Christy Walton-Richest Women in the World

Christy Walton-Richest Women in the World
It turned out that the richest woman in the world this year is Christy Walton, the widow with one child. Leading business magazine, Forbes, placing Christy Walton as the richest woman in the world because its assets are worth U.S. $ 22.5 billion (approximately USD 206.3 billion). But Christy's wealth is just a legacy left by her late husband, John Walton. So it was not his own toil.

Christy is known as the law of Sam Walton, founder of the world's largest retailer, Wal-Mart. After John's death in June 2005, women born 55 years ago it inherited a fortune worth U.S. $ 15.7 billion. These assets continue to grow until now. Christy, who lives in the City of Jackson, the state of Wyoming, United States (U.S.) is not involved in the operations of the company and not sit on the board of commissioners of the company. However, Christy remains a major shareholder WalMart. He also has a stake in the company's solar panel manufacturer, First Solar, which further boosted his wealth in recent years.

While the brother-in-law Christy who is the daughter of Sam Walton, Alice Walton, located at position 16 in the list of Forbes world rich. Alice became the second richest woman in the world today with a fortune worth U.S. $ 23.2 billion from his father's company, Wal-Mart. As Christy, Alice also did not interfere in the daily operations of the company.

Alice founded the investment bank named Llama Company in 1998, and became the driving force behind the development of Northwest Arkansas Regional Airport. Female 60 years old also led the American modern art museum called Crystal Bridges, which was built by the Walton Family Foundation.

Wal-Mart profit when consumers are short of cash looking for a discount price of goods in the early days of economic downturn, even then profits are reduced. In recent years, sales shrank 1.6 percent at Wal-Mart stores in the U.S. and Sam's Club. However, the shares rose 7 percent in the last 12 months and the Walton family benefit increases of U.S. $ 13 billion. The advantage is offset from the sluggish market.

Sam Walton started his career as a clerk in a shopping center company JC Penney. Businessman who died in 1992 opened a Ben Franklin store in 1945, and took off five years later the rent.

Wal-Mart today has annual sales worth U.S. $ 405 billion, two million employees and more than 8,400 stores. Christy became the richest man in the Walton family thanks to her late husband's efforts in developing First Solar, alternative energy companies with shares surged by 350 percent since the shares of First Solar is released to the public in 2006.

Meanwhile, only 89 women who made it into the club of the rich this year, and most of the inherited property from their husbands or parents. Of the 14 billionaire women who gained wealth from the business itself, seven of which came from China.

The number of the rich world this year increased to 1011 people. The number was larger than last year with 793 people, but still lower than 2008 by 1125 the rich.

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