Sigurd Ibsen Biography-Norwegian Author and Politician

Sigurd Ibsen Biography-Norwegian Author and Politician
Sigurd Ibsen 

Sigurd Ibsen (1859-1930) is a Norwegian author and politician. As an only child and Suzannah Thoresen Henrik Ibsen, he was born with great hope and fight for his entire life to him.

Sigurd Ibsen was born in Oslo. He was Prime Minister of Norway in Stockholm (ie, the leader of the Norwegian delegation to the King of Sweden and Norway) between 1903-1905, while George Francis Hagerup is PM in Oslo, and is a central figure in the dissolution of the union between Norway and Sweden in 1905. He is also considered important in convincing the important figures of Norwegian support republican government, like Bjoernstjerne Martinus Bjoernson, Arne Garborg and Nansen Fridtjof Wedel-Jarlsberg, for change and support the monarchy.

Sigurd Ibsen received his doctorate in law at Rome in 1882 and married the daughter of Martinus Bjornson Bjornstjerne, Bergliot. His son Tancred became famous film director.

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