Figure of King John of England

 King John of England
King John 

Figure of King John of England
John (French: Jean) (December 24, 1166 - October 18 -19 October 1216) ascended the throne as king of England on 6 April 1199 until his death. He successfully ascended the throne as the younger brother of King Richard I (known as Richard the Lionheart). John Lackland getting calls ("Sans Terre" French; "Johann ohne Land" in German) and "Sword of the Fine." Governments have been unimaginable in his reign as the darkest reign in British history: beginning of the war defeats - losing Normandy is taken by Philippe of France in his first five years of occupying the throne - and ending with the UK division of civil war and pressure from the people who want him to release his power. Year 1213, he made the British had to deal with the Pope when in conflict with the Roman Catholic church. And betrayal of the barons who forced him to sign Magna Carta in 1215, one of the most memorable event to date. Some people assume that, the rules that made John is no better than King Richard I or Henry III.

Something like that, his reputation is one of many reasons to cancel the British monarchy to nominate John as the heir to expect. King John is also the subject of the drama that is played by William Shakespeare. Born in Beaumont Palace, Oxford, John was the fifth child of King Henry II of England and Eleanor of Aquitaine, John is a half sister (his mother's side) of Marie de Champagne and Alix of France. He was the younger brother of William, Count of Poitiers, Henry the Young King, Matilda of England, Richard I of England, Godfrey II, Duke of Britain, Leonora of Aquitaine and Joan of England. John has always been a favorite son of his father, because he was the youngest child he would not inherit anything (that's why he got the nickname "Lackland"). He was born around 1166-1167. King Henry and Queen Eleanor was not with the nine months before the month of December 1167, but have been together since March 1166. John was born in Oxford at Christmas, but Eleanor and Henry spent their 1167 Christmas in Normandy.

The Canon of Laon, writing a hundred years later, said John was named in front of Saint John the Apostle, when he was born a party held to celebrate (December 27). Ralph of Diceto also said that John was born in 1166, and Queen Eleanor named him alone. Uproar family life, when all involved in the rebellion against his brother Henry. Eleanor in prison in 1173, when John was young. Gerald of Wales relates that King Henry had his in one room in the palace of Winchester, he depicts an eagle that was attacked by her three children alone, when the fourth child scratching, waiting for his chance to fight. In 1189, John was married to Isabel of Gloucester, son and heir of William Fitz Robert, Count two of Gloucester (Isabel has several alternative names as history goes, including Avisa, Hawise, Joan, and Eleanor).

They are not blessed with children, and John divorced in the Land of linkages brother, a time before or shortly after entering the reins of power, which occurred on April 6, 1199, and Isabel was never acknowledged as queen. (Isabel later married Godfrey de Mendeville her second husband and Hubert de Burgh her third husband). Before entering the reins of power John had a reputation as a traitor, sometimes in league with his brother sometimes confronted her, Henry, Godfrey, and Richard. Year 1184, John and Richard claim that they are entitled to the legacy of Aquitaine, one of the most hostile meeting between the two. In 1185, John became the ruler of Ireland, where his own people look down his government, causing John relinquishing power only eight months (see: John's first expedition to Ireland).

During Richard's absence to deal with the third crusade from 1190 to 1194, John tried to overthrow the People Scientists Inventors - power of William Longchamp, Bishop of Ely and Richard's replacement candidate is selected. This is one of the reasons of the legend Hereward the Wake do not pick John to replace the reign of king Richard, by stating "Pengeran John" an asshole and then comes the biggest hero named "Robin Hood". When returning from the crusades, Richard was arrested and imprisoned by Henry VI of Holy Roman Empire. John ordered his subordinates to write a letter to Henry and Richard told him to keep it away from England forever. But the supporters of Richard decided to pay a ransom to release it because they knew that John would be a bad king.

When he returned to England in 1194, Richard forgave John and appointed him his heir. Historians argue that John is not trying to overthrow Richard, but try to keep the country from the devastation caused by excessive taxes used to finance the crusade. It is more like the notion of overthrowing handed over to John by the chaplain, who hated Richard for his refusal to not fight in the fourth crusade miserable and unlucky. John of England is recorded in English history Cassel (1902) when Richard died, John did not gain immediate universal recognition as king. Some expect his nephew, Arthur of Britain, son of the eldest brother John, Godfrey, who is more entitled as an heir. Arthur compete with his uncle, John for power, with the advantage gained support from King Philip II of France. The conflict between Arthur and King John produce fatal consequences. Baron of the war enough to make Poitou angry and told them to remove the effect of the French king, which is a feudal overlord King John who kindly asked to rule on an area in continental Europe. In 1202, King John summoned the French court to answer a few pertanyan. King John refused and under the feudal law, because it considered to have failed in serving the emperor, king of France mengangggap lands and territories ruled by King John of Count of Poitou. France promised to invade Normandy, King Philip II commissioned Arthur, who was engaged to her daughter Mary.

As part of the war, Arthur trying to kidnap neneknnya, Eleanor of Aquitaine, in Marebeu, but was defeated and captured by John. Arthur was imprisoned first at Falaise and then moved to Rouen. No one knows for sure what happened to him after that. In 1206, John withdrew his forces from the attack of the French prince Louis (which led the English barons invited to succeed the throne of John), passed through the area known swamp named Wash in East Anglia and many lost the most precious treasure, including gems crown is missing due to floods which arise unexpectedly. This makes it fit in the new issue, which affects their health and state of mind, and eventually died of dysentery, died around the date October 18 to 19, in Newark Lincolnshire. There are so many guises in his death, by writing reports on the spread soon after his death, said he died from poison in his drink was murdered or that the poison plums.

He was buried in the cathedral city of Worcester in Worcester. Nine-year-old son became his successor and became King Henry III of England (1216-1272), and although Louis continued that he is entitled to British throne, the barons change their allegiance to the new king, forcing Louis to give up his claim and sign the Treaty of Lambeth in 1217. Historically, expenditures king bath king's servant John by John, William Aquarius, soak the king on average once every three weeks, which is a cost of 5d to 6d each soak, the procurement details of the ceremony. Although this may seem barbaric by modern standards, it has become a culture to compare with the priests who usually only bathe three times a year, until even they could not bathe at all if wanted. Contrast was seen, usually very luxurious King John dressed in robes made of sable and squirrels and other exotic furs such as polar bear fur. -

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