do a specific call to older people, which is also done to show respect and a sense of kinship. Jackie Chan, for example, is often called as "Dai Goh", which means "Big Brother". Hung also known as "Dai Goh", until the filming of Project A, which displays both the famous actor. Because Hung is the oldest among them, kung fu "brothers", and the first time dnia famous cinema, then he got a new nickname, "Dai Goh Dai", which means, your oldest or the oldest brother.

Filmography famous

1973: Enter the Dragon
1974: The Shrine of Ultimate Bliss
1975: Hand of Death
1975: All in the Family
1978: Game of Death
1978: Enter the Fat Dragon
1980: Encounters of the Spooky Kind
1983: Winners and Sinners
1983: Project A
1983: Zu Warriors from the Magic Mountain
1984: Wheels on Meals
1985: My Lucky Stars
1985: Twinkle, Twinkle Lucky Stars
1985: Yes, Madam
1985: Heart of the Dragon / The First Mission
1986: Millionaire's Express / Shanghai Police
1986: Lucky Stars Go Places
1987: Eastern condors
1987: Dragons Forever
1987: Mr. Vampire III
1988: Painted Faces
1989: Encounters of the Spooky Kind 2
1990: Skinny Tiger and Fatty Dragon
1990: The Prisoner
1991: Point of No Return
1996: Mr. Nice Guy
1998-2000: Martial Law (TV series)
2002: The Hidden Enforcers
2003: Osaka Wrestling Restaurant
2004: Around the World in 80 Days
2005: Dragon Squad
2005: SPL: Sha Po Lang
2007: Twins Mission
2008: Three Kingdoms: Resurrection of the Dragon
2008: Fatal Move
2008: Wushu
2008: Ip Man (Ye Wen)
2009: Kung Fu Chefs
2010: 14 Blades
2010: Ip Man 2 (Ye Wen Er: Zong shi chuan qi)
2010: The Legend is Born - Ip Man (Yip Man chinchyun)
2011: Choy Lee Fut

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