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Imam Bukhari, whose full name is Abu Muhammad bin Ismail bin Abdillah bin Ibrahim bin al-Mughirah Ju'fi Bardizbah al-al-Bukhari. Imam Bukhari was born on the night of Friday the 13th of Shawwal 194 H/810 AD in Bukhara, a city in Uzbekistan, former Soviet Union territory.

His father was named Ismail bin Ibrahim, one of the famous Hadith scholar of his time. He studied hadith from Imam Hammad ibn Zayd and Malik. Memoirs written in the book of Ibn al-Hibban Tsiqah. Likewise, Imam Bukhari, writing his memoirs in the book of al-Tarikh al-Kabir. His father was a pious, wara 'and taqwa. Even before his death, he had explained his property there is no money at all haram or doubtful.

Since childhood, Imam Bukhari has devoted his attention to learn the science of hadith and hadith. At the age of 10 years, Bukhari had memorized many ahadith. Bukhaari known to be diligent, industrious and very intelligent. So, no wonder, before the age of 16 years Bukhari had memorized the two books of hadith in full work of Imam Ibn al-Mubarak and the book of Imam Waki ​​'.

Bukhari also honor not only to memorize the books of hadith and earlier scholars, but also Bukhari know in detail the biographies of the narrators of hadith, complete with data on birth, death year and place of their birth.

The year 210 H, when even the age of 16 years, Bukhari with his mother and brother went to the House to perform the pilgrimage. other than to perform the pilgrimage, Bukhari also settled in the Hijaz, Mecca for 6 years. In the city that he drank himself to forge the desired knowledge. Sometimes he went to Medina. In the second holy city's Imam Bukhari writes most of his work and develop the fundamentals of al-Jami 'al-Sahih.

He wrote al-Tarikh al-Kabir in the tomb of the Prophet, and often wrote at night under a bright moon. And wrote three books, al-Tarikh al-Sagir (small), al-Awsat (which is) and al-Kabir (the great). The third book shows a remarkable ability of Rijal al-Hadith.

In addition to stopping to Mecca and Medina, Bukhari also been to Maru, Naisabur, ra'y, Baghdad, Basra, Kufa, Egypt, Damascus and 'Asqalan. Of the city and the country is Islam, Bukhari narrated from ever recorded penghafal hadith scholars, among others, Makki bin Ibrahim al-Balakhi, 'Uthman ibn Abd al-Marwazi, Abdullah ibn Musa al-Qaisi, Abu' Asim al-Syaibani, Muhammad bin Abdullah al-Ansari, Muhammad ibn Yusuf al-Firyabi, Abu al-Fadl ibn Nu'aim Dikkin, Ali bin al-Madini, Ahmad ibn Hanbal, Yahya bin Ismail bin Ma'in Idris al-Madani, Ibn Rahawaih etc. .

There are interesting things while in Baghdad. Bukhari had tested 10 expert science of hadith. The scholars are deliberately do it to determine the ability of Imam Bukhari in the science of hadith. From these 10 scholars, every ten people read the Bukhari Hadith. The testers replace or reverse the isnad and honor traditions and positioned at random. Each one of 10 scholars are asking 10 Hadith Hadith they had prepared. Imam Bukhari very calmly explained, sort hadiths that were randomized in a proper arrangement.

Because of Traffic and intelligence, not the least Bukhari won praise from scholars, colleagues, and generations thereafter. Imam Abu Hatim al-Razi, for example, said: "Khurasan had never given birth to a beyond Bukhari. In Iraq was nothing more than him. "Demikina also by Imam Muslim never kiss between the eyes of Imam Bukhari saying:" Master, let me kiss your feet. You are the Imam scholars of hadith and hadith disease physician. "

Including the generation after Imam Bukhari, Ibn Hajar al-Asqalani once said: "If the door is still open praise and adulation for the generation after that, surely, and the paper will run out of breath. Because he (Imam Bukhari) who do not like the coastal ocean. "

According to Imam Ibn Ishaq bin Rawahaih, one teacher Bukhari said: "If Imam Bukhari lived at the time of al-Hasan, will be a lot of people who need them in the science of hadith and know the wisdom and kefaqihannya." Imam Ahmad bin Abu Hammad Nu'aim and said: "Imam Bukhari is one of the most faqih of this ummah."

See the expertise of Imam Bukhari hadith kegighannya deep, big-name experts sedertet hadith he had visited to learn. "I wrote the hadith of 1080 teachers, all of whom were hadith scholars who insist that faith is the word and deed."

Among the teachers were Ali bin al-Madini, Ahmad ibn Hanbal, Yahya ibn Ma'in, Muhammad ibn Yusuf al-Firyabi, Maki bin Ibrahim al-Balkhi, Abdullah bin Usman al-Marwazi, Abdullah ibn Musa al-'Abbasi , Abu 'Asim al-Syaibani, Muhammad bin Abdullah al-Ansari, Muhammad bin Yusuf and Ibn al-Baykandi Rahawaih. Number of teachers who hadith narrated in the book as much as 289 teachers validity. This can be obtained from the number of teachers whose history he found in Sahih Bukhari. (Muhammad Muhammad Abu Syuhbah :314-315).

In addition to having so many teachers, Imam Bukhari also left a line of students who are also experts in the field of hadith. Among his disciples, most notably the Muslim bin Hajjaj Imam, Imam al-Tirmizi, Imam Abu Zur'ah, Imam Ibn Khuzaimah, Imam Abu Dawood, Imam al-Nasa'i, Imam Muhammad ibn Yusuf al-Firyabi, Ibrahim bin Mi'yal al-Nasafi, Hammad bin Shakir al-Mansur Nasawi and bin Muhammad al-Bazdawi.

On the other hand, Imam Bukhari is not just an expert in the field of Hadith, but also an expert in the field of jurisprudence, history as well as in other branches of Islamic knowledge. Including the rarely revealed, including Imam Bukhari accomplished archer. On a history, Imam Bukhari of his life only two eyes dart misses the mark.

This charismatic hadith expert died on Saturday night 1 Shawwal 256 H at age 62 years 13 days in Khartank, a village not far from the city of Samarkand. Before his death, Imam Bukhari asked that his remains shrouded three pieces of cloth, without shirt and turban. His body was buried after midday prayers, perayan victory coincided with the Muslim Eid al-Fitr at the time.

The works of Imam Bukhari
As one scholar seorng prolific writing, Imam Bukhari has donated numerous works to the Muslims, including:
1) al-Tarikh al-Shagir
2) al-Tarikh al-Awsath
3) al-Dhu'afa
4) The Book of al-Kuna
5) al-Adab al-simplex
6) al-Jami 'al-Saheeh (later known as Sahih al-Bukhari)
7) Raf'u Yadain fi al-al-Prayer
8) Khair al-Kalam fi al-Imam al-Khalfa Qira'at
9) al-Asyribah
10) Asami al-Sahabah
11) Birr al-Walidain
12) Af'al Khalq al-'Ibad
13) al-'fi al-Hadith Ilal
14) al-Musnad al-Kabir
15) al-Wihdan
16) al-Mabsuth
17) al-Grants
18) al-FAWAID
19) Qadhaya al-wa al-Tabi'in Friend
20) al-Tafsir al-Kabir (Tarikh Ibn Kathir: juz 11:24), (Ibn Hajar al-Asqallani: juz 2:193), (M. Abu Zahu: 356).

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