Frits Philips-Netherlands Businessman

Frits Philips-Netherlands Businessman
Frits Philips

Frederik "Frits" Philips Jacques (born in Eindhoven, 16 April 1905 - died in Eindhoven, December 5, 2005 at age 100 years) is the fourth leader of the Dutch electronics company, Philips. One of his services was his success creates a sense of brotherhood among its employees.


Frits Philips was born in the southern city of Eindhoven in the Netherlands. He was the sole founder of Philips, Anton Philips and his wife Anna de Jongh. Frits has an older sister named Annetje and a younger sister named Jettie. In 1923, he began studying at Delft University of Technology and earn a degree in mechanical engineering in 1929. He then started working at Philips. On July 4, 1929, he married Sylvia van Lennep, also from a wealthy family. The couple was blessed with seven children: Digna (born 14 September 1930), Anton Frederik (b. March 1932), Annejet (born 1933), Sylvia, Warner, Frits and Maria. On October 18, 1935 he was appointed deputy director and the board of Philips.

According to one historian, Marcel Metze, Frits has a different nature from his father. Frits are not as firmly and sekarismatik Anton. It is also more gentle, not so dominant, so it is not good at convincing people.

German occupation

When Holland was occupied by Nazi Germany in World War II, Frans Otten and Anton Philips, the other a manager at the company, fled to the United Kingdom. However, Frits stay in the Netherlands. From May 30 to 20 September 1943, he was held in Vught concentration camp because of a strike at the Philips factory.

During the occupation, Frits lifesaving 382 Jews to the Nazi government by stating that they are indispensable in the production process at Philips. In 1996, Frits was awarded by Yad Vashem Israel's ambassador because of his actions.

Became chairman

In 1961, he replaced the Frans Otten as chairman of Philips and served for ten years: in 1971 it was replaced by Henk van Riemsdijk. After five years in office, he founded Evoluon, a demonstration room last discovery techniques; here everyone can get acquainted with electronic equipment made by Philips.
According Metze, Frits repeat business miscalculations. Under his leadership, Philips developed in all directions and initiate new activities, most of which ultimately proved too costly and unrealistic.
On December 5, 2005, he died from complications caused by the fall in November.
Mr. Frits

Frits Philips in Eindhoven is very popular. Eindhoven city residents usually greeted him as "Meneer Frits" (Mr. Frits)
Frits not discriminate between factory workers and members of the board of directors of the company. He is often seen chatting with factory workers, so he became more and more popular.

Birthday to-100 in 2005 is celebrated with a large scale in the city of Eindhoven. For this occasion a special currency printed by his nickname "Fritske".
Even at age 100 years, Frits Philips often visit football matches at home to PSV. Frits are not sitting in the stadium business, otherwise it sits in the audience - section D, row 22, seat no. 43. PSV administration has announced that it will remain empty chair in remembrance of their faithful supporters.


In 1966 the Philips company celebrated its 75th. For this occasion, Frits Philips intends to give people a gift that inadh and educate. The result is a building called Evoluon, based on a sketch made Frits on a piece of paper towel. Evoluon is an educational center for science and technology.

In 1989 Evoluon closed to the public and converted into a conference center. It is very disesalik by Frits. In the last years of his life, Frits Philips tried to generate interest to restore its original glory Evoluon in and give the building back to the people of Eindhoven.

Awards and honors

Frits Philips received many honors and awards semaas life. In 1965 he received the title of honorary citizen of the city of Eindhoven for "outstanding contribution to the welfare of the city of Eindhoven". Also in 1965, Frits given the honor of the Dutch star, star Oranje Nassau. In 1970 he had been knighted in the Order of the Dutch Lion. He also received honors in many countries, including Japan, Spain, Denmark and the PRC. See Template: DLW-inline for a complete list of awards and honors.

At the birthday-90 1995, Frits Philips Muziekcentrum (Frits Philips Music Building) named according to its name. In 1996, he was given the award for "The righteous among the nations" by Yad Vashem, for saving the lives of 382 Jewish employees at Philips. In 1999, he was given the title "Entrepreneur of the century Holland.

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