Eddy William Katuari-Style Silent King Soap

Eddy William Katuari-Style Silent King Soap
INDUSTRY consumer goods (consumer goods) is the industry that had never existed death. Eddy William  Katuari and Surya Group Wings prove it. Wings Surya currently listed as the second largest player in the consumer goods industry in the country, competing with a multinational company Unilever.

Version Globe Asia 2008, 60 years old man of wealth and Wings Surya Group reached U.S. $ 1.21 billion and occupy the ranks of the eight richest people in Indonesia. The company was founded by Johannes Ferdinand Katuari and now incarnated as a giant in the consumer goods industry is not only dominated the domestic market but also to expand in at least 90 countries.

After the death of the late Freddy Katuari Ignatius, William Eddy can increasingly make Katuari Solar Wings exist in the business of consumer goods in Indonesia. The company's products extend from soaps, detergents, until the noodles.

Solar Wings was originally just a dab of soap manufacturers with a limited market in Surabaya area only. The original name used is Fa Wings. Slowly but surely a dab of soap business was growing rapidly. In the decade beginning 1990, Solar Wings more aggressively develop and expand the market. Of course also with emphasis on product innovation that can address the needs of consumers.

Group of companies based in Surabaya, many developing products everyday needs of people with low prices but with guaranteed quality. Business strategy was used to compete with competitors giant Unilever sorts. Positioning the business has proven successful in the marketplace, where products Wings Surya getting a place in the market.

One product is phenomenal from Mie Sedaap Wings Surya. Food products of the group Wings managed to change the constellation of instant noodle market in the industry that had been dominated by products from many other companies.

Not only in the consumer goods industry, Katuari family also expanded in the banking business through Bank Economic Tbk PT flag before they choose to sell the bank to the Hongkong and Shanghai Bank Corporation (HSBC).

In addition, Wings Surya Group also expanded the business property, plantation, oleo chemical, and ceramics. In the oleo chemical industry, Solar Wings teamed up with the Salim Group and the Group through PT Ecogreen Ocean area. Solar Wings Business more complete with the presence of packaging company, PT Unipack, which is the result of partnering with PT Djarum.

With the tremendous business octopus and large, the Wings Surya is now one central point of developing Indonesia's economic growth.

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