John Whiteside Parsons Biography

John Whiteside Parsons Biography
John Whiteside Parsons

John Whiteside Parsons or Marvel Whiteside Parsons who was born on October 2, 1914 was an American rocket propulsion researcher at the California Institute of Technology. He was one of the main founders of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory and Aerojet Corp. Thelemite As occult enthusiast and he was one of the first Americans to take interest in the writings of British author and founder of Aleister Crowley's Thelema. In this capacity, he belonged to an American filed a magical order Crowley, Ordo Templi Orientis (OTO). Parsons was the only child of wealthy but dysfunctional family.

When he was a teenager his father left his wife and son. Parsons got a job with the Hercules Powder Company while still a senior in high school. The following year, he entered Pasadena Junior College and spent two years at the University of Southern California, although he did not pass. In 1936, Parsons joined the Guggenheim Aeronautical Laboratory (GALCIT) of the California Institute of Technology, where he worked for Frank Malina and Theodore Von Karman in Pasadena

Although formal education was limited, Parsons showed exceptional talent and scientific genius, especially in chemistry. rocket research are some of the earliest in the United States, and his pioneering work in the development of solid fuels and the invention of JATO units for aircraft is very important for the early age of human space. Noted engineer Theodore von Karman, a friend and helper Parsons, stating that the work of Parsons and his associates helped usher in the age of space travel. Parsons founded the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, commonly referred to as JPL.

According to von Karman, working Parsons' in the study of solid fuel "... make the rocket may be outstanding as Polaris and Minuteman. The year was 1942, the same year Parsons was appointed as chairman of the Agape Lodge of Aleister Crowley (who himself had studied chemistry), that Parsons made an important breakthrough in the development of solid rocket fuel. He came up with a solution that can only come from someone who has knowledge of alchemy and magic: Greek fire. Try as they might, GALCIT will fail again and again with their black powder. follow your intuition, Parson switch from black powder to the asphalt and potassium perchlorate. Compared to Peenemünde, America finally in the race for jet with solid fuel for space age Wernher von Braun. Will Parsons acknowledged as the father of America's space program.

Parsons saw no contradiction between his scientific and magical. Before each test rocket launch, Parsons would call the Greek god Pan. In 1942 Parsons was chosen by Aleister Crowley to lead Agape Lodge of Crowley's OTO in California following the expulsion of Wilfred Smith from the position. Sara Northrup (aka "Sarah Elizabeth" or "Betty" Northrup), began living with Parsons after his wife Parsons', half-sister Sara Helen Northrup, left with Wilfred Smith. Sara Northrup would later marry writer L. Ron Hubbard, founder of the future of the Church of Scientology.

Before that time, Hubbard will serve as an occasional magical partner Parsons. Parsons, a fan of science fiction, pulp magazines once read in Unknown short version of the original 1940 Jack Williamson's "Darker Than You Think". Parsons has identified the character of the red-haired woman with a story of Crowley's Babalon or the "Scarlet Woman", which has been prophesied Crowley will help meet the post-Christian Aeon of Horus. In 1946, Parsons and Hubbard (who worked his own fear and type in the Sky, among others, also appeared at Unknown) participated in the Babalon Working. Loosely speaking, Babalon Working is a ritual to call it the Scarlet Woman. Rydeen Paul writes: The purpose of the operation Parson has been underemphasized. He tried to produce a magical child's own environment will be the product of his descendants.

Crowley himself describes the Moonchild in just these terms. Babalon own preparatory work what will happen: a Thelemic messiah. Crowley, who was in his home in England, was rejected. Crowley strongly believe that Parsons had to separate himself from Hubbard before the two can be deceiving himself. However, Parson ritual ends with the claim succeeded. Almost immediately he met Marjorie Cameron was in his own home, and regards itself as the Scarlet Woman, the fulfillment of the ritual. Parsons, Hubbard and Cameron then proceed to the next stage of the sexual act as a partner Cameron Parsons magical. The creation of this Moonchild was covered previously in the form of fiction in Crowley's novel Moonchild's. A child is not physically understood, but this does not affect the outcome of the ritual, such as Cameron Parsons married soon.

In January 1946, Parsons, Sarah Northrup, and Hubbard started a boat dealing company named Allied Enterprises. Parsons put in the amount of approximately $ 21,000 that Hubbard put in $ 1,200. Hubbard eventually abandoned Parsons and their business plan, leaving for the port in Florida by boat and with Sarah. Parsons returned to the hotel room and summoned a typhoon in retribution (ie, with the rise of Bartzabel - intelligence led the forces associated with the astrological planet Mars). A Florida court later dissolved the poorly-contracted business, ordered repayment of debts to Parsons, and was given ownership of the boat to Hubbard. Parsons resigned his leadership of the Agape Lodge in 1946. The Hubbard / Allied Enterprises relationship lasted until 1947, when it has been estimated as Crowley, Hubbard again defrauded Parsons of a sum of money and running again with Sarah Northrup. Fritz Zwicky, the original team member Aerojet, Parsons disliked, and described it as "dangerous". This statement would prove prophetic, at least for Parsons himself.

On June 17, 1952 Parsons died in an angry outburst of mercury in his home laboratory. Though mortally wounded, he survived the direct blast, but he died of his injuries several hours later. Puzzled, the mother of Parsons' suicide just hours after he died. Unfounded rumors of suicide, murder or ritual magic that one has attempted to explain the death of Parsons'. However, Parsons did not save a lot of volatile chemicals and compounds in the laboratory and has been working to finalize a contract for a special effects company. Before his death, Jack Parsons appeared in a murder mystery writer Anthony Boucher fiction Rocket to the morgue (1942) under the guise of Hugo Chantrelle. (In the same book, a fictional version of L. Ron Hubbard appeared as a character named D. Vance Wimpole.) Relationships Parsons' with Hubbard also appeared in Paradox's Big Book of conspiracy, Alan Moore story cobwebs in the Big Questions Top Shelf Request, and the nonfiction book by Jon atack A Piece of Blue Sky. He was also one of the characters in the film collage Craig Baldwin Mock Up on Mu.

He is also mentioned in the novel Philip K. Dick 'Dr futurity, in which the protagonist named Jack Parsons. A drama about Parsons, Babalon, by Paul Green, performed in London in December 2005 by the Theatre parody. There is also an entry dedicated to Parsons in QI Book of the Dead by John Lloyd and John Mitchinson. A new stage play by George Morgan titled "Babalon Pasadena" is scheduled to premiere at the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena, on February 19, 2010. It is directed by actor and TV movie Brian Brophy. A tribute to him was Parsons crater on the far side the Moon named after him.

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