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Andrie Wongso
Andrie Wongso

Andrie Wongso (born December 1954) is a motivator from Indonesia, which is more than 20 years of work as a successful entrepreneur. His willingness to share his enthusiasm, experience and wisdom, a style that is simple but full power to so many people, make him declare himself as the Best Motivator or No Motivator. 1 Indonesia. There are currently no special media are giving this award.


The second child of three brothers born of a poor family in the city of Malang. At the age of 11 years (6th grade), was forced to quit school because the school where Andrie small mandarin school is closed. So SDTT, a Basic School Graduate, is the title it bears today. Childhood to adolescence was then passed to help their parents make and sell cakes to get around the shops and markets.

At the age of 22 years, Andrie decided to go to Jakarta with a determination to change the fate of the ready for whatever the future with courage and honesty. So began working as a salesman of soap products to the clerk.
Playing his favorite kung fu from childhood and his ability to get along with all the martial arts college founded bring Hap Kun Do. When action movies from Taiwan dominate the big screen cinema Indonesia, Andrie applying as a film star and accepted by the company's Hong Kong Film Eterna, the work contract for 3 years. In 1980, for the first time Andrie abroad. After passing three years of grief felt like playing movies in Taiwan, Andrie know, the movie is not her world then she decided to return to Indonesia.

Upon their return to Indonesia, he also decided not to renew his contract. Many people expressed Andrie failed because no one else film it represents a major star. But Andrie felt himself mentally success in fighting for a dream come true.
Mark every event that has passed, Andrie likes to put it in the form of aphorisms in his diary. When one of his friends cheat kos made of words, there comes the idea of ​​creating greeting cards words of wisdom, with the purpose other than to motivate yourself, also to help motivate others through greeting cards. Aided by the beloved Haryanti Lenny (now wife), began a business making cards with brand HARVEST, which in later days, Andrie confirmed as king of greeting cards.

Later diversified the company was carried out, venturing into the field of holography, a toy company, managing some of the food court and to shade the areas of education and training, Andrie establish training and motivation AW AW Publising, Multimedia and opened several outlets AW Success Shop is the first store in Indonesia in particular for motivational products. Since 1989, he became speaker / motivator internal PT. Harvindo Perkasa (Harvest Fans Club in different cities), and from here, then it is often done motivational training, not only for Harvindo but also for various companies and agencies. Now, he was dubbed the No Motivator. 1 in Indonesia. Then, his title plus TBS, that means, but Can Succeed. That Andrie Wongso, SDTT, TBS.

Experience as a speaker

Beginning in 1989, as a speaker / motivator internal PT. Harvindo Perkasa (Harvest Fans Club in different cities).
1993, as a speaker at the "Asia Pacific Direct Selling Congress II" in Malaysia.
Speaker / motivator in various schools and colleges like the University of Indonesia, Gadjah Mada University, Indonesia Institute of Business and Informatics, University of Trisakti, Atma Jaya University, Universitas Pelita Harapan, Tarumanegara University, University of Parahyangan, UB, University Satya Discourse, Diponegoro University, University of Surabaya, Batam International University, University of Airlangga, University of Ciputra, ITS, UK Petra, Bina Sarana Informatics, University President, SMUK Panghudi Noble, Unika Soegijapranata etc..


BCA as Indonesia, Bank BRI, Bank Niaga, Bank Capital, Bank BCA, HSBC, Citibank, Bank Mandiri, Bank Niaga, Bank Permata, Bank Danamon, Bank Panin, Bank Bali, LIPPO Bank, DBS Bank, 46 BNI, BRI, American Express, Commonwealth, ABN AMRO, Etc.


Forki (Federation of Sports Karate-do Indonesia, pesantren leader Tauhid Darut Aa Gym, Manager Association of Indonesia (Bandung, Jakarta, Malang), Indonesia Marketing Association (IMA), Marketing Forum - Jakarta, Apkomindo (Computer Association of Indonesia), Indonesian Manager Club, Surabaya, Marketing Club - Surabaya, Laetitia Defects Foundation (Disabled), ETC


Prudential, Allianz, Manulife, Buana Astra, Astra CMG, AIA, AIG Lippo, Buana Finance, ABDA, Tripakarta, Sequis Life, Eka Life, Sun Life, LG Insurance, Cigna, Artha Wana Life, Great Eastern, etc.

Government and SOEs

Garuda Indonesia, PT PLN (Persero) Distribution of Central Java and Yogyakarta, Telkom, PLN, Bank Indonesia, Pertamina, Pertamina - SPSI, Pertamina - Hiswana Oil & Gas, Fertilizers Sriwidjaja, PT Dirgantara Indonesia, Directorate General of Taxation, the Directorate General of Customs, Ditjet Regional Development, Local Government Kalimantan, Ministry of Home Affairs Bangda, Deperindagkop, Election Commission, Perumnas, PT Timah, YKKBI, Raharja Services, Self-reliance, the National SME Development Conference, Diklatpim Level II Force VII (Echelon II), Level II Diklatpim Force VIII (Echelon II) , Training candidates for police chief in Indonesia (SESPIM), Training Police Chief candidate's wife, Korpri Kebumen


Semen Padang, Aspan, BEJ, Velo Networks, Mensana various animals, Wijaya Karya, Stamco Consulting, mining contractor, Astra New Week, Premiere, Rentokill, Suzuki Finance, Philips, Bina Guna Chemistry, City Tours, Mega Glodok Kemayoran, PT Arta Boga brilliant, Cosmos, Speedy, Modern International, LG Electronics, Kino Care, Otsuka, TOP 1, National Label, Tata Honor, Hotel Ciputra, Velo Networks, Suzuki Finance, Astra International, Honda, Suzuki, Toyota, Mitsubishi, Isuzu, Ford, Unilever, Coca Cola, Samsung, Telkomsel, Indosat, Nestle, Summarecon, Great Podomoro, Jababeka, Gramedia Group, Metropolitan Group, Kalbe Farma, Viva Cosmestics, Tempo Scan Pacific, Merck, PT Berca, PT Tancho, Indomobil, Excelso, Danone, Guardian, FIF, Indadi Main, Honor Industrindo, Adira Finance, General Electric Finance, Global Teleshop, Oriflame, UFO, Sun Hope, Columbia, Tupperware, Prime & First, Sara Lee, EASECOX, Sun Supplier Club, New Armada, Infomedia, PT Plaza Adika, United Tractors, Ray White, Roy Weston, Gunung Agung, Jakarta Trade Centre, Home Team, Indonesia Comnet Plus, Mighty Son of Work, Novell, Wisesa Adi Mandiri, New Zealand Milk, Kageo, Multimart, Capriasi, Indo Truck, PT Asaba, Wovenindo, Yonex Shoes, PT Total Indonesie, Belleza, TNT, FSCM, Serpong Town Square, PT Pama, Indra Optic, Artolite, Core Welfare Work, Century Park Hotel, Mas Inti, Abbot, Century 21, Tritanu, Forexindo, Islamic Hospital, Etc.

Print Media

Tabloid NOVA, Voice Reform, Scholastic (Elex Media Komputindo), Media Indonesia, East Kalimantan Tribune, Bobo magazines, Easy Mag, DLL

Electronic Media

RCTI, Trans TV, DAAI TV, SCTV, Metro TV, Channel Q (Indovision), TVRI, Smart FM, MettaFM, PAS FM, Radio Sonora, Horizon Radio, Radio Ramaco, SIB Daily Sumut


East Java contingent motivators for PON XVI in Palembang.
Indonesia Badminton Team motivator for the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games
Indonesia Badminton Team motivator for Thomas & Uber Cup 2000
Indonesia Badminton Team motivator for All England 2000
Karate team motivator Philiphina Sea Games 2005
Motivator Team Golf Indonesia for the Asian championships (May 2006)
Motivator boxer Chris John late fight against challenger Zaiki Takemoto in Kobe, Japan, August 2007

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