Imam Ibnu Majah Biography

Imam Ibnu Majah

Imam Ibn Majah or better known as Abu Abdullah Muhammad ibn Yazid ibn Majah Rabi'I Ar-Al-Qazwini al-Hafidz. Name ibn (son) Majah ascribed to his father Yazid, also known as Maula Rab'at Majah. In addition sebagin scholars argue, is the father of Yazid Majah. But the opinion, the name of Ibn Majah is attributed to his father over Mashur among muhadditsin.

Since youth, Ibn Majah known as a diligent and love science. At the age of 15 years, studying the hadith of Ibn Majah on a grand master at the time, Ali bin Muhammad At-Tanafasy (233 H). Possessed the talent and perseverance brought Ibn Majah traveled over the country to pursue the field of hadith. Throughout his life, all thought and effort to write well in the field of fiqh, tafsir, hadith, and history.

Not only that, in the fields of history, Ibn Majah At-Tarikh up. This book is a detailed review of the biography of a living muhaddits prior to the biography of him during ualama hadith. In the field of interpretation, Ibn Majah also wrote Al-Qur'ân al-Karim. But unfortunately, the book and the book at-Tarikh Al-Quran Al-Karim did not get to the next generation until now.

As is the case with the priests ama muhadits earlier, Ibn Majah also conduct scientific journey to find the hadith. Ibn Majah never done rihlah to cities in Iraq, Hijaz, Sham, Pars, Egypt, Basra, Kufa, Mecca, Medina, Damascus, Teheran or to Constantinople.

On this scientific rihlah, Ibn Majah met many scholars of hadith. Of these experts and Ibn Majah gain knowledge in science, especially around the hadith. The teachers here are very influential for the Priest intellectuality. During his scientific journey, where he recorded many of the teachers studied.

Specialized in the field of hadith, the experts who had met the Imam of them, Abdullah and Usman, the son of Sheikh Syaibah. But Imam Ibn Majah narrated more hadith from Abdullah ibn Abi Syaibah. Apart from Abdullah, Imbu Majah also narrated the hadith of Abu much Khaitsamah Zahir bin Harb, Duhim, Abu Mus'ab Az-Zahry, Al-Ali ibn Muhammad Hafidz At-Tanâfasy, Jubârah Mughallis son, Muhammad bin Abdullah bin Numayr, Hisham ibn Ammar , Ahmad bin Al-Azhar, Basyar son Adam and the followers of hadith narrators and scholars Imam Malik and Al-Lays.

Thanks to the teachers and the trend in the field of hadith, Ibn Majah also gave birth to the students who pass science kesereusannya maintain Hadith Nabawi. Not surprisingly, pupils Ibn Majah, including those of experts in this field. A series of big names such as Abu al-Hasan Ali bin Ibrahim Al-Qatthân tercatar as his disciple. In addition, another expert who was born of Imam Ibn Majah is Yazid bin Sulaiman, Abu Ja'far Muhammad bin Isa Al-Mathû'î and Abu Bakr Hamid al-Abhâry. In periwayan hadith, four students are the narrators of this hadith collected by Ibn Majah.

On the persistence and the legacy he left behind this, not least the ualama make comments and sanjugan pisitif to the Imam. According to Al-Kahlily Ya'la Abu Al-Qazwiny, that Imam Ibn Majah is a highly reliable, agreed upon his honesty, his opinion can be a strong argument, as it also has extensive knowledge and a lot of memorizing hadith.
As Abu Ya'la, also expressed similar praise Zar'ah Abu al-Razi and Zahaby in his book Al-Huffâdz Tazkiratu. Both refer to Imam Ibn Majah as great experts in the field of hadit, figure wandering the science, the author of Sunan and interpretation, and the country's leading experts of hadith.

The intelligence and the greatness of Imam Ibn Majah, the "force" one of Ibn ualam cashier to give my comments very positf. In his book Al-Bidayah, Ibn Kathir said: "Muhammad ibn Yazid (Ibn Majah) is the author of the famous book of Sunan. His book is evidence of knowledge and charity, breadth of knowledge and vision, credibility and loyalty to the hadith, usul and furu '.

Of course, what the Imam Ibn Majah disanjungkan, regardless of the method was not applied in writing hadith, especially in the book of hadith, Sunan Ibn Majah. In writing the book of Sunan, Ibn Majah usually start by collecting Hadith and arranged by chapters relating to the issue of the fiqh.

After arranging in the form of the chapter, Ibn Majah is less focused on criticism of diangakatnya al-Hadith, Ibn Majah namuan focus criticize hadiths which he said is more important and need explanation. Included also, Ibn Majah not mention the opinions of the faqih after the writing of hadith scholars. In addition, he is also a bit of repetition as do the hadith of Imam Muslim.

In addition, there are other kunikan side of the books of hadith Imam Ibn Majah. This is not the book Sunan Ibn Majah narrated it. But there are some additional related by Abu Al-Hasan Al-Qatthany, one of the Sunan Ibn Majah is. It is kind of in the science of hadith known as category musthalahul Uluwwu hadith al-isnad. So the history of Al-Qatthany a limited degree student at the Ibn Majah as a teacher.

According to Az-Zahabi, Sunan Ibn Majah consists of 32 books, 1500 chapters by Abu Al-Hasan Al-Qatthanî, and consists of 4000 according to Az-Zahabî hadith. However, after examination and in-tahqiq ualng by Muhammad Fuad Abdul Baqi rahimahullah, the book consists of 37 books, 515 chapters and 4341 consist of the hadith.
May God always bless Ibn Majah, who died Monday dated 22 Ramadan 273 H Qazwin buried in his homeland, Iraq after donating all the effort and sincerity to the Muslims.

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