Ron Dennis-McLaren F1 team Owner

Ron Dennis-McLaren F1 team Owner
Ron Dennis

Ron Dennis (born in Woking, Surrey, England, June 1, 1947, age 64 years) was a British F1 team boss. He currently serves as the owner of the McLaren F1 team.

Mechanical career

Cooper F1

Ron Cooper joined the team as a junior mechanic at age 18 in 1966. He was in charge of taking care of Jochen Rindt car , but it can not be uniquely familiar with the famous Austrian racer speak frankly like to talk to them.

Brabham F1

In 1968, Ron joined the Brabham team. Once again he was paired with Jochen Rindt, but Ron then asked that he be able to work directly on the Jack Brabham. He survived on Brabham until late 1970 when he became manager of the team for the last three races in North America and Mexico.

Rondel Racing
Ron then had the idea to create a racing team itself. Together with former colleague at Brabham, Neil Trundle, he decided to build a racing team called Rondel Racing. Name suffix "del" is a play of Trundle. Own expense directly handled by Lisa's father, Ron Dennis future wife. With a capital of 2000 pounds, had the race in F2 Rondel with car loans from Jack Brabham BT36. The car is one of them driven by Graham Hill, where he was a champion in the Easter Monday F2 at Thruxton circuit
In 1973, Rondel the arrival of Ray Jessop, a former aerospace engineer. Ray then helped Ron to design a chassis which was then named Motul, as sponsored by the French oil company
In 1974, Rondel team of experienced financial problems due to oil crisis. Rondel team's new car should be delayed debut. Luckily Ken Grob and Tony Vlassopulo took over the team, but Ron should be willing to change its name to Token F1.

The Project Four

Once out of the Rondel, Ron has a new idea in 1976, that this time he made a semi-F2 project under the name Project Four Marches for Eddie Cheever, a U.S. racer who later went on to become champion of the Indy 500.
In 1978, Ron combines Admore Project Four Racing, led by Creighton Brown, who is also in the future will be a partner in McLaren's Ron.
In 1979, Project Four success finally got time to win the British F3 racer Chico Serra. At the same time Ron prepare Marlboro-sponsored BMW M1. Riders are former F1 world champion Niki Lauda, ​​who later won the Procar Championship. Ron then worked with John Barnard to prepare a new chassis for F1 cars where the chassis is made almost entirely of carbon fiber.
In 1980 he became a broker for the controversial merger between Project Four with a lowly F1, McLaren. Alain Prost to leave after the accident at Watkins Glen. He then said to Dennis, "A single collision is enough". On the one hand later Dennis, McLaren will be a big name in F1 with Williams F1 and Scuderia Ferrari.


1981 season became the first debut under the control of McLaren Ron Dennis. Car MP4-1 is the first F1 car chassis design using carbon fiber. Ron then promised to the sponsor, in this case Marlboro, that McLaren will win a race, and his words proved true when John Watson won the British GP.
In 1982 Ron had persuaded the retired Niki Lauda to return to F1. Surprisingly, he also successfully attracted TAG and its owner, Mansour Ojjeh moved from Williams to McLaren. TAG then committed to fund the development of Porsche's V6 1.5 liter engine that powered turbo. McLaren's success peaked in 1984 when Niki Lauda won the world. At the same time Ron Dennis brokered the sale of shares between John Barnard and Mansour Ojjeh.

Moment of happiness Dennis came in 1985 when he married his beloved AS, Lisa. Until now, the pair-Lisa Dennis have three children, Charlotte, Christian, and Francesca. Dennis and Lisa were married in Leeds Castle, Kent, UK.
The end of 1987, Ron held a revolution in the McLaren. He managed to pull the Honda as the engine supplier, and also signed Alain Prost and Ayrton Senna. Designer Steve Nichols was appointed chief designer of the chassis. The results are astonishing 1988 season, car MP4-4 works Honda-powered Nichols managed to win 15 of 16 races. The only failure is McLaren Monza, where Alain Prost and Ayrton Senna crashed. Total points achieved by McLaren's season was 199, and can only be solved in 2002 when Ferrari won 202 points.


Sign In summer 1992, Honda announced that they will pull out of F1 at the end of the season. Ron tried to persuade Honda to survive but failed. The result, McLaren lost by Williams F1 with Renault engine power. Without choice, Ron finally agreed with Ford engine contract in 1993 as the base engine used by Benetton. In summer 1993, Ayrton Senna started acting up, this time he demanded a salary of $ 1 million perbalapan. Although it won the five races in 1993, but operating expenses swelled team, and ultimately make Peugeot Ron accepted an offer in 1994. Senna himself finally leave at the end of the 1993 season.

With the Peugeot engine, the team failed to score a victory. Although contracts with a duration of three years Peugeot, but Ron finally decided to cooperate with Mercedes-Benz. Peugeot engine on his contract then he offered to anyone interested, Eddie Jordan, which eventually was the one who was lucky to get an abundance of machines from Ron.
With Mercy, the new McLaren team can be world champion again in the 1998-99 season through driver Mika Hakkinen. Mid-1999, Ron sold 40% of its shares to Daimler-Chrysler. The remaining 60% divided equally by him with Ojjeh.


McLaren suffered a setback in the early 2000s. Dennis then sell more shares to investors as much as 30% of Dubai. With the remaining 15%, Dennis continues to be the boss at McLaren. Outside F1, McLaren has also penetrated the display arena, and the road car project with Mercy.

In late 2005 he managed to attract a major sponsor Vodafone to replace the West. He also managed to attract the Fly Emirates to sponsor interim is only for one season in 2006. Double world champion Fernando Alonso also managed to get it, well before the news spread that he would attract Michael Schumacher. Alonso unfortunately only lasted one season due to internal problems in 2007. 2007 season will probably be an unforgettable season for Ron, because in addition to internal problems Alonso-Hamilton, McLaren team should stumble espionage cases involving employees, Mike Coughlan with one staff Ferrari, Nigel Stepney. The new team was able to recover in late 2008 when Lewis Hamilton won the F1 world.

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