Stephen II - Duke of Bavaria

Stephen II,Duke of Bavaria

Stephen II - Duke of Bavaria
Nobleman Stephen II of Bavaria (1319 - May 13, 1375, Landshut) (German: mit der Hafte Stephan II, Herzog von Bayern), after the Duke of Bavaria in 1347. He was the son of Emperor Louis IV of Bavaria with his first wife Beatrix of Swidnica and member of the Wittelsbach dynasty. During the reign of Emperor Louis IV son Stephen worked as Vogt for Swabia and Alsace. Emperor has acquired Brandenburg, Tyrol, Holland and Hainaut for his house but he also frees Upper Palatinate for the Palatinate branch of Wittelsbach in 1329. When his father died in 1347, Stephen succeeded him as Duke of Bavaria and the dynasty of Holland and Hainaut together with five older brothers. Louis IV of Bavaria had united in 1340 but in 1349 the country was split to become children of Emperor Upper Bavaria, Lower Bavaria-Landshut and Bavaria-Straubing. Stephen II reigned from 1349 until 1353 along with his brother William I and Albert I in the Netherlands and Bavaria-Landshut Down, since 1353 only in Lower Bavaria-Landshut.

After the peace while the Wittelsbach by Charles IV, Roman Emperor, who finally confirmed all the treasures of Wittelsbach, Stephen joined the expedition of Charles into Italy in 1354. But soon the Golden Bull of 1356 led to new conflicts since the branch Palatinate, Wittelsbach and his brother Louis VI of Rome as the Margrave of Brandenburg is invested with the electoral prince. Stephen II was the last son of Emperor Louis IV who was released from exile in 1362. When the noble figure Scientists Inventors - Meinhard, the son of his brother Louis V of Brandenburg died in 1363, Stephen II ascended the throne as well as in Upper Bavaria and solve [Tyrol].

To strengthen his position against Rudolf IV, Duke of Austria he allied denganBernabò Visconti. Stephen finally announced the Tyrol to the Habsburgs with peace Scharding for a large financial compensation after the death of Margarete Maultasch in the year 1369. Conflict with his brother Louis VI the Roman heritage of Bavaria Meinhard eventually lead to loss of Brandenburg by the Wittelsbach dynasty since Louis then made Charles IV as an heir in the contract. However, Stephen received his brother Otto, Wittelsbach regents Brandenburg as a last resort, as the face of the vice regent when he returned to Bavaria in 1373. Because the loss of Bavaria Brandenburg nobles receive financial compensation once more. Stephen succeeded by his three sons. He is buried in the Frauenkirche, Munich. He married twice. First, on June 27, 1328 by Elizabetta of Sicilia, daughter of King Frederick III of Sicily and Eleanor of Anjou. Secondly, he married on February 14, 1359 by Margarete of Nuremberg, the daughter of John II of Nuremberg and Elisabeth of Henneberg. All the children are the result of his first marriage, including three sons, who finally broke the Bavaria for their own in 1392 and one daughter: 1.

Stephen III of Bavaria-Ingolstadt (1337-26 September, 1413, Niederschönfeld). 2. Frederick of Bavaria-Landshut (1339-4 December, 1393, Budweis). 3. John II of Bavaria-Munich (1341-1397). 4. Agnes (b. 1338), married in 1356 King James I of Cyprus. Two of the sons Stephen (Stephen III and Frederick) and one grandson (son of John Ernest) married the daughter of his ally Bernabò Visconti. In 1447 Bavaria-Ingolstadt Bavaria-Landshut join, which was confiscated by the Bavaria-Munich in 1503.

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