Audy Item - Female Singer Indonesia

Audy Item - Female Singer Indonesia
Paula Allodya Item (better known as the Audy, born in Jakarta, 23 April 1983, age 29 years) is an Indonesian singer who is the son of a senior jazz musician and Evie Aquanthie Jopie Item Aziz.


Audy is the daughter of musician and Evie Aquanthie Jopie Item Aziz. Older brother who is a guitarist named Stevie Item of the band Andra and The Backbone. While her older sister named Echa Item used to establish Once in love with before was now married to Emil, the bassist of the band Naif. Audy himself had with Tyo Nugros establish love, but love them and then foundered.

Currently Audy reportedly in a relationship with Iko Uwais, the main actor in the movie "The Raid" are reaping huge popularity in the international world.


MTV Indonesia Awards 2003
Most Favorite Female
The Most Promising & Outstanding Young Diva (Dolce & Gabbana Awards)
AMI 2003
Best Rock Solo Women
Best Female Pop Solo
Best Pop Album
Female funkiest
Fabulous Album
Favorite Artist Indonesia
MURI 2004
Do the most signatures on Postcard / Cover Album within 2 hours.

Audy and Iko Uwais couples to get married. All the preparation is already running close to 100 percent. In the later illegitimate contract, which was held June 25 next, Audy and Iko will undergo a process of consent and the use of traditional Sundanese qabul. They also have done the final meeting with the wedding organizer. Meanwhile, for their wedding reception party, both Iko and Audy could not say when the date, because, until now they do not intend to plan a party on a large scale in the near future. After the ceremony was held, Audy also claim the singer will re-schedule as busy. Iko even been scheduled to travel to the United States. In the event the contract illegitimate later, they were only invited some family and close friends. In order for the contract runs solemn procession.

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