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Vladimir Putin 

Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin (born in Leningrad, Russia RSFS, Soviet Union, October 7, 1952, age 59 years) was the Prime Minister of Russia since May 7, 2008. Previously he served as President of the Russian Federation (2000-08). While he was President of Russia on December 31, 1999, when Boris Yeltsin and then replace the elected president on May 7, 2000. In 2004, he was reelected for a second term in office (and the last line with the current Constitution), which ended in 2008. He is a former KGB and FSB officials, the Russian intelligence service. Putin speaks fluent German. Putin also is Chairman of United Russia, the political party with 70% seats in the Russian parliament, since April 2008


Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin was born on October 7, 1952 in St Petersburg which was then known as Leningrad. He was an only child because his two brothers died as a child, the first when the second was born because of diphtheria. Even the government recognizes the Communist, Putin was baptized by the Orthodox faith. When a young age, often called Putka. His father, Vladimir Putin Spiridonovich, is a freelance employee of a factory and died in August 1999. His mother Maria Ivanovna Putina, died six months earlier.

Putin has a pretty good ability in English and German and has particular skills in martial sambo (Russian-style martial arts) and judo, non-smoker and not a heavy drinker.
Vladimir Putin married Lyudmila in 1978 and has two children Katya (1985) and Masha (1986). Both both born in Dresden, Germany and is currently attending an international school in Moscow. He has a pet form of a poodle called Tosca. Lyudmila himself a graduate field of philology at Leningrad State University. After graduation he worked as a stewardess in Kaliningrad, and now as a teacher. He has skills in English, German and Spanish.


Vladimir Putin took the law school at the state university in St Petersburg. After graduating from college in 1975 he worked in the KGB as an intelligence and stationed in Germany. In his career in the KGB, Vladimir Putin is not as good as the intelligence fictional character James Bond. Activity ever recorded by the camera when it enters into a transaction at a store near KaDeWe by the West German secret service at the time. But for STASI (East German secret service) Vladimir Putin as a ghost in broad daylight. He was a witness when the fall of East Germany and diblokirnya East German branch of the KGB office by an angry mob of protesters. When the East German KGB Moscow contacted but no response from Moscow, though eventually rescued by the troops survived because the Soviet Union, Moscow's silence for him to signal that Moscow sidah can not take any action and the fall of the Soviet government a matter of time. He left the KGB in 1990 and established an alliance with liberal Anatoly Sobchak one, the mayor of St Petersburg that he met during college and worked for him as an assistant since March 1994. When Sobchak lost his job in 1996.

Deputy Prime Minister Anatoly Chubais, recommend it as an official presidential administration. In July 1998 he served as head of the Federal Security Bureau (FSB), Russia's secret services were replacing Nikolai Kovalyov. After President Boris Yeltsin to dismiss the prime minister Sergei Stephasin in August 1999, Putin served as Prime Minister. By early 2000, Boris Yeltsin resigned as president and appointed officials of the presidency. In the presidential election on March 26, 2000, Putin getting 52.94 percent of voters vote. He officially became president on May 7, 2000.

Boris Yeltsin declared Vladimir Putin to the entire Russian people by saying that "He can repeat the triumph of the new Russia in the 21st century". Sergei Stepashin, the replacement officials said he was an honest man. Former U.S. president Bill Clinton said he was able to make Russia as a country and a strong prospect. While the former Soviet Union president Mikhail Gorbachev when he met with Putin in August 2000 to make sure he's not going to ruin the Democratic Russia.

In spite of it all, Putin's Russia intends to restore the glory of the Russian people are still missed in the Soviet Union. He changed the national anthem during Yeltsin's Russia, "Patriotiskaya Pesn", or a patriotic song without the lyrics using the national anthem of the Soviet Union "Gimn Sovetskogo Soyuza" Hymn of the Soviet Union replacing the lyrics to "Rossiyskaya Gimn Federatsiya" Hymn of the Russian Federation or by using the arrangement music in the Soviet Union, Aleksandr V. Aleksandrov (More can be seen on the Russian national anthem), holding employers miyak Mikahil Khodorovsky Yukos and sell its shares, as well as slowly nationalize the company. Some Russian media both nationally and internationally to mention that Putin steadily concentrating power in the Kremlin as the Soviet Union first. One of these steps can be read from the statement by saying that the fall of the Soviet Union is a national tragedy.

Tenure as president Dmitry Medvedev diterusi in April 2008, but soon picked Medvedev as Putin was sworn in as prime minister.

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