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In the following post we are trying to raise how beautiful figure of Catherine Cook who since the age of 15 years has pioneered the success of one of the world's millionaires are easily managed in the field of information technology and internet, as an inspiration that can motivate us all, especially the young.

When Catherine Cook was 15 years old, he and his brother, Dave, thumbing through a book-in the high school yearbook. Thinking about how people like to sign one of these books because of advances in technology yearly and this couple came up with the idea to the online Yearbook, which will allow classmates to communicate with each other.

They were assisted by his brother, Geoff, a graduate of Harvard and web entrepreneurs to borrow money worth $ 250,000 and using some of her skills, then launch Initially, the site was just to high school in New Jersey, but several months later to join the quiz site,, and MyYearbook grew more than 44% from November to December 2005. popular social networking alternative to young people

They are looking for investors to take over the site to get to the next level, they struggle to find investors who are still controlled by the hands of creative young founder. In 2006, when Catherine and Dave was 17 and 18 years, U.S. Venture Partners and First Round Capital gave them $ 4.1 million for funding. In the same year, Nielsen NetRatings at number one rank as one of the top sites for children between 12 and 17. free to users, and make money from advertising sales. Catherine did not disclose the exact amount, but he said that his income was "seven figures". Catherine figure for success is closely related to the niche: high school students. "We really do listen to suggestions from our members,"

MyYearbook grew 407% from December 2006 to December 2007, with more than three million Christmas trees are decorated at the site in December 2007. According to Hitwise, ranked seventh in overall market share of 53 leading social networking sites, but so far have also shown the fastest growth rate.

"We are very concerned with the users and we are also very concerned with our advertisers .. And our beliefs, it is a formula for success. "Said Geoff Cook.

What about you, not a chance to succeed is still very wide open?

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