Antonio Maria Valsalva Biography

Antonio Maria Valsalva Biography
Antonio Maria Valsalva 

Antonio Maria Valsalva (Imola, January 17, 1666, Bologna, February 2, 1723) was an Italian anatomist nationality. His work focuses on the anatomy of the ear a lot. He gave the name of the channel and describe eustachi aortic sinus Valsalva in her paper published in 1740. His name is immortalized for Valsalva antrum and the Valsalva maneuver, which is used as a test function of the circulatory system. Anatomical structures that use names such as muscle and taeniae Valsavae Valsalva.


Valsalva live in the baroque and the contemporary figures such as Isaac Newton, the composer Johann Sebastian Bach, and Molière.
Valsalva studying the humanities, mathematics, and various branches of natural science. After seelsai study liberal arts, he began to explore the science of medicine and philosophy at Bologna. He was taught by Marcello Malpighian, known as the founder of microscopic anatomy. Valsalva graduated from medical school in 1687. In 1705, he was appointed professor of anatomy at Bologna. He was later elected as the president of the Academy of Natural Sciences (Academy of the Sciences). Valsalva is a teacher of Giovanni Battista Morgagni and then complete the writing and publishing a biography of Valsalva Valsalva in 1740.

In 1709, he marry Elena Lisi. He later suffered declining health, he lost his senses penghidunya. Then he died in 1723 apopleksi.
Valsalva dikemubikan the Church of San Giovanni in Monte, Bologna. Some relics of Valsalva as anatomical preparations were donated to the Institute of Natural Sciences (Institute of Sciences), founded in 1711.


Valsalva my study and teaching of natural sciences, surgery, anatomy, physiology, medicine and psychiatry or mental. In his youth, Valsalva had dissected the kidneys of dogs. He gives suggestions and comments on the treatment of mentally ill patients who terkan to be more humane.

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