The Story of Prophet LUTH A.S

Prophet Lut was the son of Abraham's brother. His father named Hasan bin Tareh are siblings of the Prophet Ibrahim. He believed his brother Abraham's father accompanied him in all the way and when they were in Egypt tried together in the field of well-managed farms, cattle breeding animals so that in a short time which has doubled the amount it can not be accommodated in the space provided. Ibrahim partnership eventually split-Luth and farm animals as well as their corporate property and berpisahlah bahagi Luth with Ibrahim moved to Jordan and settle in a place called Sadum.

Prophet Lut ordered By God To the People Sadum

Sadum society is a society of low levels of moral, mental defective, do not have the grip of religion or values ​​of civilized humanity. Vices and social life in munkar bermaharajalela mrk. Theft and looting of property menrupakan the days events, where the strong become weak power of being a victim of oppression and abuse. Vice of the most prominent characteristic of their lives is an act of homosexual sodomy} {among male and female among lesbians. These two types are so bermaharajalela kemungkaran in society sehinggakan It was a culture for the Sadum.

An immigrant who entered Sadum will not survive the disturbed enumerated by mrk. If he brings valuable items then dirampaslah his stuff, if she resisted or refused to give it life will not be saved. However, if the newcomer was a man who faced good looks and flawless beautiful it will be a bone of contention between them and will be the victim of cruel brother and vice versa if the newcomer is a young woman he becomes prey to the female as well.

To the people who are in such a way the collapse of moral and social diseases such paras diutuslah Luth prophet as a messenger and His Messenger, to lift them from the valley of evil, ignorance and perversity of nature and bring them clean, virtuous and noble. Prophet Lut took their faith and worship God unjust forgo flee from sexual immorality and crime which is inspired by the devil and the devil. He gave the torch to them that God has created them and the surrounding mrk mrk deeds meredhai not that close to nature and animal nature, and not in accordance with the values ​​of humanity and that God will reward commensurate with their deeds. The good and pious charity will be rewarded with Paradise in the Hereafter is the unjust acts will perform at balaskannya to put it into hell.

Luth prophet cried unto mrk namely to leave the customs of homosexual and lesbian acts because the act is contrary to nature and the human conscience and violates the wisdom contained in the creation of man into two types namely men and women. Also to those in the given advice and encouraged to respect the rights and property of their respective actions by leaving the robbery, piracy and theft is always done among mrk mrk and especially to visitors who come to Sadum. Explained that the works would be detrimental to mrk itself, because it will cause chaos and insecurity in the country so that each one of them did not feel safe and secure in his life.

Thus the preaching of Prophet Luth perform in accordance with the duties risalahnya.Ia not stop using every opportunity and in every meeting with his people in a group or take a bit mrk berseorangan faith and trust in God worship him do pious deeds and deeds left immoral and unjust. But the collapse of moral and moral damage sgt already rooted in their social life and the influence of lust and deception Satan has been so strong control of their behavior, then the preaching and the Prophet Lut ajakkan yyang carried out with patience and perseverance do not have good soil in the hearts and their minds and go like the atmosphere of shouting in the middle of the desert. their ears have become deaf to the teachings of Prophet Lut was the heart and mind they've blocked a meeting with the teachings of Satan and demons.

Finally the people of Lut feel and hear the preaching and upset heart counsels of Prophet Lut is not broken, and asked him to stop preaching or face the repellent action of sadum himself with all his family. of the Prophet Lut was already hopeless Sadum society can be lifted from the valley of perdition and ruin their moral and bahawa continue preaching to those who are deaf-blind hearts and minds as well as a waste of time. Ubat only, according to the mind of the Prophet Lut to prevent diseases that have severe character is transmitted to nearby neighbors, is to membasmikan them from the earth as a retaliation to the top of the head mrk violence is also to be ibrah and teaching people the people around him . he ask God to his people were given instruction Sadum community in the world in the form of punishment before the punishment that awaits them in the hereafter.

His guest of Angels A visit Abraham told the Prophet Lut.

Prophet Lut and his prayer request is allowed and granted by Allah swt He sent him three angels disguised as ordinary human beings. Mark is a visiting angels to Abraham with the glad tidings of the birth of Prophet Ishaq, and shall provide the mrk that he is the messenger of God with the task of lowering the punishment to the people of Lut Sadum city dwellers. In a chance meeting where the Prophet Ibrahim has requested that the above reduction Sadum delayed penalty, in case they come back and follow the call-conscious mendebgarkan Luth and repent of all the immoral and unjust deeds. Also at the meeting requested that anaksaudaranya Abraham, Lot was saved from the punishment that will be deployed onto the Lent which the request was received by the angels, and guaranteed that Lut and his family will not be exposed to punishment.

The angels got Sadum disguised as a handsome teenage boy and a beautiful and great stature. In the course of mrk about to enter the city, mrk at odds with a beautiful girl and beautiful are taking from a cistern. The angels or teenage boy asked the girl if mrk received into the house as guests. The girl did not dare to make a decision before he beruding first with his family. So the men ditngglkanlah teens by the girl while he went home quickly to tell her father.

The father of Prophet Luth namely himself heard lapuran daughter into Answers confused what should he give to the newcomers who would like a visit to his home for some time, but guests receive a handsome youth and dashing would invite the risk of disruption to him and to his guests of his people who are crazy about the teenagers who have a great body and beautiful face. Was that such things happen as a host he must be responsible for the safety of his guests, but he felt that he would not be powerless against his people are ruthless, cruel and immoral it is thirsty.

Weigh a weighing and fikir fikir have finally decided by the Prophet Lut that he would receive as a guest in his home mrk anything that would occur as a result of his decision he pasrahkan to God who will protect him. And he went alone to pick up guests who were waiting on the edge of town and invite two mrk together into the house when the city was plunged into darkness Sadum and people are sleeping soundly in their homes.
Prophet Lut attempted dab notice to his wife and two daughters to merahsiakan arrival of the guests, not to be heard and known by his people. But the wife of Prophet Lut who are like-minded and like-minded with a population Sadum had leaked news of the arrival of the guests and there went by their leaders that there are guests Luth consists instead of a handsome youth in appearance and has a body that is very exciting for the fans of homosexuals.

It is feared there was what the Prophet Lut. As soon as word of mouth spread news of the arrival of guests at home teen Luth, berdatanglah them to his house to see the guests and satisfy his lust. Prophet Lut not open the door for mrk mrk and called to return to their homes and jgn menggunggu guests coming from afar are duly respected and honored. Mark was given the advice to leave the abominable customs which are contrary to human nature and Manifestation nature in which God's having created man among men paired with women to maintain the continuity of human development as the noblest creature on earth. Luth prophet cried out against their return to their wives and leave mrk immoral and unjust acts of indecency, before Wrath hit and seksaan mrk God.

Appeals and exhortations of Prophet Luth ignored and neglected, mrk even urged his door will resist by force and violence if the door is not opened voluntarily. Feeling that he was powerless to resist the flow of people that the invaders of his kind who would impose their will by force of Prophet Lut said bluntly told his visitors: "I am no longer powerless to arrest people stormed inside. I do not have fizikal weapons and forces them to reject violence, nor have family or relatives who can be respected mrk I ask for his help, so I feel very disappointed, that as the host I can not be dispelled disruption to my guests in my house alone ".

Once finished saying of Prophet Luth-kesahnya guests complained immediately introduced himself to her and give identitinya, bahawa they are angels disguised as humans who visit him and that they come to Sadum to carry out tasks and reduce the punishment for people who defied seksa and reluctant cleanse society of all kemungkaran and kemaksiat cruel and dirty.

Prophet Lut to angels was suggested that the door was opened wide to give a chance for people who are hungry homosexual entered. But unfortunately when the door opened and the invaders menindakkan feet to go, suddenly gelaplah mrk view and can not see anything. mrk rubbed his eyes, but it has become blind.

While the Prophet Lut home invaders are in disarray bilau berbentur with each other shouting his pants asking what on earth made them blind with a sudden cry unto the Prophet Lut to leave the village immediately bersam family, because his time had come for the Wrath of God that will be imposed. The angels told the Prophet Lut and his family to travel out of town not one of them looked back.

Prophet Lut out of his house after midnight, with his family consisting of a wife and two daughters walked quickly toward the out of town, do not look mahupun left to right according to the instructions of the angel who became the wife tamunya.Akan but as enemies in the blanket for the Prophet Luth tergamak not abandon his people. He was behind the Prophet Lut the group walked slowly not move as fast as her husband and not stop looking back because he wanted to know what will happen upon his people, as if menragukan truth threats he had heard the angels themselves. And so the Prophet Lut step over the line along with two daughters Sadum city, when the crack of dawn, bergetarlah earth under your feet with the enormity of Sadum people, not least the wife of Prophet Lut's hypocrites. Vibrations that precede an earthquake strong and powerful with strong winds and hail that destroys sijjil spontaneously Sadum city along with all the pemghuninya. Thus miracles and revelations of Allah revealed to be a teaching and ibrah for His servants who come .

The story of Prophet Lut in the Qur'an

The story of Prophet Lut in the Qur'an found in 85 verses in 12 chapters of which sura "Al-Anbiyaa" verses 74 and 75, sura "Ash-Syu'ara" paragraph 160 that verse 175, sura "Hud" paragraph 77 to paragraph 83, Sura "Al-Qamar" verse 39 and sura 33 that "At-Tahrim" verse 10 which tells the story of Prophet Lut's wife who betrayed him.

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