William Edward Boeing Biografi - Founder of The Boeing Company

William Edward Boeing was born in the city of Detroit, the United States on October 1, 1881. He is the founder of the Boeing company. As a child really loves the game of Boeing kite. Boeing had studied at Yale University, but not completed due to lack of funds. Finally, Boeing, and his father moved to Grays Harbor to be a woodcutter in the forest. For five years Boeing has never followed the information, even when the Wright brothers discovered Boeing aircraft do not know. After that Boeing moved to Seattle with a timber businessman. This is where his dream to make the aircraft begins to open. However, his dream has always foundered because it was opposed by his father.

Until the age of 30 Boeing does not have the slightest knowledge of the aircraft, but he has become a successful entrepreneur wood. Boeing eventually aeronautics course at Seattle University Club. This is where he met George Conrad Westervelt an American naval engineers who are experts airplanes.

Eventually they both try to make a wooden airplane in Boeing company. In making this airplane a few times they have failed because the plane can not fly. This makes Boeing weeping bitterly. Westervelt sorrow increased when called upon by the navy to deal with aviation in the east.
Finally fix the aircraft with Boeing employees, according to the draft Westervelt. On June 16, 1916 for the first time Boeing planes can fly. After that Boeing founded the Pacific Aero Products Company. Boeing hired some engineers who are experts in aircraft. Having finally managed to make two Boeing aircraft trying to sell his plane. Boeing to fail here because people do not believe in the ability of the aircraft.

Boeing finally managed to sell to the U.S. Navy. Marine forces in sinilanh ordered 50 pieces of the aircraft. This news is good news bad news. Good news because the plane behavior, but this is also bad news for Boeing did not have the capital. Boeing subsequently obtain a loan by pledging the entire property. When the orders began to be delivered to the Navy and Boeing also provide new aircraft design (Model HS 21), when it had 317 Boeing employees people.

Again, bad news came as World War I ended, so the military canceled aircraft orders. This is a very hard blow for Boeing, so the company plane turned into another timber. Finances began to improve after Boeing began trying to not depend on the military. On March 3, 1919 finally established the company's Boeing Air Mail, and in January 1920 and for the first time the B-1 was sold to Canada.

On June 30, 1927 Boeing Air Transport stand which is air passenger transportation companies. At this time the plane has become the company's largest aircraft companies across the country. The Boeing Company continues to grow, although the trial by ordeal continued. One of them after World War II. However, by William Edward Boeing   seriousness and his men. On 28 September 1956 a pretext logging industry turned into a business aircraft is dead. But the hard work we can still enjoy.

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