Atifete Jahjaga-President of the World Youngest Women

Police career woman who lived Atifete Jahjaga deliver career as President of Kosovo since 7 April 2011 when replacing Jakup Krasniqi who was President during the period 27 September 2010-22 February 2011 and President While during the period 4 April 2011-7 April 2011. He was the fourth President of Kosovo and the first woman to win the job as well as non-party candidates first and the youngest elected president. He was also the first female head of state in the modern Balkans.

Atifete Jahjaga in Đakovica, the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (now Kosovo) was born on 20 April 1975. After completing education in primary and secondary schools, Jahjaga learn da graduated from the Faculty of Law at the University of Prishtina in 2000. In 2006 or 2007, he took post-graduate certificate program in management of the police and criminal law at the University of Leicester in England. He has also received professional training at the Center for Security Studies George C. Marshall European (George C. Marshall European Center for Security Studies) in Germany and the Academy Nastional FBI (FBI National Academy) in the United States.

After the Kosovo War, Jahjaga began working as a translator for an international police force. Later, she completed training to become an officer and gradually try to raise a higher rank. At first rank of major, then colonel, and finally reaching the rank of major general. He first served as police at the border and then transferred to the training department. Atifete Jahjaga Astrit married to his key to the profession as a dentist. The couple have not / do not have children until the news was written in January 2012. Media reported that the two, neither she nor her husband had rented an apartment in Pristina simple.

Jahjaga deputy director of the Kosovo Police. In 2010, he served as general director. When a police officer, he attracted the attention of American diplomatic personnel, so that then can be face to face especially with senior U.S. officials. Pose his picture along with George Walker Bush (President of the United States to-43 period January 20 2001-20 January 2009) during the visit of U.S. President FBI National Academy. Photographs along with Minister of Foreign Affairs of the United States to-67, Hillary Rodham Clinton during a visit to Kosovo posted to the Internet before he became a national spotlight as a presidential candidate.

On 6 April 2011, his name was announced as the consensus candidate of President of Kosovo by the Kosovo Democratic Party (PDK: Parthians Demokratike e Kosovës or Democratic Party of Kosovo), led by Hashim Thaci (Prime Minister of Kosovo in period 2 April 1999-1 February 2000 and since January 9 2008), the Democratic League of Kosovo (LDK: Lidhja Demokratike e Kosovës or Democratic League of Kosovo) leader Isa Mustafa (Minister of Economy and Finance of Kosovo Pristina period 1991 to 1999 and mayor since December 2007), and the Alliance New Kosovo (AKR: Aleanca Kosova e Re or the New Kosovo Alliance) leader Behgjet Pacolli (President of Kosovo the 3rd period of February 22 2011-4 April 2011 and First Deputy Prime Minister of Kosovo since 15 April 2011) and Christopher William Dell support (U.S. Ambassador to Kosovo in the government-led President Barack Obama). Although it enjoys a reputation as a police commander, he chose to leave the police career and choosing a candidate as a senior state officials. Most of the public and political leaders could not realize his political footing.

On 7 April 2011, he was elected as President in the first round of voting by the Parliament. Of the 100 lawmakers present, he won 80 votes, while 10 other votes go to Suzan Novoberdali (in Albania called Suzana Novobërdaliu). Suzan is a Kosovo politician who became a Member of Parliament since 2007. Suzan is also a member of the political party New Kosovo Alliance and the Coalition for a New Kosovo parliamentary caucus. Suzan was not elected in the parliament after the general election in 2010, but he returned to parliament after 14 lawmakers resigned to take a cabinet position. On April 1, 2011, Suzan announced themselves as candidates for President of Kosovo and the former party chief rival Behgjet Pacolli in the upcoming parliamentary elections. Suzan has served Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on Human Rights field (HAM), Gender Equality, Missing Persons and Petitions. Suzan has also served on the Committee for European Integration.

Until now, he was president-elect through the first round of voting. Although Ibrahim Rugova (the President of Kosovo May 25 First period 1992-21 January 2006) which became the First President of Parliament receives votes obtained exceeds 88:3 in 2002, the sound was achieved in the third round, so it wins by a landslide in the direct presidential election in the year 1992 and 1998. In his inaugural address, Jahjaga stated that one of its main goals as president is to secure Kosovo's membership in the European Union and the United Nations. "I aspire to Kosovo to be part of the European Union and to establish a permanent friendship with the United States. I trust and believe that the dream will come true, "he said in his first speech in Parliament. Prior to becoming President of Kosovo, Jahjaga Kosovo Police Deputy Director with the rank of Major General. Rank is the highest among women in South East Europe.

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