Richard Bass Biography

Richard Bass 

Richard "Dick" Bass (born 1929 in Tulsa) is the voter Snowbird ski resort in Utah and was the first to climb the Seven Summits, the highest mountain on each continent.

At the age of 2 years, Dick moved with his family to Texas. He enrolled at Yale University at the age of 16 years and graduated in 1950 in the field of geology. After completing his studies at the University of Texas, Bass entered the navy for 2 years on the USS Essex during the Korean War. In 1953, he returned to Texas to run a gas-oil business and ranch families.

Business and adventure

In 1971, Bass opened the Snowbird Ski Resort. He soon became a leading figure in the industry because of "curiosity comprehensive, long talks without stopping, and hyper-enthusiasm".

Together with Frank Wells who was once the head of Walt Disney, Bass thought about the challenge of adventure climbing the highest point on each continent: Denali (Mount McKinley), North America: Aconcagua, South America: Mount Elbrus, Europe; Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa; Vinson, Antarctica; Mount Kosciusko, Australia, and Mount Everest, Asia.

Bass became the first to reach the seven peaks in 30 April 1985. On that date, he also holds the record as the oldest person to climb Mount Everest. Presented details of his adventures in a book he wrote with others, Seven Summits. His achievements did not escape controversy, because one of the top seven is the highest mountain in Australia and not the highest in Oceania.

PacRim Coal, which is also owned by Dick Bass, is now being processed to ensure the security and federal permits to build the largest coal mining in Alaska history, Chuitna Coal Project.

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