Syekh Abdul Qadir Jaelani Biography

Syekh Abdul Qadir Jaela
Syekh Abdul Qadir Jaelani

Sayyidul Auliya Sheikh Abdul Qadir Al-Jilani rahimahullah, (full name Muhyi al Din Abu Muhammad ibn Abi Salih Abdul Qadir Al-Jilani). Jailan born in Iran, south of the Caspian Sea in 470 AD H/1077 so in the end he added the name or the word al-Jilani al-Kailani. His biography was published in the Book الذيل على طبق الحنابلة Adh Dzail Ala Thabaqil Hanabilah I/301-390, number 134, the work of Imam Ibn Rajab al-Hanbali.

Birth, genealogy and nasab
 Tomb of Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jaelani
 Tomb of Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jaelani

There are two history with respect to the date of birth of al-Shaykh Ghauts al_A'zham Abdul al-Jilani Qodir Amoli. The first history is that he was born on 1 Ramadan 470 H. History of both states he was born on 2 Ramadan 470 H. The second seems more credible history by scholars . Sheikh Abdul Qodir pedigree comes from the Caliph al-Sayyid Ali Morteza ra, through his father along the 14 generations and through his mother during 12 generations. Shaykh Sayyid Abdurrahman Jami rah.a to comment on the origins of al-Ghauts A'zham al-ra as follows: "He was a great Sultan, known sebagial-al-A'zham Ghauts. He holds a sayyid from the second pedigree his parents, Hasani and Husaini from the father of the mother. family pedigree is as follows: From his father (Hasani):

Sheik Abu Salih bin Abdul Qodir Abdillah bin Yahya bin Abu az-Zahid ibn Muhammad ibn Dawud ibn Musa ibn Abdullah ibn Musa al-Thani bin Abdul Mahdhi Jaun bin Hasan al-Hasan ibn as-Mutsanna Sibthi bin Ali bin Abi Talib, Fatima bint Husband Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi Regards

From his mother (Husaini): Sheikh Abdul Qodir bin Umm Khair Fatima bint Abdullah bin Abu Jamal Sum'i bin Muhammad bin Mahmud bin Abul 'Atha Kamaluddin Abdullah bin Isa bin Ali bin Abu Rida Ala'uddin bin Musa bin Ja'far al-Kazim al-Sadiq ibn Muhammad al-Baqir bin Zainal 'Abidin bin Hussain bin Ali bin Abi Talib, Husband Fatimah Zahra bint Prophet sallallaahu' alaihi Regards


In the age of 8 years he has left Jilan to Baghdad in 488 AD H/1095 Because it is not accepted to study at the Madrasah Nizamiyyah Baghdad, who was led by Ahmad al-Ghazali, who succeeded his brother Abu Hamid al Ghazali. In Baghdad, he learned to some scholars such as Ibn Aqil, Abul Khatthat, Abul Husayn al-Farra 'Abu Sa'ad al and also Muharrimi. He was educated at these scholars to be able to master the science of usul as well as the differences of opinion of the scholars. With that capability, Abu Sa'ad al Mukharrimi to build a small school in the area of ​​school management Babul Azaj submit it entirely to the Sheikh Abdul Qadir al-Jilani. He manages this school seriously. Settled there and give advice to people around the school. Many people who repented after hearing his counsel. Many people are sympathetic to him, then came to study in his school until the school was no longer able to accommodate.


Many of his students became well-known scholars, such as Abdul Ghani al Hafidz who compiled the book Umdatul Ahkam Fi Kalami Khairil Anam, Sheikh Qudamah, famous authors fiqh al Mughni.

Her words of scholars on

Shaykh Ibn Qudama had lived with him for nine days a month. Used this opportunity to learn to Sheikh Abdul Qadir al Jilani until he died. (Siyar A'lamin Nubala XX/442).
Shaykh Ibn Qudama when asked about Sheikh Abdul Qadir replied, "We had met him at the end of his life. He put us in school. He is very concerned about us. Sometimes he sent his son called Yahya to light for us. He is always a priest in fard salat. "

About Its Karamah

Sheikh Abdul Qadir al-Jilani was a man eminent in his time. Honored by the shaykhs, scholars, and experts ascetic. He has many virtues and Karamah. However, there is a man named al Muqri 'Abul Hasan ash Syathnufi al Mishri (full name is Ali ibn Yusuf ibn Jarir al Lakhmi Syathnufi asy) that collects the stories and the virtues of Sheikh Abdul Qadir al-Jilani in the three-volume book. Al Muqri 'was born in Cairo in 640 AH, died in 713 H. He is accused of lying and not met with Sheikh Abdul Qadir al-Jilani. He has written a strange matters, and large (lies).

"It is enough that a lie, if he told what he had heard", said Imam Ibn Rajab. "I have seen most of this book, but my heart is at ease to stick with it, so I do not narrate what is in it. Unless the stories are already famous and popular of these books apart. Since the book contains the history of many of the people is not known. There are also matters that are far from religion and reason, the evils, charges and saying that vanity is timeless, like the story of Sheikh Abdul Qadir revive a dead chicken, and so on. All is not worth ascribed to Sheikh Abdul Qadir al Jilani may Allaah have mercy. "

Later found also that Kamal al Ja'far al Adfwi (full name Tsa'lab bin Ja'far bin Ja'far ibn Ali ibn Nawfal ibn al Adfawi Muthahhar), a Shafi'i scholar bermadzhab. He was born in the middle of Sha'ban in the year 685 H 748 H and died in Cairo. His biography was published by al Hafidz in the book Ad Durarul Kaminah, biography number 1452. Kamal al Syathnufi himself mentions that the defendant lied ash over diriwayatkannya stories in this book. (quoted from the book At Wat Bahtsi Tashawwuf FII Mizanil Verification, p. 509, by Sheikh Abdul Qadir Habibullah as Sindi bin, Publisher Darul Manar, Cet. II, 8 Dzulqa'dah 1415 H / 8 April 1995 AD).


Imam Ibn Rajab also says, "Sheikh Abdul Qadir al Jilani rahimahullah have a good understanding of the tawhid problem, the attributes of God, fate, and ma'rifat sciences in accordance with the Sunnah."
His works:

Tafsir al-Jilani
Li Thalibi Thariqil Ghunyah al Haq,
Futuhul unseen.
Al-Fath ar-Rabbani
Jala 'al-Khawathir
Sirr al-Asrar
Asror Al Asror
Khamsata "Asyara Maktuban
Ar Rasael
Ad Diwaan
Sholawat wal Aurod
Yawaqitul Hikam
Jalaa al khotir
Amrul muhkam
Proposal as Sabaa
Mukhtasar Ulumuddin
His students to collect the particulars relating to the advice of his councils. In matters of nature, destiny and others, he adheres to the Sunnah. He argued strongly against those who exceed sunnah.


Sam'ani said, "Sheikh Abdul Qadir Al jilani is Jailan townspeople. He was an Imam Hambali bermadzhab. Being a teacher of these schools during his life." Imam Adh Dzahabi biography says Sheikh Abdul Qadir Al Gilani in Siyar A'lamin Nubala, and menukilkan words of Sheikh as follows: "More than five hundred people to Islam through my hands, and more than one hundred thousand people have repented."
Imam Adh Dzahabi menukilkan the sayings and actions of Sheikh Abdul Qadir strange that gives the impression as if he knew the things that are unseen. Then finished saying, "The point is Sheikh Abdul Qadir has a great position. But there are critics of some of his words and promises of God (forgiveness for the mistakes of believers). But some of his words is a lie on his behalf." (Siyar XX/451 ). Imam Adh Dzahabi also said, "No one of the flapping masyayikh a curriculum vitae and karamahnya more stories on the saga, in addition to Sheikh Abdul Qadir al-Jilani, and many of the narrations it is not true there is even the impossible happen."
Sheikh Rabi 'bin Hadi Al Madkhali says in his book, Al Haddul Fashil, hal.136, "I have gained aqidahnya (Sheikh Abdul Qadir Al Jaelani) in his book called Al Ghunyah. (See the book of Al-Ghunyah I/83-94 ) So I know that he is as a Salafi. It sets out the names and attributes of God and Aqeedah Aqeedah other above-Salaf manhaj. He also denied that Shiite groups, Rafidhah, Jahmiyyah, Jabariyyah, Salimiyah, and group other manhaj Salaf. " (At Tashawwuf FII Mizanil Bahtsi Wat Verification, p. 509, by Sheikh Abdul Qadir Habibullah ibn As Sindi, publisher Dar al Manar, Cet. II, 8 Dzulqa'dah 1415 H / 8 April 1995 AD)

Early fame

Al-Jaba'i said that Sheikh Abdul Qadir had said to him, "Sleep and bangunku is set up. At one point in my breast a strong desire arose to speak. So strong that I feel suffocated when not speaking. And when he spoke, I could not stop it. At that time there were two or three people who listen to my words. Then they preach what I say to people, and they came flocking in mosque Bab Al-Halbah. Because not possible anymore, I moved to the center of town and surrounded by lights. People still come in the evening with a candle and torch to fill the place. Then, I was taken out of the city and placed in a mushalla. However, people still come to me, riding on horses, camels and even donkey and took place around me. At that time about 70 people attended the trustees radhiallahu 'anhum]].
In some manuscripts it was found that Sheikh Abdul Qadir said, "A voice said to me when I was in exile," returned to Baghdad and ceramahilah the people ".

I went to Baghdad and found the inhabitants in a state that I do not like and that's why I did not follow them "." Truly "the voice said," They will benefit from being yourself '. "What is their relationship to the safety of my religion / belief "I asked." Go back (to Baghdad), and you'll get the safety of your religion, "replied the voice.

I also made a covenant with God 70. Among them is that no one is against me and no one except my student who died in a state of repentance. After that, I returned to Baghdad and began lecturing.

Teacher and Student Relationships

Sheikh Abdul Qadir said, "A Sheikh could not be said to have reached a spiritual peak of 12 characters unless the following has been ingrained in him.
Two character of God that he became a Sattar (close disgrace) and Ghaffar (forgiving).
Two characters from the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi Allaah is loving and gentle.
Two characters from Abu Bakr that is honest and trustworthy.
Two characters from Umar that enjoin evil.
Two characters of Uthman the generous and up (tahajjud) when everybody else is asleep.
Two characters from the pious Ali (smart / intelligent) and brave.
Still regarding the discussion above in the stanza poem attributed to him saying:
When the five cases are not in themselves a sheikh and he is the Antichrist who took astray.
He must really know the laws of Shari'a Zahir hakikah seek knowledge from the source, respectful and friendly to guests, gentle to the poor, she watched her students are always being watched by God.
Sheikh Abdul Qadir al also stated that Sheikh Junaid teach the Quran and Sunnah standard for us to assess a sheikh. If he had not memorized the Koran, do not write and memorize the Hadith, he does not deserve to be followed.
Sheikh Abdul Qadir said, "This sentence will be difficult to present the unity of an individual who has not been in the remembrance talqin Rasullullah by mursyidnya bersilsilah to breathe in the face of death".

That's why Sheikh Abdul Qadir is always repeating the verse that reads: O good and uttered repeated (sentences tawhid) do not you forget me when separation (death).
In the year 521 AD H/1127, he taught in all schools and berfatwa the community known to the public. During 25 years of Sheikh Abdul Qadir spent time as a wandering mystic in Iraq Desert and finally recognized by the world as a great Sufi Muslim world. In addition he led a madrasa in Baghdad and ribath established since 521 H until his death in the year 561 H. Madrasah is survived by his son Abdul Wahab led (H/1151-1196 552-593 AD), forwarded his son Abdul Salam (611 H/1214 M). Also led a second son Sheikh Abdul Qadir, Abdul Razaq (H/1134-1206 528-603 AD), until the destruction of Baghdad in the year 656 AD H/1258

Sheikh Abdul Qadir, also known as one of the founder and disseminator of the world's largest congregation called the Order of Qodiriyah.

He died on Saturday evening, after sunset, on the 9th of Rabiul end Azajwafat Babul area in Baghdad in 561 AD H/1166

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