History of Gatotkaca

Gatotkaca is a character in the epic Mahabharata, known as the son Bimasena or Wrekodara of the Pandavas. His mother named Hidimbi (Harimbi) derived from the rakshasa, so he was told to have extraordinary powers. In the great battle of Kurukshetra he killed many Kaurava ally before he died at the hands of Karna.

In Indonesia, Gatotkaca become a very popular puppet characters. For example, in Javanese puppet he was known by spelling Gatutkaca (Javanese: Gathutkaca). Extraordinary miracle is told, among others were able to fly in space without using the wings, and famous with the nickname "muscle wire iron bones".


According to the version of the Mahabharata, is the son Gatotkaca keluaga Bimasena of the Pandavas who was born of a rakshasa woman named Hidimbi. Hidimbi raksasi ruling itself is a forest with his brother Hidimba.
In Javanese wayang, mother Gatotkaca better known as Arimbi. According to this version, Arimbi not just ordinary forest dwellers, but the princess of the Kingdom Pringgadani, the rakshasa country.
In Sanskrit, the name literally means Ghatotkacha "has a head like a jug". This name consists of two words, namely Ghat pm, which means "jar" or "jug", and utkacha which means "head". This name was given him at birth because his head is said to resemble a jar or pitcher.


Gatotkaca birth story is told in isolation in a Javanese puppet. His name is a newborn baby while still Tetuka. Up to one year of age have not been able to cut the umbilical cord while using any weapon. Arjuna (brother Bimasena) go imprisoned for advice gods in order to help his nephew's fate. But at the same Karna, the commander of the kingdom of Hastinapura was also imprisoned for weapons heritage.

Because their faces are similar, as the messenger of heaven God Narada gave to Karna Kontawijaya weapons, not to Arjuna. After realizing his mistake, Narada met Arjuna was the truth. Arjuna and Karna pursue Konta to seize weapons.

The fight ensued. Karna escaped Konta weapons, while Arjuna won only sarong wrap treasures. But the gloves are made of wood heirloom Konta Mastaba that it can be used to cut the umbilical cord Tetuka.

But the magic happens. Mastaba of timber destroyed and united in the stomach Tetuka. Krishna who took part witnessed the opinion that the influence of wood will add strength Mastaba Tetuka baby. But he also predicted that the future will Tetuka died at the hands of gun owners Konta.

Being a god Jago

Puppet version of Java to continue, then borrowed Narada Tetuka to be taken to heaven when it was attacked by an enemy of the kingdom named Patih Sekipu Trabelasuket. He sent the king to apply named Kalapracona angel named Batari Supraba. Baby faced as opposed Sekipu Tetuka. Surprisingly, instead of getting beaten to death, Tetuka even more powerful.

Embarrassed, Sekipu Tetuka return to the Narada to be raised immediately. Narada then threw the body into the crater Candradimuka Tetuka, at Mount Jamurdipa. The gods then threw different kinds of heirloom weapons into the crater. A few moments later, Tetuka surfaced as an adult male. All kinds of treasures of the gods have been merged and unified into itself.

Tetuka Sekipu then fight and managed to kill him using his fangs bite. Krishna and the Pandavas followed when it comes to the heaven. Krishna then cut off the tusks Tetuka and told him to stop using the properties of the giant.

Guru celestial king presented a set of heirloom clothing, ie hat Basunanda, Kotang Antrakusuma, and sandals to wear Tetuka Padakacarma, which has since been renamed Gatotkaca. With the heirloom dress, Gatotkaca able to fly as fast as lightning and killed Kalapracona Trabelasuket kingdom.


In the version of the Mahabharata, Gatotkaca Ahilawati marry the girl and the dragon has a son named Barbarika. Gatotkaca also married a woman named Pregiwa. From this marriage was born a son named Sasikirana.
In the puppet version of Java, Gatotkaca married his cousin, the daughter Pregiwa Arjuna. He managed to marry Pregiwa after a severe struggle, ie get rid of his rival, named Lakshman Mandrakumara Duryudana son of the family of the Kauravas.

Of marriage with Pregiwa Gatotkaca birth to a son named Sasikirana. He became a warlord kingdom of Hastinapura in the reign of Parikshit, Arjuna's son Abhimanyu and grandson.

Another version relates that Gatotkaca had two more wives than Pregiwa, namely Suryawati and Sumpaniwati. From both of them born and Jayasumpena Suryakaca.

King Pringgandani

Gatotkaca Java version is a half-giant, but not the forest giant. His mother was the daughter of King Arimbi Pringgadani Tremboko of the Kingdom. Tremboko Pandu's father died at the hands of the Pandavas waged due to pitting Shakuni. He was succeeded by his eldest son named Arimba.

Arimba himself eventually died at the hands Bimasena at the time of the Pandavas to build the Kingdom of Amarta. Pringgadani throne then held by Arimbi have diperistri Bima. The plan will be submitted to the throne one day their son as an adult.

Arimbi has five sister named Brajadenta, Brajamusti, Brajalamadan, Brajawikalpa, and Kalabendana. Brajadenta appointed as the governor and were housed in Kasatrian Glagahtinunu. Shakuni of the kingdom of Hastinapura came inciting Brajadenta that the throne should be his Pringgadani Gatotkaca not belong.

As a result of the incitement, Brajadenta was about to seize the throne from rebellious hand Gatotkaca newly sworn in as king. Gatotkaca favor Brajamusti fight against his brother. Both the giant twin was killed along. Both the spirit and then infiltrated into each palm Gatotkaca left and right, so that their niece was manambah supernatural powers.
After the incident raised Gatotkaca Brajalamadan as the new governor, holds Patih Prabakiswa.

Mahabharata version of death

Gatotkaca death there in the seventh book entitled Dronaparwa Mahabharata, on the Ghattotkacabadhaparwa. He told killed in the war of Kurukshetra in the evening or Baratayuda to-14. The great war is a civil war between the Pandavas against the Kauravas, in which Gatotkaca course on the side of the Pandavas.

Version of the Mahabharata tells the story, as a giant Gatotkaca has tremendous power, especially at night. After the death Jayadratha in the hands of Arjuna, the battle should be stopped for a while because dusk has arrived. However Gatotkaca confront the Kauravas returned to their camp.

The battle continued. The more nights Gatotkaca supernatural powers increase. Kaurava warriors diminishing in number because many are dying in his arms. An ally of the Kauravas rakshasa named Alambusa forward deal. Gatotkaca beat him cruelly because Alambusa had killed his cousin, the son of Arjuna in the battle Irawan eighth day. Alambusa body was arrested and taken to fly high, then slammed into the ground to fall apart.

Kaurava leader Duryodhana was horrified to see Gatotkaca malignancy. He was forced Karna to use heirloom weapons delivery Indrastra named Indra Vasavi shakti alias Konta to kill rakshasa it. Karna was originally rejected because of inheritance can only be used once and will dipergunakannya to kill Arjuna. However, due to continued pressed, Karna had to throw Gatotkaca inheritance through the chest.

Realizing the end was near, Gatotkaca still had time to think how to kill the Kaurava soldiers in large numbers. So Gatotkaca also increases the size of his body to the maximum size and then crashing down thousands of troops Kauravas. Pandavas was devastated by the death of Gatotkaca.

In the ranks of the Pandavas Krishna just smiled at death Gatotkaca. He was happy because Karna had lost its flagship heritage so that lives can Arjuna was relatively safe.

The death of Java Versions

The war in Kurukshetra in Javanese puppet called by the name Baratayuda. The story was adapted and developed from a script written Kakawin Bhāratayuddha year 1157 in the days of the kingdom of Kadiri.
Tells the puppet version, Gatotkaca very familiar with his cousin by the name of Arjuna's son Abhimanyu. One day Utari daughter married Abhimanyu Kingdom of Virata, in which he admitted was still a virgin. And then Abhimanyu Sitisundari daughter has been married to Krishna.

Deposited in the court Sitisundari Gatotkaca heard her husband had married again. Gatotkaca uncle named Kalabendana came to see Abhimanyu to take her home. Kalabendana is the youngest brother in the form of a giant round Arimbi dwarf but be plain and precious. It made Utari feel jealous. Abhimanyu was forced to swear if he had a wife in addition to Utari, then one day he will die for the enemy attacked.

Kalabendana then meet to report on the attitudes Gatotkaca Abhimanyu. But scolding Kalabendana Gatotkaca deems it presumptuous meddling cousin's household. Because it was too emotional to hit the head Kalabendana Gatotkaca.Tough it was committed by accident, but his uncle was killed instantly.

When the war broke out Baratayuda, Abhimanyu really attacked the Kauravas were killed on day 13. The next day on the 14th day Arjuna managed to avenge his son's death by beheading Jayadratha.

Duryudana very saddened by the death of Jayadratha, the brother-in-law. He was forced to attack Karna Pandava camp that night. Karna was forced to leave even though it is against the rules of war.

Hearing of the Kauravas night attack, the Pandavas were sent to intercept Gatotkaca. Gatotkaca chosen kaarena Kotang Antrakusuma he used could emit bright light.
Terrible battle took place that night. Gatotkaca successfully killed the Kaurava ally named Lembusa. But he himself lost both his uncle, the Brajalamadan and Brajawikalpa who was killed along with their enemies, named Lembusura and Lembusana.

Gatotkaca finally dealing with Karna, Kontawijaya gun owners. He also created the twin of himself as much as a thousand people so it makes Karna felt confused. At the direction of his father, the Batara Surya, Karna succeeded in finding the original Gatotkaca. He fired a gun toward Gatotkaca Konta.

Gatotkaca tried to escape by flying as high. But the spirit Kalabendana suddenly caught Kontawijaya while delivering the news of heaven that has been set Gatotkaca death that night.
Gatotkaca surrender to the divine decision. But he ordered that his body can still be used to kill the enemy. Kalabendana agree. He then pierced navel Gatotkaca Konta weapons. Heritage that was destroyed together with its sheath, the Mastaba of wood that is still stored in the stomach Gatotkaca.

Gatotkaca been killed instantly. Spirits Kalabendana then threw his body in the direction of Karna. Karna had jumped to escape death. But the train crushed shattered body Gatotkaca that raced from the sky. As a result, the train sped fragments in all directions and killed the Kaurava soldiers around him. There are countless how many of those who died

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