Biography of David Beckham - British Football Icon

Born with the name David Robert Joseph Beckham (born in Leytonstone, London, May 2, 1975, age 34 years) was an English footballer who since July 1, 2007 to strengthen the LA Galaxy in Major League Soccer in the United States. Previously he had played at Manchester United and Real Madrid. He began his football career in college football's Manchester United. Beckham proficient in a free kick cross and curved. His wife is Victoria Beckham, former Spice Girls band personnel.

In the 1994/1995 season, David Beckham into the senior squad David Beckham, it gets a lot of criticism because at that age are still very young David Beckham. But at the end of the season, Beckham proves right choice of coach Alex Ferguson to win the Premiership and FA Cup. In August 1996 David Beckham scored a spectacular goal against Wimbledon which was then escorted by Neil Sullivan. He scored from the midfield. He made his debut for the England national team on September 1, 1996 in World Cup qualifying match facing Moldova.

At the 1998 World Cup, Beckham did not play in two early pertadingan but he played when England faces Colombia and he scored a goal in that game. In the match against Argentina he got a red card after Beckham kicked Diego Simeone intentionally. The game was won by Argentina on penalties. British public perceive the failure of England won the World Cup due to Beckham. Even fans of Manchester United also blame Beckham.

In the 1998/1999 season, Manchester United had won three titles: Premiership, FA Cup and Champions League. Even won the Champions League title with a very spectacular. In the Champions League final, Manchester United behind 0-1 until the 89th minute, when supporters of Bayern Munich have held a party, a miracle happened. Teddy Sheringham after the successful use of bait from Beckham's corner kick. Approximately 30 seconds after kick-off, Manchester United got a corner kick again. David Beckham takes the corner kick and his pass was successfully utilized Ole Gunnar Solskjær.

Beckham set as England captain on 15 November 2000 and come into play in World Cup qualifying match. Including when they beat Germany in Munich. The peak occurs when the hero faces Greece on October 6, 2001, in the final game of World Cup qualifiers, England have won at least 1 point to make England play in World Cup, England 2-1 behind Greece and slightly longer residence time in England when the players play bad, Beckham became inspiration. Shortly before the game ended, Teddy Sheringham violated Greek players 8 yards from the penalty box Greek, English got a free kick and Beckham's free kick was taken. He arched his trademark free kick managed to outwit the Greek goalkeeper, Antonis Nikopolidis. This year Beckham became BBC Sports Personality of the Year and became the second-ranked world player, only losing to Luis Figo.

On April 10, 2002 he suffered a metatarsal injury after ditekel Deportivo La Coruna player, Aldo Duscher. Convicted Beckham can not play until the end of the season, it makes the British public worried, because at that time he was at the peak appearance and feared Beckham can not play in the World Cup.

At the 2002 World Cup, he played in all matches. He also scored the goal against Argentina with a penalty, as well as revenge on Argentina. Because Beckham's goal, Argentina were knocked out of World Cup 2002. Step Britain stopped in round eight of after losing 2-1 to Brazil.

In the 2002 season Beckham's relationship with his coach Sir Alex Ferguson deteriorated after Ferguson was angry when Manchester United lost to Arsenal. Ferguson in the changing room and kicked the soccer shoes on Beckham eyes the temples. As a result of this incident, temples Beckham should get 13 stitches.

On June 12, 2002 Beckham received his OBE from the Queen Inggris.OBE an abbreviation of the order of the british empire

At the beginning of 2003/2004 season he was sold to Real Madrid at 35 Million Euros. There he wore the number 23 shirt. Beckham at Real Madrid quickly became a favorite of the fans of Real Madrid. At Euro 2004 he played in every game, but he's always disappointing and he missed a penalty as much as 2 times ie when facing France in the group stage and in round eight of the face Portugal on penalties.

In the second and third season, Beckham could not give title to Real Madrid, but he is still the main choice. He also helped England to host the 2012 Olympics. In his fourth season at Real Madrid, Beckham started out as a result of the arrival of coach Fabio Capello would rather lose than Beckham's Jose Antonio Reyes.

On January 11, 2007, Beckham agreed to a five-year contract offered by the United States club LA Galaxy and will join in August after his contract with Madrid expires. Because patience and willingness to always try to show the best, he re-installed as the starter after being "dumped" by Capello. Even coach Steve McClaren called him back to join the national team squad. Thanks to a brilliant game at the end of the season, Beckham managed to bring Real Madrid to win La Liga 2006/2007.

On October 22, 2008, AC Milan Beckham announced its intention to borrow from January 2009. Despite much speculation that states that this is a signal of his desire to go from the MLS, but Beckham said that he would not leave the MLS and will return to Galaxy in MLS competition beginning of 2009. On October 30, 2008, Milan's desire to borrow granted Beckham and Beckham will join the team on March 7, 2009.

At the 2006 World Cup, England took a lot of young players with potential. In the preliminary round, the British group's 1-0 win over Paraguay and a 2-0 win over Trinidad and Tobago with a goal by Peter Crouch is the use of bait Beckham and other feed for Steven Gerrard, as well as a 2-2 draw with Sweden. In the last 16 yet again he became a hero after he became the only one to produce a goal in the match against Ecuador's free-kick. Shortly before the game, Beckham was sick and after he scored dehydrated and vomiting on the sidelines. England was again lost to Portugal on penalties 3-1 after normal time playing in the series 0-0. A day after exit Beckham declared retirement from the post of England captain, but still want mermain for England. Substitution coach Steve McClaren to make Beckham apparently had not been summoned to the national team until May 2007.

1997 started its relationship with Victoria Beckham Adams, known as a member of the band the Spice Girls, And in the 1999 season he was married to Victoria in Ireland on July 4, 1999. From the results of his marriage, he had 3 children of men who were named Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz. He bought the house because of the size and splendor known as Beckingham Palace as anecdotes from Buckingham Palace, which in his house more than 400 people were hired.

In January 2005, Beckham became an icon of children of the world organization, UNICEF. He also made friends with some famous artists such as Robbie Williams, Snoop Dogg, and Tom Cruise.

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